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Finished up the report —> 2014 USSSA Cincinnati Major tournament report!





2014 Nationwide Conference USSSA


15th Annual Cincinnati Major


Cincinnati, OH


July 18-20


The Nationwide Conference USSSA is seeing orange, as Resmondo dominates second half of season!


Link to the Softballcenter.com picture album of the Cincinnati Major


USSSA Cincinnati tournament info and bracket link



Resmondo-Specialty Tank/Worth went undefeated (6-0) and won the prestigious 15th Annual Cincinnati Major!  They won their 6th Nationwide Conference USSSA Major in a row.  Resmondo did so by rolling through their first 4 opponents easily and then outlasting Team Albicocco/The Scene/Easton/Elite in the winner's bracket finals 32-31 in 9 innings.  In that game Resmondo trailed by 9 runs going into the bottom of the 7th with just 2 homers remaining and tied the game.  In the 8th Team Albicocco who still had 3 homers left, failed to score.  Resmondo put up a zero in the bottom of the inning as well as the two teams middle infielders Dennis Rulli and Orlando Castillo made some great plays.  Then in the 9th Resmondo pitcher Andy Purcell and the defense shut down Team Albicocco again and in the bottom of the inning a double by Rulli and an intentional walk to Greg Connell led to a walk off single by Purcell and the win.  In the championship on Sunday they beat a tired Laservision team 40-32 after Laservision had run 7 straigh wins in the losers bracket, the last 6 of which were ranked in the top 20 of the SoftballCenter.com computer rankings.  An impressive run to a 2nd place finish after being tripped up by H Auto LLC/Easton/Hooters/MOA in the second round 43-29.


Mooch pitches to Greg Connell in the winner's final

Albicoccos Orlando Castillo tries to turn two in the winners final against Resmondo


The Wounded Warriors played an exhibition game with the National All Stars.

I will have a separate article on the Wounded Warriors later this week.

Support the Wounded Warriors team here


Wounded Warriors lead off hitter Len Anderson starts things off with a base hit!

Wegman, Helmer, and Blackburn played on the Warriors team against the National All Stars

Allan Ouellette bats against Laservision in H Autos big 43-29 upset win!

Cannon fodder?

Backmans Brett McCollum hits a walk off homer to beat B&B Diamond and Ice 27-26

Except for the Smoky Mountain Classic, the Mid America Ballyard is the best place to watch big time softball.

Make your 2015 travel plans now to include the MAB!

Laservision takes on Line Drive early in the loser's bracket?



The intensity was high in the PRI vs B&B D-Ice game.  These were the two teams that went at it at 'B' Worlds last year.





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Long Bombers of the Week

Matt Kinsey the shortstop from Wounded Warriors hit a bomb.  Also has a conference level throwing arm.




