Tuesday January 28th, 2020

2015 Classic Glass/Easton team!


Classic Glass/Easton
Marcus Thornton
Dameon Smith
Chris Potts
Chris Terry
Mike Powers
Sean Boldt
Donald Hollingsworth Jr.
Jonathan Gastineau
Tommy Formosa
Brandon Traylor
Tyler Espland
Paul Winner
Sponsor: Tom Formosa
Sponsor.Player Tommy Formosa
Sponsor: Brett Helmer
Manager: Charles Dyson
Coach: Donnie Hollingsworth Sr
Statistician: Debbie Hollingsworth & Doug Espland
Scorekeeper: Carol Formosa

Sin City
Hall of fame dual florida
Cactus Classic
Combat Major Dual
Chesapaeke Dual
Battle of the west Chino Hills
Smoky Mountain Strong Possibility!!!!
Rose City  Major/Portland
Also could be another one

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