Tuesday June 6th, 2023

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1 A look back at the 2013 ASA Super National Tournament Report! DW
2 A look back at the 2013 USSSA Major World Series tournament report! DW
3 2013 Conference Championships archived game video! DW
4 A look back at the 2013 USSSA ‘A’ World tournament finals (game archive) DW
5 OC Swats/LCP/Premier Athletics and Team Albicocco/The Scene/Easton co-champs at 2013 Toys For Tots! DW
6 My trip to the Long Haul Bombers finals in St Paul Minnesota! DW
7 Dirty Coed wins USSSA Major Coed title! DW
8 Tailgaters/Boys wins GSL ‘B’ World! DW
9 (added all tournament awards) 2013 ASA ‘A’ National Tournament Report! DW
10 2013 USSSA ‘B’ World Tournament Report! DW
11 2013 USSSA ‘B’ World Tournament game videos! DW
12 Primetime wins WSL “Open” Division Championship! DW
13 2013 Nationwide Conference USSSA Championship tournament report! DW
14 2013 ASA ‘B’ National recap! DW
15 2013 USSSA ‘A’ World Tournament Report! DW
16 2013 USSSA Michigan Major Tournament Report! DW
17 My annual trip to the National Pro Fastpitch game – USSSA Pride vs Akron Racers DW
18 Bubbas/DLB come out of loser’s bracket to win NSA Super! DW
19 Valley Motors/Reebok/Easton/VTS wins the 2013 Reebok NorthEast Challenge! DW
20 ADDED SOME PICTURES —> Buzini/BuffaloWildWings/Worth wins 1st Annual “Buzini Gulf Coast Clash” DW
21 Sonny’s wins Portland Demarini Classic! DW
22 2013 USSSA Cincinnati Major Tournament Report! DW
23 2013 USSSA Smoky Mountain Classic tournament report! DW
24 Fence Brokers undefeated at Busch/Pepsi Classic! DW
25 Added some Pif info and pictures —> Updates from 5 Big Tournaments this past weekend June 28-30! DW
26 2013 Nationwide Conference USSSA Dudley tournament report! DW
27 Added All Tournament Awards —> 2013 Nationwide Conference USSSA Toledo (Maumee) Major tournament report! DW
28 2013 USSSA Toledo Major archived game links! DW
29 2013 USSSA Chicago Major game videos! DW
30 2013 Nationwide Conference USSSA “Windy City” Chicago Major tournament report! DW
31 2013 Nationwide Conference USSSA Columbus, Ohio Major Report! DW
32 Added All Tournament Awards —> 2013 Nationwide Conference USSSA Seattle Major Report! DW
33 BaughFord.com/MOJO/Louisville Slugger wins the “Peach State Shootout! DW
34 Famous/Premier/Easton goes undefeated in the ASA 2K event in San Diego! DW
35 AZM wins the Phoenix Nationwide Conference Affiliate Tournament! DW
36 Rip City wins 2013 Corky’s! DW
37 Resmondo remains undefeated as they went 5-0 at the Kansas City “Mike Turney” Major! DW
38 2013 Nationwide Conference USSSA “Texas Legends” tournament report! DW
39 2013 Maryland Major game videos! DW
40 2013 Nationwide Conference USSSA Phoenix Major tournament report! (from afar) DW
41 2013 Nationwide Conference USSSA – Maryland Major tournament report! DW
42 2013 Nationwide Conference USSSA Hall of Fame Classic tournament report DW
43 2013 USSSA “Space City Classic” – Houston Major tournament report DW
44 2013 USSSA “Space City Classic” – Houston archived game videos! Pitcher takes one to the head! DW
45 2013 Houston Major pictures link! DW
46 2013 Las Vegas Major – game videos DW
47 2013 USSSA Las Vegas Major tournament report! DW
48 GSL “Open” game videos admin
49 2013 GSL “Open” division tournament report! admin
50 2013 GSL Open picture album admin
51 GSL MOJO Moneyball Home Run Derby replay! admin