Cincinnati Major Awards and Final Standings

Player Tournament Awards Players Name Plays For
Tournament MVP Billy Fulk Resmondo-Specialty Tank Worth
Offensive Tournament MVP Brian Wegman Laservision/H.Auto/JJ's/Easton
Defensive Tournament MVP Jimmy Salas Resmondo-Specialty Tank Worth
All Tournament Team Dennis Rulli Resmondo-Specialty Tank Worth
All Tournament Team DONALD PLAISANCE Team Albicocco/Scene/Easton/Elite
All Tournament Team Donovan Pokraka Baugh Doerflinger Nat-Pawn/Easton
All Tournament Team Bryson Baker Laservision/H.Auto/JJ's/Easton
All Tournament Team JEREMY YATES Resmondo-Specialty Tank Worth
All Tournament Team Phillip White Team Albicocco/Scene/Easton/Elite
All Tournament Team Steven Lloyd Laservision/H.Auto/JJ's/Easton
All Tournament Team Mike Umscheid Laservision/H.Auto/JJ's/Easton
All Tournament Team Jimmy Salas Resmondo-Specialty Tank Worth
All Tournament Team Vince Bisbee Baugh Doerflinger Nat-Pawn/Easton
All Tournament Team Brandon Dillon Laservision/H.Auto/JJ's/Easton
All Tournament Team Lee Payne Team Albicocco/Scene/Easton/Elite
All Tournament Team George Connell Resmondo-Specialty Tank Worth
All Tournament Team Lee Powers Resmondo-Specialty Tank Worth
All Tournament Team Andrew Purcell Resmondo-Specialty Tank Worth
Place State Team Team
Wins Loses Ties Runs
1 FL – Winter Haven resmondo-specialty tank worth SPMensMajor 6 0 0 196 110 32.6 18.3 14.3 40 300
2 NYU – Cicero laservision/h.auto/jj's/easton SPMensMajor 8 2 0 380 282 38 28.2 9.8 57 225
3 NYD – Hunington team albicocco/scene/easton/elite SPMensA 4 2 0 154 118 25.6 19.6 6 35 200
4 AL – Clanton baugh doerflinger nat-pawn/easton SPMensA 4 2 0 147 177 24.5 29.5 -5 39 175
5 IN – Indianapolis red's astros/louisville slugger SPMensA 4 2 0 163 137 27.1 22.8 4.33 34 155
5 MI – Flint TG Brand SPMensB 2 2 0 82 103 20.5 25.7 -5.2 32 155
7 IL – Chicago Precision/Easton SPMensB 4 2 0 159 129 26.5 21.5 5 38 130
7 MN – Le Sueur h. auto llc/easton/hooters moa SPMensB 3 2 0 146 134 29.2 26.8 2.4 43 130
9 OHO – Cincinnati pure romance/chics/headlines/easton SPMensB 4 2 0 136 105 22.6 17.5 5.16 26 110
9 CAS – Yorba Linda oc swats/miken/premier athletics SPMensB 3 2 0 122 124 24.4 24.8 -0.4 28 110
9 IN – AURORA backman / shoppe/louisville slugger SPMensMajor 2 2 0 130 118 32.5 29.5 3 42 110
9 OHO – West Chester 3rd street/louisville slugger/mojo SPMensB 2 2 0 77 100 19.2 25 -5.7 29 110
13 WA – Bothell West Coast Newbreed/Worth SPMensB 3 2 0 116 88 23.2 17.6 5.6 31 70
13 MI – Warren line drive sportz/r&m metals/easton SPMensA 2 2 0 99 89 24.7 22.2 2.5 32 70
13 VA – Williamsburg taylormade/tm sports/d&i/mizuno SPMensA 2 2 0 101 69 25.2 17.2 8 30 70
13 OHS – Huber Heights Cooper/Yuengling/Easton SPMensB 2 2 0 83 73 20.7 18.2 2.5 35 70
17 OHO – Cincinnati EAP/Goodtimers II SPMensC 2 2 0 60 67 15 16.7 -1.7 19 40
17 MO – Belton B&B DRYWALL/Easton SPMensB 2 2 0 92 73 23 18.2 4.75 35 40
17 WA – KENT combat/blocker/ptdesign/bat brigade SPMensA 1 2 0 55 66 18.3 22 -3.6 29 40
17 PA – Pittsburgh tailgaters/boys/b&e/easton SPMensC 1 2 0 65 84 21.6 28 -6.3 25 40
17 NC – Clayton B&B/Diamond & Ice/BMW SPMensB 1 2 0 76 84 25.3 28 -2.6 32 40
17 MD – Mechanicsville Burch Propane/Team Moose SPMensC 1 2 0 54 61 18 20.3 -2.3 25 40
17 GA – Macon broughton/nls/turk auto/br/easton SPMensB 1 2 0 67 87 22.3 29 -6.6 29 40
17 MD – Pasadena wilson & smith / c.g.r / miken SPMensC 0 2 0 26 56 13 28 -15 15 40
25 MI – Detroit Detroit Elite/ Easton SPMensC 1 2 0 32 51 10.6 17 -6.3 15 40
25 IN – indianapolis h&d/moose lodge 1592/c.a.m.i SPMensC 1 2 0 35 77 11.6 25.6 -14 24 65
25 MI – Lansing p&p333/suburban/clutch/lt/combat SPMensB 0 2 0 29 46 14.5 23 -8.5 15 40
25 OHO – Middletown rsc/alphadawgsports/combat SPMensC 0 2 0 11 55 5.5 27.5 -22 8 40
25 IN – Columbus k&g/wilson/louisville slugger SPMensC 0 2 0 38 59 19 29.5 -10. 20 40
25 WI – Eau Claire WSC/Sportsman Shop SPMensC 0 2 0 28 55 14 27.5 -13. 23 40
25 NC – Hendersonville worshamathletics/g&k/combat SPMensB 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 40
25 NC – Greenville Bad Draw SPMensB 0 2 0 29 54 14.5 27 -12. 20 40
33 OHC – Grove City Columbus Chaos Qualified SPMensD 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 40
33 OHO – cincinnati s&h/blackout sports/butterbees SPMensC 0 2 0 16 26 8 13 -5 13 40
33 OHO – Cincinnati fred's boys/t & w electric/louisvil SPMensC 0 2 0 31 43 15.5 21.5 -6 19 40
33 OHS – Dayton Action Sports/VHC/Miken SPMensC 0 2 0 8 43 4 21.5 -17. 4 40

