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1 A blast from the past 2012 – Taylormade vs Dirty Demarini DW
2 2013 Music City Major bracket link! DW
3 2013 Advertising Rates for SoftballCenter and TheOldScout! DW
4 Jeff Hall cleared by the judge on all charges and accusations in the TAI Sports lawsuit against him DW
5 Scott Kirby takes on MLB players in HR hitting contest DW
6 (ADDED Picture Album) – Famous / Premier outlasts star studded field to win Toys 4 Tots! DW
7 Two USSSA Texas Winter Worlds! DW
8 uniform offer! DW
9 facebook giveaway! DW
10 2013 Mojo Moneyball Madness Tournament DW
11 Jim Rome's "Softball Guy" rant DW
12 2013 Spring Training in Las Vegas! DW
13 USSSA Convention chatter DW
14 2012 USSSA Hall of Fame inductions are tonight (Friday) DW
15 Bradenton, Florida – Advanced Player Combine Series! DW
17 2013 Conference Package and Schedule DW
18 2013 Resmondo roster DW
19 Jeff Hall signature series bats coming this December! DW
20 Christmas came early from D2E! DW
21 2012 Cincinnati Advanced Player Combine recap DW
22 Added Skills Results – 2012 Cincinnati Reebok/Easton Player Combine Home Run Derby DW
23 Buddy Wolf hitting BOMBS at the GSL! DW
24 MLK Classic – January 26-27 DW
25 GSL 'B' picture albums DW
26 Street Kids/Mojo comes out of loser's bracket to win GSL 'B' Championship! DW
27 2012 Reebok Breast Cancer Cush Run Flex Shoe! DW
28 Worth adds Jeff Hall to Slowpitch Advisory Staff! DW
29 2012 USSSA Major Player List and Major Watch List is out! DW
30 added awards —> Bubbas wins NSA Super 'B'! DW
31 If your team won a championship check this out! DW
32 ASA 'A' National picture album DW
33 2012 ASA 'A' National – stats and awards DW
34 Sonny's Softball Club wins ASA 'A' National in dramatic fashion! DW
35 ASA Nationals Friday tournament update DW
36 Toys for Tots tournament info – December 7-9 DW
37 signs on as SoftballCenter sponsor! DW
38 ASA 'A' bracket is out DW
39 Pictures from the 2012 USSSA Major World Series! DW
40 2012 USSSA Major World Series player awards DW
41 2012 USSSA Major Home Run Derby! DW
42 Laservision/Annihilation/Supreme/D2E/Easton wins the USSSA Major World Series! DW
43 2012 USSSA 'B' World video highlites! DW
44 2012 USSSA 'B' World picture album and link to all pictures DW
45 Filby wins Long Haul Bombers Championship! DW
46 wins the USSSA 'B' World on Burdick walk off homer! DW
47 A wild Friday night at the USSSA 'B' Worlds! DW
48 2012 USSSA 'B' World broadcast schedule DW
49 USSSA 'B' World bracket link! DW
50 The Major World Series bracket is out! DW
51 2012 WSL 'B' Championship Bracket DW
52 TYJA – Suncoast Reebok takes the Conference Championship! DW
53 Private link to HR Derby – broadcast and chat room DW
54 Updated 8/28/2012 – Hurricane Isaac watch! DW
55 2012 Conference Championship Bracket Links! DW
56 R&M Metals/Troupe/Pipac/S&R/Easton wins USSSA 'A' World Tournament over Taylormade! DW
57 USSSA inks deal with ESPN for Major World Series! DW
58 USSSA 'A' World Tournament Bracket is out! DW
59 Long Haul Bombers in Cleveland! DW
60 Added more pictures to end of album —> 2012 Michigan Major pictures DW
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