Thursday May 13th, 2021

A deep dive into Las Vegas Pro-M/240 bats vs Classic-M/220 bats



In 2021 the Las Vegas Major at the Big League Dreams park used the Dudley Pro-M ball with 240 bat compression testing.  This article shows the statistical difference between this years ball/bat combination and that of the last time we were at those fields which was 2019 when the Conference used the Dudley Classic-M ball and 220 bat compression testing.  There were 8 runs less scored per game this year and the overall Conference team on base percentage dropped from .703 in 2019 to .676 in 2021 which is a 27 point difference.  Are those differences significant?  Somewhat they are as games were on time and it did appear that pitchers were safer.  But bat technology gets better every year so it may not last.  It should be interesting to see the 240 bats on the baseball fields in Viera this week and how it affects those games.  An interesting stat although a smaller sample size is the 'B' teams HR Frequency.  In 2019 'B' teams had an HR Frequency of hitting a homer every 4.95 at bats which wasn't that far off from Major, AA, and A teams.  But in 2021 their HR Frequency was 7.31 which was vastly different than the other divisions although their on base percentage only dropped 5 points.  It is possible that the 240 bats could affect lower level teams more heavily.  This will be interesting to follow.


2021 Las Vegas Major tournament report


2019 Las Vegas Major tournament report




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