BJ Fulk was mashing his way to an MVP


Resmondo third baseman Jimmy Salas was Defensive MVP (which he could be picked just about every weekend)




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1st Place – Resmondo-Specialty Tank Worth

Conf 'M' from FL  6-0 Record

Resmondo has won 6 tournaments in a row.  They showed a champions heart coming back to beat Team Albicocco by 1 run in the winners bracket final and held off Laservision in the championship.  The team is healthy, rolling, winning, and look almost unstoppable.  Jeremy Yates again had the best home run robbing catch of the tournament, and almost the entire team has over a .700 onbase percentage led by the 2013 offensive champ Dennis Rulli at .787, 56 HR, 139 RBI.​

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Jeremy Yates had the best home run rob of the tournament…again


Dennis Rulli sets the table and Andy Purcell wins the game in the bottom of the 9th 32-31 over Team Albicocco in the winners final!




2nd Place – Laservision/H Auto/JJ's/Easton

Conf 'M' from NY  8-2 Record


Laservision lost in the 2nd round to H Auto who deserved the win.  Then instead of giving up they proceeded to make one of the most impressive runs through the loser bracket in Conference history.  They won #13 B&B Drywall by 1 run, #10 Line Drive Sportz by 12, #5 Backman 57-42, #6 Precision 39-38, #20 TG Brand 42-9, #4 Baugh 48-12, and #3 Team Albicocco 37-35 before losing to Resmondo 40-32 in the championship.

The leagues leading hitter Brian Wegman raised his seasons onbase percentage to .833, 82 HR, 216 RBI by getting on 55-60 with 12 HR and 43 RBI…wow. Laservision has now finished 2nd to Resmondo 4 tournaments in a row after winning the first 6 conference tournaments to start the season and mathematically they cannot win the regular season conference championship BUT with a win at the Last Chance in Michigan and a win at the Conference Championships over Labor Day weekend they could still get the #1 seed for the Major World Series.  Stay tuned.

Trending Down but still finishing 2nd every week

Wegman owns the park and the Offensive MVP again!



3rd Place – Team Albicocco/The Scene/Easton/Elite

Conf 'A' from NY  4-2 Record


Won their first 4 games with their sponsor/manager Toni Albicocco in attendance!  Then lost to Resmondo in 9 innings 32-31 in a game they absolutely should have won but quite frankly choked on offense and defense late in the game.  Then in the losers bracket championship they came within 2 runs of Laservision.  I feel they were on the cusp of becoming the first 'A' team to win a tournament with the "big 2" in attendance this year.  But they played great softball and are deserving of the #3 rank in the computer standings as well as the Conference points.

