Tuesday January 28th, 2020

2015 3rd Street/Hubs Pub/Louisville Slugger team!

3rd Street/Hubs Pub/Louisville Slugger
Shane Spicer
Kenny Leach
Scott Hubbard
Rob Menke
Curtis Cornett
Evan Gallmeier
Jayson Scott
Bobby Noeth Jr
Dustin Boone
Brandon Hubbard
Bobby Noeth
Cody Gilbert
Robert Mahaffey
Jason Magnum
Rick Potter

Robert Mahaffey
Donny Munford
Doug Reed

3rd Street – Robert Mahaffey
Louisville Slugger – Dennis Turner
Hubs Pub – Brandon Hubbard
Bull Dawg Trucking – Donny Munford
Weller – Darren Walters & Chris Weller
Premier Services – Kevin Forwith

April 16-19 USSSA HOF Classic – Dual – Kissimmee
May 8-10    3rd Annual Columbus Bats Major – Columbus, OH
June 5-7      Windy City Invitational – Carol Stream, IL
June 11-14  USSSA Battle on the Chesapeake- Dual – Glen Burnie, MD
July 10-12   47th Smoky Mountain Classic    Maryville, TN
July 17-19   16th Cincinnati Men's Major    Cincinnati, OH
Aug 14-16  28th Annual Miken Last Chance Major – Sterling Heights, MI

Aug 21-23   USSSA B World
Sept 4-6      CONF USSSA/GSL World
Sept 23-27  USSSA Major World Series

3 responses to “2015 3rd Street/Hubs Pub/Louisville Slugger team!”

  1. Chad Folsom#31 says:

    Cheese take care if my buddy Curtis

  2. Chad Folsom#31 says:

    Cheese take care of my buddy Curtis!

  3. Cincy says:

    What happened to big tommy??

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