Monday November 27th, 2023

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1 A look back at the —> 2017 USA Softball Super National tournament report DW
2 A look back at the 2017 USSSA ‘A’ World tournament report! DW
3 A look back at last years report —> 2017 USSSA Columbus B.A.T.S. Major tournament report! DW
4 A look back at Border Battle #9 —> Canada sweeps 2017 USA Softball Border Battle 9! DW
5 A look back at the 2017 USSSA Hall of Fame Classic tournament report! DW
6 A look back at the 2017 USSSA Las Vegas Major tournament report! DW
7 2018 Stars vs Stripes Military Tournament! Open Division Results DW
8 2018 Resmondo/RDD/H. Auto/All In/Sprizzi/Easton team! DW
9 Added Schedule —> 2018 Pure Sports/Monsta/Bad Draw team! DW
10 Updated —> 2018 TDB/FAI/Klutch/Miken team! DW
11 2018 Smash It Sports/Thunder/Dominos/Nomad/Easton team DW
12 2018 Smash It Sports/Thunder/Backman/TDB/S&S/Miken/Worth team! DW
13 The USSSA bump list is out! DW
14 Smash It Sports end of year sale! DW
15 An interview with Nightmare’s Marieo Foster DW
16 Merry Christmas from! DW
17 Christmas sale on SoftballCenter bats! DW
18 2018 Sports Reach team! DW
19 Team Fusco shirts available —> Greg Fusco tribute page DW
20 Evo9x is looking for sales reps for their Made in the USA Uniforms and Apparel! DW
21 2018 Miken Team Buy In Catalog! DW
22 2018 Worth Team Buy In Catalog! DW
23 Added latest pictures —> USSSA Space Coast stadium and complex video! DW
24 2018 Two USSSA Winter Worlds in Texas! DW
25 “War by the Shore” meme/video contest! DW
26 2018 USSSA/GSL tournament point system DW
27 2018 USSSA Women’s Major Player’s List has been released! DW
28 All American Athletics 12 days of Christmas DEALS! DW
29 2017 USSSA Toys for Tots tournament report! DW
30 2017 USSSA Toys for Tots tournament preview! DW
31 2018 Stars/ThunderNation/VSP/Miken team! DW
32 Updated 12/05 —> 2018 Free Agents list DW
33 2017 USSSA Toys for Tots brackets are out! DW
34 2018 GSL and USSSA World Tournament List! DW
35 2018 USSSA Winter Worlds! DW
36 2018 USA Softball Super, ‘A’, and ‘B/C’ National dates/locations! DW
37 Don Cooper named Head Coach for Women’s Slow Pitch National Team! DW
38 BLACK Friday Sale! DW
39 All The Way Live Designs BLACK Friday Deal! DW
40 Dirty Sports Wear BLACK Friday deals! DW
41 2018 Tradesmen/Louisville Slugger/Savon team! DW
42 Fall softball on Facebook DW
43 Live Chat on (Wednesday) noon eastern time! DW
44 Advertise on SoftballCenter and TheOldScout for just one low yearly payment! DW
45 2018 Nallys/D&D/Berserk/Slugger/Demarini team! DW
46 USSSA, Viera, and the Space Coast Complex (local article) DW
47 2017 USSSA Hall of Fame Inductions livestreaming tonight! (Friday, November 17th) DW
48 Brett Helmer named Head Coach for 2018 Men’s Slow Pitch National Team DW
49 2017 Conference Meeting Notes, Awards, and World notes from the Convention DW
50 2018 USSSA Women’s Major tournament schedule! DW
51 2018 Nationwide Conference USSSA Schedule! DW
52 USSSA Space Coast Complex ribbon cutting ceremony! DW
53 All The Way Live Designs Uniform Packages DW
54 Bill Wax went in the Illinois Softball Hall of Fame DW
55 2017 USSSA Convention is under way DW
56 SIS Insiders Club DW
57 2017 Free Agent outfielder Brandon Doughty DW
58 2018 Bryant Express / OA DW
59 uniform sale! DW
60 Notes from the pitcher safety chat on DW
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