Saturday August 24th, 2019

Added Schedule —> 2015 Team Combat/Baugh Ford/!


Team Combat/Baugh Ford/ (WA) (M)
Bryce Oliveira
Chris Greinert
Brian Zirkle
Kyle Pearson
Nick Sansone
Tommie Baugh
Cameron Cox
Jeff McGavin
Casey Rogowski
Nick Manganaro
Brian Titus
Brian Lipman
Filip Washington

Manager : Jeff Wallace
Coach/stats : Hector Pagan
1st base coach: Matt Hunt
3rd base coach: Bobby Nifong

Performance sports group
Baugh Ford

2015 Team Combat/Baugh Ford/ Schedule:
3/27-29 Sin City Classic – Las Vegas, NV
4/16-19 Hall of Fame – Kissimmee, FL
5/08-10 Columbus BATS Major – Columbus, OH
5/28-31 Combat Major Dual – Kent, WA
6/19-21 The Dudley – Brooklyn Park, MN
6/26-28 The McQuades- Bismarck, ND
7/10-12 Smoky Mountain Classic – Maryville, TN
7/24-26 Rose City Classic – Portland, OR
8/14-16 Last Chance – Sterling Hgts, MI
9/04-06 USSSA Conference – Kissimmee, FL
9/23-27 USSSA Men’s Major – Disney, FL
10/1-3  ASA Super- OKC

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  1. Tasheleman says:

    Nice squad!

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