Thursday May 13th, 2021

Make your 2020 All Conference and Special Awards picks!

Here is your chance to be the Conference Commissioner and select the 2020 All Conference and Special Awards!

Note: your picks will remain anonymous but the totals of everyone's picks will be shared.

The number of All Conference Awards have been reduced from 51 in 2019 to 43 in 2020.

Players are not eligible for All Conference Awards if they joined their new team after the 1st month of the season.

1st team All Conference players have to have 180 plate appearances or more.

2nd team All Conference players have to have 120 plate appearances or more.

Remember that players are competing for All Conference Awards against their own teammates.

And the Committee has to have at least one player at each position on the final 1st and 2nd teams.

At the bottom of the picks is the Special Awards for MVP, OFF MVP, DEF MVP, Rookie of the year, Umpires, Award of Merit, John Glidewell Award etc.

We already know that Ryan Harvey of Dan Smith won the HR Award with 155 HR and Kyle Pearson of Resmondo won the batting title with a .821 on base percentage.


Here is a link to all 2020 Stats Totals

Here is a link to stats by what players did for each team


Here is how the awards break down this year:

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