Saturday May 15th, 2021

Updated 9/30 —> 2020 Conference Team and Player Stats

The first part of this page is the team statistics.  If you click on the table you can use your right and left arrow keys to scroll and see more stats.  On a phone you can just use your finger to scroll around left and right up and down.  

The second table has all the stats for all the players by team.

As always if you see something incorrect or know someone isn't doing their stats correct please email me at and you will remain anonymous.

I want to get these 100% correct.

Stat Definition Key:
GM = Games Played
OB = On Base (does not include fielders choices)
PA = Total Plate Appearances (At Bats + Walks)
OB% = On Base Percentage (Hits + Walks) / Plate Appearances
Hits = Singles + Doubles + Triples + Homers
AB = At Bats
Avg = Batting Average is Hits / At Bats
1B = Singles
2B = Doubles
3B = Triples
HR = Home Runs
RBI = Runs Batted In
Runs = Runs Scored (Does not include running for the pitcher)
BB = Walks
HRF = Home Run Frequency (At Bats / Home Runs)
Slug = Slugging Percentage (Singles + (Doubles * 2) + (Triples * 3) + (Homers *4)) / At Bats)
SlugBB = Slugging Percentage if walks were included (Walks + Singles + (Doubles * 2) + (Triples * 3) + (Homers *4)) / Plate Appearances)
RP7 = Runs Scored Per 7 innings if that player batted every at bat
2B% = Percentage of Doubles (Doubles / At Bats)
3B% = Percentage of Triples (Triples / At Bats)
HR% = Percentage of Homers  (Homers / At Bats)
BB% = Percentage of Walks   (Walks / Plate Appearances)
RBIpAB = Average RBI per At Bat (RBI / AB)
RProd = Runs Produced (RBI + Runs – HR)
OE = Offensive Efficiency (Runs Produced / Plate Appearances)
AVGnoHR = Batting Average if you take Homers out (Hits – Homers) / (At Bats – Homers)
OBnoHR = On Base Percentage if you take Homers out (On Base – Homers) / (Plate Appearances – Homers)

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