Tuesday January 28th, 2020

Added Schedule —> 2015 Compound Athletics/Easton team!


Compound Athletics/Easton (IL)

James Kersten
Grant Grimmett
Ryan Czyz
Andy Shiltz
John Hopkins
Ron Nissen
Brad Lunda
Alex Boerema
Jeff Thielsen
Stephen Cooper
Matt Vern
Prestin Spurlin
Zach Messer
John Howard
Ross Huebner
Doug Bosco Gassman

Player/Sponsor: Jason Wilkins
Coach: Jason Young
Sponsors: Compound Athletics and Easton

Jan 17-Euless Tx
March 28-Columbus (GSL)
April 10-Houston, Tx
April 15-Orlando Dual
May 8-Columbus
May 15-Euless, Tx
May 28-Seattle Dual (TBD)
June 5-Chicago
June 11-Maryland Dual
June 26-Indianapolis
July 11-Smoky
July 17-Cincinnati
Aug 14-Sterling Heights, MI
Aug 21-Orlando B World
Sept 24-Orlando C World
Conference Championship TBD

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