Wednesday September 15th, 2021

Added schedule —> 2016 Resmondo Specialty Tank Worth team!


Resmondo Specialty Tank/Worth (FL) (M)
 BJ Fulk
 Andy Purcell
 Bubba Mack
 Greg Connell
 Dennis Rulli
 Don Dedonatis Jr
 Jimmy Salas
 Jeremy Isenhower
 Nick Santana
 Howie Krause
 Andrew Collins
 Dan Sanchez
 Lee Payne
 Luis Reyna

 John Rector – Manager
 Frank Webb – Manager
 Travis Resmondo – Sponsor
 John Riccio – Sponsor 

 April USSSA Las Vegas
 April USSSA Hall of Fame Classic
 May USSSA Columbus, Ohio
 May USSSA Euless, Texas
 May USSSA Chattanooga
 June USSSA Chicago
 June USSSA Dudley
 July USSSA Smoky
 July USSSA Cincinnati
 August USSSA Michigan
 September Conference Championships
 September USSSA Major World Series

18 responses to “Added schedule —> 2016 Resmondo Specialty Tank Worth team!”

  1. EJ says:

    Loaded. Added Reyna and Payne. the team to beat.

  2. Ryan says:

    No Yates? Where did he go?

  3. Tt says:

    where Reyna and Jr gone be playing at?

  4. EJ says:

    Yates is with Backman now I believe

  5. ns says:

    Where is Lee Powers

  6. TM says:

    Powers and Yates went to Backman.

  7. Matt says:

    Lloyd,Yates and powers to backman. They will compete for sure

  8. J says:

    Heard Reyna in the middle and Jr at short. Id switch them

  9. Matt says:

    Dw said rulli to 2nd and Connell to first. Mack to the outfield.

  10. Danish says:

    Mack to outield? So where does lee Payne go and izzy? Bench? That’s why Yates and powers left, tired of subbing in and. Not playing as much! Reyna should go short for sure!

  11. ross says:

    Payne,santana,collins is outfield reyna at short jr to the middle rulli at 2nd mack at first and connel catching

  12. Danish says:

    Ross, that sounds about right…. Gonna be fun watching them this year. Combat let a few good players go! They won’t be in the top 7 teams this year. I say
    1. Rezzy 2. Blackman 3. Sis

  13. Marquis Johnson says:

    hello I want to know when and where is the dual event gone be at this year I been looking every where and cannot find it someone please tell me

  14. Wilk says:

    Danish. I’ll take that bet! What’s the wager?

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