Thursday May 13th, 2021

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1 Christan Dowling has passed away unexpectedly DW
2 Denny Helmig has passed DW
3 An interview with Mike Brambilla DW
4 Softball Legend Jim Galloway has passed DW
5 There Will Never be Another Like the Crusher DW
6 Added and Removed Teams —> 2021 USSSA Challenge Cup Rules and Major Rosters! DW
7 Help rate the Conference players for 2021 DW
8 UPDATED —> 2020 Nationwide Conference USSSA Awards! DW
9 Hall of Famer Carl Rose tribute page DW
10 A new interview with Team USA’s Andrew Collins DW
11 Former Major Leaguer and Steele’s player Ted Cox has passed DW
12 An interview with Major Shortstop/MI Daniel Cayton! DW
13 2020 USA Softball Restricted Players List and Player Classification DW
14 2019 USSSA Hall of Fame Inductions! DW
15 A salute to softball veterans! DW
16 2019 USA Softball Hall of Fame Inductees! DW
17 2020 USSSA Men’s Major and Major Watch Lists DW
18 Don Dedonatis II retirement video DW
19 ESPN interview with Tara Salcedo DW
20 An interview with Pure Sports infielder Tommy Melton DW
21 2019 USA Softball USA Border Battle teams announced! DW
22 An interview with Riot Sports Keith Laski! DW
23 An interview with Dan Smith outfielder Ben Dunn! DW
24 An interview with Nightmares Billy Maggard! DW
25 An interview with Steve Whaley DW
26 An interview with Dan Smith slugger Argen Dodds! DW
27 An interview with Resmondo’s Cory Briggs DW
28 An interview with TDB/Racks/Athlon’s Jason Branch DW
29 Mike Macenko’s interview with Steele’s Legend Scott Virkus DW
30 2019 Free Agent Charlie Hinojosa DW
31 2019 USA Softball Hall of Fame inductees DW
32 2019 Free Agent Robert Blackburn DW
33 Softball Legend Danny Basso has passed DW
34 Added highlight video —> 2018 USA Softball Hall of Fame induction ceremony DW
35 2019 USA Softball restricted players list is out DW
36 2019 USSSA Major Players List DW
37 Long time Pace manager Gene Williams has passed away DW
38 2018 Team Canada roster and Border Battle Info! DW
39 2018 USA Softball Women’s Team USA roster! DW
40 2018 USA Softball Team USA and Future Stars announced! DW
41 2018 USA Softball Restricted Player’s List DW
42 New Team —> Nightmare’s Brian Logan DW
43 An interview with Conference Rookie of the Year Jordan Spaulding DW
44 2018 USSSA Men’s Major Player’s and Watch List is out! DW
45 2018 Free Agent Terry Baggs DW
46 2018 Free Agent Chris Costantino DW
47 Andy Purcell Story by Jeff Potts DW
48 USA Softball announces 2017 Team USA and Future Stars Border Battle Rosters! DW
49 Retirement interview with Jeff McGavin (thanks for all the great years) DW
50 New Team —> Killbombers/Demarinis Donovan Pokraka DW
51 Final 2016 All Star OldScout reader votes for top players! DW
52 Vote for 2016 Players of the Year at each position! DW
53 Erik Kanaby DW
54 Updated USSSA Women’s Major Players List DW
55 Chad Durick DW
56 An interview with Resmondo pitcher Dan “Dirty” Sanchez! DW
57 Brandon Dillon DW
58 An interview with Miken’s Denny Crine! DW
59 An interview pitcher Tara Salcedo! DW
60 An interview with Team Racks outfielder Daniel Kirkwood! DW
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