Albicocco is now a dominating 10-2 vs 'A' teams this year and have won 3 games against Major teams.  They have 8 guys with over .700 onbase percentage.  Remember you need to turn in pictures of your scoresheets to dw@softballcenter.com.  Ryan Harvey is headed for 100 homers and recently added Chad Durick is carrying a .767 onbase percentage since coming over to play second base.

Trending Up!  Locking in that 3 seed!

The sponsor and "video manager" Toni Albicocco made a rare appearance!

CF Lee Payne, 3B Phillip White, SS Chente Granados, MI Orlando Castillo

CF Lee Payne hangs on the fence but couldn't reach this one



4th Place – Baugh Doerflinger National Pawn/Easton

Conf 'A' from AL  4-2 Record


Big wins over Backman and Reds.  Only lost to the major teams Resmondo and Laservision.  Baugh approaches every game the same way and have not stumbled much this year.  4-4 vs the 'A' division is a little concerning but this team is more like a Major team anyways.  Chris Larsen leads all 'A' team players with 217 RBI.  Baugh played without Sean McDonald (leg injury).  Look for Baugh to continue their top 4 finishes throughout the remainder of the season.​

Trending Up!

Baugh's JD Genter setting the table in front of Chris Larsen has been a winning combination



Tied 5th Place – Red's Astros/Louisville Slugger

Conf 'A' from IN  4-2 Record

Reds beat 4 'B' teams and scored some solid points in their quest to slip into the Major World Series but came up short in the big game against Albicocco and lost by 1 heart breaking run to Baugh Ford late on Saturday night.  Outfielder Buddy Wolf is on a tear of late pushing his season numbers to .748, 40 HR, and 82 RBI.  SS John Sullivan continues to make highlite reel plays ala Matt Pesso.​

Trending Up!  Scoring points

Josh Riley at third and John Sullivan at SS have emerged as the starters on Reds at those positions



Tied 5th Place – TG Brand

Conf 'B' from MI  2-2 Record

TG Brand won their first 3 games including big solid wins over Line Drive Sportz 26-18 and H. Auto 32-25.  Then they lost by just 3 to the hottest 'A' team in the country Albicocco and was sent home late Saturday by Laservision.  The team continues to be led offensively by the big 3 power hitters John Radich .734, 22 HR, 63 RBI, Adam Kaminski .726, 42 HR, 118 RBI, and Joe Dorton .661, 48 HR, 142 RBI.  But their success has been a true team effort and fun to follow. 10-7 vs 'B' teams this year shows real progress.​

Trending Up!

Ryan Noe and Tony Payne (I think) from Ohio on the left side of the TG Brand defense.

It may be time for all of us to start learning this team better as they could be headed for the World Series!


MI Branden Blake and CF Adam Sorrell?

Radich, another Ohio guy playing on a Michigan team…



More pictures below




The rest of the Conference teams


Tied for 7th Precision/Easton 4-2

Precision lost to Reds in the second round, sent some solid 'B' teams home, then lost to Laservision by 1 run 39-38.  Another strong weekend for this team that is quite frankly too stacked for the 'B' division.  They may be the first 'B' team with a legitimate shot at the 'A' World title. 17 players that have contributed to their top 10 season and #1 'B' team seeding. Precision released Jermaine Flythe .704, 25 HR, 62 RBI.



Mike Dill is with H Auto now.  Good fit.

Tied for 7th H. auto llc/easton/hooters moa 3-2

H Auto shocked the world with another big win over Laservision 43-29 in a game they controlled from the start.  They also beat P&P 333 and sent home local Conference power Pure Romance 26-25.  The team added veteran hitter Mike Dill and continue to play great softball.  They seem to really be able to get up for the big games and higher level opponents.  H Auto is now 11-6 on the season vs 'B' rivals.  First baseman Curtis Stewart leads the team in all offensive categories .737, 48 HR, 125 RBI.



