Sunday May 19th, 2019

Texas Legends Major – Chat Room, Livestream, and Bracket links!

Texas Legends Bracket (CENTRAL TIME)   Texas Legends Preview

Classic M ball and 300-310-300 fields
Have one person in the chat room text me if there are issues 440-715-3301 (DW)

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4 responses to “Texas Legends Major – Chat Room, Livestream, and Bracket links!”

  1. Ryan says:

    Try ice cubes on the phones

  2. Popabull says:

    Daddy , why don’t they just give everybody a trophy! Some play with an intensity that can show as being in a negative light, this sport isn’t golf ! You don’t have to be polished all the timel

  3. oldballump says:

    I just watched “the altercation” between Extreme & Dan Smith last night. Why did the Conference UIC jump in the middle of this before huge umpires on the field had a chance to sort it out? Looks to me like they were taking it all in then getting ready to discuss it. SMH

  4. Eric says:

    Fat ass John Williams bat flips on a single. Then his fat ass hits middle, gets snapped off then starts a fight. Class act! Let me guess… Him and Filip Washington Will want an award for just showing up.

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