Thursday May 12th, 2022

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1 A look back at the —> 2021 USSSA “Battle at the Beach” – Myrtle Beach Major tournament report! DW
2 A look back at the 2021 USSSA Texas Legends Major tournament report! DW
3 A look back at the 2021 USSSA Hall of Fame Classic tournament report! DW
4 A look back at the 2021 USSSA Las Vegas “Sin City” Classic tournament report! DW
5 Re-Live Day 3 of the 2021 USSSA Major World Series! DW
6 Re-Live Day 2 of the 2021 USSSA Major World Series! DW
7 Re-Live Day #1 of the 2021 USSSA Major World Series! (UPDATED) DW
8 A look back at the 2021 US Challenge Cup videos! DW
9 A look back at the 2021 USSSA Challenge Cup Men’s Major tournament report! DW
10 2021 USSSA Major World Series tournament report! DW
11 Added Middle Shots and Defensive Plays from the AA —> SNI/Thunder/Chosen/DeMarini wins the 2021 USSSA ‘AA’ World tournament! DW
12 Added Video Clips From the Final 4 Teams and Championship —> Classic Glass/Easton wins 2021 USSSA ‘A’ World tournament! DW
13 Added Video Clips —> 2021 USSSA Women’s Major tournament report! DW
14 2021 USSSA Mixed World tournament report! DW
15 Added USSSA E World Champs —> 2021 USSSA World Tournament Brackets, Results, Reports, Condensed Game, and Video Links! DW
16 2021 USSSA ‘B’ World tournament report! DW
17 2021 USSSA Military World Champions! DW
18 2021 Women’s Conference USSSA Update after the Conference Championship! DW
19 Added Saturday Night and Sunday Final 8 video clips —> 2021 Conference USSSA Championships tournament report! DW
20 Smash It Sports wins men’s and women’s Conference Championship tournaments! DW
21 Nightmare and SIS/Derby Girls winner’s at the 2021 USSSA Salt Lake City Classic! DW
22 Added video highlight clips link —> 2021 USSSA Chattahoochee Major tournament report! DW
23 SmashItSports/Newbreed/TDB/RF/BD/T3 and Lady SNI/LazyLlama/DeMarini/LS win 2021 Chattahoochee Major! DW
24 Added Video Clips Link —> 2021 USA Softball Super National tournament report! DW
25 Added Winner’s Final Condensed Game —> 2021 USA Softball ‘AA’ tournament report! DW
26 Thunder takes 2021 USA Softball Super Slow Pitch Nationals! DW
27 Added Condensed Game Dual #2 Semifinal —> 2021 USSSA Pocket City Dual Major tournament report! DW
28 MPT, Dan Smith, and Low Bob’s winner’s at 2021 Pocket City Dual Major! DW
29 Added winner’s final and championship condensed games —> 2021 USSSA Schiffhauer Strong Major tournament report! DW
30 2021 USSSA Christan Dowling Derby Dual Seattle Major tournament report! DW
31 S&E/Freindlys Trans/Worsham takes stacked 2021 Schiffhauer Strong Major! DW
32 Smash It Sports men and women as well as LaFamiglia win 2021 Dowling Derby Dual! DW
33 Competitive Edge and Greenspace win 2021 Rocky Mountain Classic! DW
34 Added middle shots, long bombs, defensive plays video —> 2021 USSSA 22nd Annual Cincinnati Major tournament report! DW
35 Resmondo and Smash It/Derby Girls take rainy Cincinnati Major 2021! DW
36 2021 USSSA 53rd Smoky Mountain Classic tournament report! DW
37 The 53rd Annual USSSA Smoky Mountain Classic is complete! DW
38 Added Championship Team Pictures for all Divisions —> 2021 USSSA 42nd Busch Classic tournament report! DW
39 MyAutoJack and Smash It Sports win Salem while Lady SNI wins NJ – 2021 DW
40 Added Winner’s Final Condensed Game —> 2021 USSSA Dudley/Budweiser/Xtreme tournament report! DW
41 Dan Smith/Proton and Lady Mojo/Klutch/Riot win the 38th USSSA Dudley/Budweiser/Xtreme Major! DW
42 Added Championship CONDENSED GAME —> 2021 USSSA “Battle on the Chesapeake” Maryland Major tournament report! DW
43 S&E wins 2021 Maryland Major and La Famiglia wins California DW
44 Added Condensed Game Seminoles vs Dan Smith —> 2021 USSSA Windy City Chicago Major tournament report! DW
45 Dan Smith/Proton and Low Bob’s/Shirts&Logos are winner’s at the 2021 Windy City Classic! DW
46 Added the video clip “highlights” —> 2021 USSSA Kut4 Sports Atlanta Major tournament report! DW
47 S&E/Friendlys Trans/Worsham and Low Bob’s/Shirts&Logos win 2021 Kut4Sports Atlanta Major! DW
48 Added Video Clips —> 2021 USSSA Crown Town Classic – Kansas Major tournament report! DW
49 2021 USSSA Kut4 Sports Atlanta Major tournament preview! DW
50 MPT Rentals/Juno and Smash It/Derby Girls/Easton win 2021 USSSA Crown Town Classic! DW
51 Added winner’s final CONDENSED game video —> 2021 USSSA Lonestar Shootout tournament report! DW
52 Seminoles and Infamous are winner’s at the 2021 USSSA Lonestar Shootout! DW
53 SNI/Thunder, Smash It Derby Girls, and Lady SNI big winners at the Beach! DW
54 Resmondo wins Texas and Low Bob’s wins the Choo! DW
55 2021 USSSA Cactus Classic – Phoenix Major tournament report! DW
56 2021 USSSA Sooner Invitational – Tulsa Major tournament report! DW
57 Sports Reach, Smash It Sports, Resmondo, and Team 24 are big winner’s at the 2021 USSSA Hall of Fame Dual! DW
58 2021 Dirty Vegas/Steel team! DW
59 2021 USSSA Challenge Cup Results! DW
60 2021 USSSA Winter Worlds in Myrtle Beach DW