Tied 9th Pure Romance/chics/headlines/easton  4-2

PRI lost close games to Combat/Blockers and H Auto to begin and end their tournament.  In between they beat 4 B/C teams including B&B/Diamond & Ice whom they fought with at the 2013 'B' Worlds.  Steve Edwards leading the team on offense .696, 11 HR, 36 RBi



Tied 9th 3rd street/louisville slugger/mojo  2-2

3rd Street playing on their home turf without third baseman Jayson "Red" Scott (achilles) and started out well with close wins over Tailgaters and Taylormade.  Then they lost to Resmondo and Precision.  Newcomer Chris Hoffer has had the hot stick lately batting .882 at both the Smoky and Cincy Majors.  For the year hitting .689, 35 HR, 90 RBI.



Tied 9th OC Swats/miken/premier athletics  3-2

Nice wins over B&B Drywall, EAP, and Taylormade.  Lost to Reds by 5 and Resmondo by only 10.  Nice tournament for Swats, good points earned.  Great job.  Left fielder Eliseo Aguilar continues to swing a hot stick .737, 28 HR, 92 RBI.  And the new power hitter in the conference Mike Brambilla .731, 55 HR, and 145 RBI continues to impress.



Tied 9th Backman / shoppe/louisville slugger  2-2

Backman beat B&B/Diamond & Ice 27-26 on a walk off homer by Brett McCollum in the second round.  Then they lost to Baugh Ford 32-29 in a game that could have gone either way.  In their final game when they dropped to the losers bracket they had to play Laservision whom they lost to 57-42.  The defense has been suspect, the offense can't outslug teams, a rough year for the team that was supposed to finish 3rd.  Half the team is having a monster year offensively.



Tied 13th West Coast Newbreed/Worth 3-2

Newbreed lost to a good B&B/Diamond & Ice team 32-31 in their opener.  Then they won 3 straight in the losers bracket including a nice win over rival Combat/Blockers 20-17 and was knocked out by Precision.  Jonathan Gastineau .761, 41 HR, 101 RBI and Sean Boldt .725, 22 HR, 76 RBI continue to lead WC New Breed



Tied 13th Line drive sportz/r&m metals/easton 2-2

Was upset by TG Brand 26-18 in the second round.  Then ran into Laservision and lost in the losers bracket early. Jason Branch is carrying a .791 onbase since coming over from Albicocco two tournaments ago.



Tied 13th Taylormade/tm sports/d&i/mizuno  2-2

Beat WSC in their opener.  Lost 24-22 to 3rd Street.  Then beat Wilson and Smith before dropping to OC Swats.  2-2 against 'B' teams.  Tmade picked up Jason Baxter and Dustin Roberts.  Veteran Stacy Mizelle in his first year of Conference play is pacing the offense .740, 26 HR, 83 RBI.



Tied 13th Cooper/Yuengling/Easton 2-2

Cooper lost to Red's Astros 17-12 on Friday.  In the loser's bracket they beat K&G and Broughton.  Solid wins before PRI run ruled them.  Cooper is taking some baby steps in the 'B' division although its been a tough year in the Conference.  Veteran Mike Malesko is leading the offense .720 with 18 HR and 58 RBI.



Tied 17th B&B DRYWALL/Easton 2-2

Lost to OC Swats 28-25 in their opener.  In the losers bracket B&B beat two local teams and then had the bad luck of running into Laservision who had been upset in the second round.  They gave Laser all they could handle before losing 36-35!  Wow.  B&B continues to play well overall and should have a shot at the Colorado Major this coming weekend.  Brandon O'Neal and Mickeal Brown continue to be two of the leading hitters in the conference at over .740 and 40+ homers.



Chris Wilson is now with Combat/Blockers along with Alejandro Castellon and Gabe Caride

Tied 17th Combat/blocker/ptdesign/bat brigade 1-2

Had a nice win over hometown Pure Romance 29-25.  Lost to Albicocco 21-9 in a must win game.  9 runs, ouch.  Then was sent home by West Coast New Breed 20-17 when they needed to make a run in the loser's bracket.  Combat/Blockers continues to make roster moves as they picked up Alejandro Castellon and Chris Wilson.  Robs still my boy…  🙂  Landon Helm leads the offense at .743 with 32 homers.



