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2021 USSSA Cactus Classic tournament preview!



"Cactus Classic"


Nationwide Conference USSSA!


April 23-25


Tournament Preview



Field Dimensions
Google Earth shows Field 1, 2, 3, and 4 between 295 and 300 feet

Field 5  is 311-331-325-300-300

Field 6 is 300-305-341-300-290


2021 Phoenix bracket and team list link


The 2021 Nationwide Conference USSSA season continues in Glendale, Arizona with the "Cactus Classic" presented by Easton at Victory Lane Sports Park!  There will be 27 teams in the men's division led by 4 'A' teams – Classic Glass, Bay Area Legends, L&S Glass, and MyAutoJack.  Look for the home state Lund Mortgage team as well as Lazer Sports from Utah to give the 'A' teams a run for their money.  They will be using the Dudley Pro-M ball and the fields for the most part are around 300 feet except for fields #5 and #6 that stretch out in the middle to 340.  Judging by the complete lack of home runs in the Sooner Invitational last weekend where the temperature was in the 50's, I would expect home runs and scores to be down this weekend as well which should bring defense and pitching more into play.  The men's tournament starts at 5 PM Pacific time on Friday evening and there is also a D and E tournament at the park.

On the women's side there is a nice field of 16 teams including 7 'A' teams plus the Smash It Sports/Derby Girls/Easton team that will be a heavy favorite.  There are also 4 'B' and 4 'C' teams in the event which starts on Friday at 8 PM Pacific time and ends on Sunday morning.  

The temperatures should heat up slightly each day from a high of 84 on Friday to 92 on Sunday.

Here is the chat room link and the livestream link.



Men's Team Breakdown:
27 Total Teams
7 Nationwide Conference Teams
4 A
12 B
11 C

Women's Dual Team Breakdown:
16 Total Teams
1 Major
7 A
4 B
4 C



Shea Nations Picks!

This week the Conference USSSA stays in Phoenix for the second year with the Cactus Classic sponsored by Easton and has 7 Nationwide Conference USSSA teams in attendance with 0 major, 0 AA, 4 A, 12 B, 10 C teams and 1 Military A team.  The #1 overall seed is Classic Glass/Easton and is the favorite to win.  The other teams looking to upset the favorite are: Bay Area Legends/Easton; L & S Glass and MAJ/KNELL/Dirty Sports/DTS/DOMN8.

Easton Cactus Classic Predictions:  I predict Classic Glass and Bay Area Legends to cruise to the undefeated game creating a preview of a matchup we could see at the A World Championship.  Final Four matchups to be Bay Area versus and Cheap Suits versus Classic Glass.  In the loser's bracket look for teams that drop down to win their next game.  So, the 4th Place game should be Cheap Suits versus My Auto Jack.  If all holds true like predicted, then My Auto Jack and Bay Area Legends would play for 3rd place.  Look for Lazer Sports and Denver Stars/ Miken Worth to pull off some upsets and possibly slide into the Top 4.  Please note that Bay Area Legends has 3 teams in the tournament an A, B and C team when selecting teams in the Pick'em.

Shea's Final Picks for the Easton Cactus Classic Major:
1. Classic Glass/Easton
2. Bay Area Legends/Easton
3. MAJ/KNELL/Dirty Sports/DTS/DOMN8
4. Cheap Suits/Republic Realty/Express
5. L & S Glass
    Denver Stars/ Miken Worth





Things should heat up as the weekend goes along



Who will win Poll

Oldscout Pollers picked Bay Area Legends to win the event 42% to Classic Glass 29%




Past Champs of the Cactus Classic!

2020 Champs – Bay Area Legends/Easton (CA-AA)

2020 Phoenix tournament report link


1st Place in both 2020 Cactus Classic Women's Duals!  Smash It Sports/DG4L/Sonnys/EA (WA-Major)

Women's Cactus Classic bracket and results link



2016 Champs – Bay Area Legends (CA)

2016 Phoenix tournament report link

2016 Results
1 CA-A Bay Area Legends
2 CO-B Stars/Garretsons/DH Glogal Logistic​
Tied for 3rd CA-AA OC Swats
Tied for 3rd AZ-B Tunie Sports



2015 Champs – OC Swats Doerflinger/Miken/LCP

2015 Phoenix tournament report link

2015 Results
1 CA-B OC Swats Doerflinger/Miken/LCP
2 CO-B Peak/SOCO Softball
3 CA-C CA Grown/American Asphalt/RAZA
4 AZ-C Tunie Sports/Top Choice




2013 Champs – Classic Glass/Easton

2013 Phoenix tournament report link

2013 Results
1 CA-C Classic Glass/Easton
4 WY-A Sonny's


West Coast Doerflinger/Easton after winning the Cactus Classic with a 21 run 7th inning.

2012 Phoenix tournament report link

2012 Results
1 CA-A west coast doerflinger – easton
2 WA-M team combat/pacific headwear
3 WY-A sonny's / louisville slugger


2011 Phoenix tournament report link

2011 Results
1 WA-M GTL Cartel/DeMarini
2 WY-A sonny's/desert falls/elite
3 WA-M combat/pharmapar/transat holiday
4 AZ-C Madd Skills/Watchyurlips


2010 Phoenix tournament report link

2010 Results
1 WA-A northwest combat/ cj financial
3 WA-A team combat / laser vision


YouTube Preview Image

West Coast Doerflinger vs Team Combat in Phoenix winner's final.

Game is 2 hours and 40 minutes and the game featured 96 total runs scored.  12 HR limit.





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