Tim Sheeler hits a walkoff homer to beat WSC

Tied 17th Tailgaters/boys/b&e/easton 1-2

Tailgaters lost 3rd Street by 6 in their opener.  Barely beat WSC on a walk off homer by veteran Tim Sheeler.  Then was run ruled by Line Drive Sportz.  On a side note the Tailgaters shortstop Zack Messer was MVP of the Northeast Ohio All Star team that beat the USA Future Stars in Parma, Ohio!



Tied 17th B&B/Diamond & Ice/BMW 1-2

Beat West Coast Newbreed 32-31 in their opener.  Then lost to Backman 27-26 on a walk off homer.  After that heart break they run into PRI in the losers bracket.  You know, the team they had a bench clearing brawl with at the 'B' Worlds in 2013!  The game was heated and there was a lot of chatter and jawing, we'll call it gamesmanship, and B&B came out on the losing end 26-18.  B&B parted ways with their starting pitcher Paul Winner.  It will be interesting to see how this affects them going forward.  Jess Maloney and Tim Mickey continue to pace B&B's offense with .700 onbase percentages and over 20 home runs.



Walk off homer for Burch Propane over Bad Draw

Tied 17th Burch Propane/Team Moose 1-2

Burch had a tough draw on Friday losing to Baugh Ford by just 1 run 21-20.  In the losers bracket they sent home Bad Draw 25-9 before losing to Precision 31-9.  I would say it was a successful weekend overall though considering the level of competition they played.



Tied 17th Broughton/nls/turk auto/br/easton 1-2

Had a nice win over Bad Draw to open on Friday.  Then lost a battle with Baugh they could have won with home run management.  In the losers bracket Cooper sent them home 28-15.  Broughton was missing a lot of players (in particular Chevy) but have plenty of talent to win with no matter who shows up.  Middle infielder Shaun Bridger had one of the more athletic double play turns of the tournament and newly acquired center fielder Matt Tindell is carrying a .771 onbase percentage since joining the team.



Tied 17th Wilson & smith / c.g.r / miken 0-2

Tough draw losing to Line Drive Sportz and Taylormade.  Won a game by forfeit over Worsham.  I see they finished 2nd at the Maryland affiliate to Above All Landscaping.



Tied 25th Detroit Detroit Elite/ Easton 1-2

We haven't seen much of Detroit Elite this season and Cincinnati was no exception.  Barely beat a local team S&H 15-13 then scored just 17 runs against Albicocco and PRI combined.



Tied 25th P&P333/suburban/clutch/lt/combat 0-2 – These guys from P&P made it on SoftballCenter, thats all that matters…

Beaten by 'B' peer H. Auto in their opener 29-24 then lost to local EAP 17-15.  Lost the slight momentum they were gaining in the second half of the season.



Tied 25th RSC/alphadawgsports/combat 0-2

11 runs total against Backman and West Coast Newbreed.  RSC is shutting it down as far as the Conference for the rest of the season.



Tied 25th K&G/wilson/louisville slugger 0-2

Played Precision tough to a 24-20 loss then Cooper sent them home 35-18.



Tied 25th WSC/Sportsman Shop 0-2

Crushed by Taylormade and lost to Tailgaters 25-23 on a walk off homer.



Tied 25th Worshamathletics/g&k/combat 0-2 – Forfeited.  No show.



Tied 25th Bad Draw  SPMensB 0-2

Bad Draw got beat by Broughton and Burch Propane.  They didn't score runs and didn't have their starting pitcher Mark Urbain.​



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Some more pictures for you:


Wounded Warriors and National All Star Team

Wounded Warriors in Cincinnati put on a good show!

It was good to see Johnny Bailey come out of retirement to lead off for OC Swats

Tristan (right) did a great job livestreaming in my absence on Saturday night and Sunday!

We going to Disney!

My view from the livestream tent



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