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A look back at the 2020 USSSA Hall of Fame Classic tournament report!





2020 Nationwide Conference USSSA


Hall of Fame Classic


Viera, FL


June 4-7


Smash It Sports/Thunder outfielder Colin Baartman hits a double against Pure Sports on Sunday in Dual #2

SoftballCenter HOF Dual #1 picture album link


SoftballCenter HOF Dual #2 picture album link


2020 HOF brackets and results link


2020 HOF #1 Major stats link once available


2020 HOF #2 Major stats link once available


2020 HOF archived games link

The 2020 Hall of Fame Classic Dual which was supposed to played in April was instead played in June due to the Coronavirus shut downs.  30 teams including 28 from the Nationwide Conference USSSA took to the all turf baseball fields in Viera, Florida with their 335-365-385-365-335 home run fence dimensions.  The big story of the first Dual which started on Thursday morning at 8 AM and finished up Friday evening was the new Conference 'A' team from Indiana called Westpoint.  They won USSSA 'C' Worlds two years ago and finished 2nd at 'B' Worlds last year and they picked up veterans like Rob Roop, Justin Aldora, and Brandon Dillon this year and joined the Conference.  They overpowered Klutch Hubs Pub (MO-AA) 31-13 in the 1st round, then beat Bay Area Legends (CA-AA) who won last weekends Phoenix Major 26-23 holding off Bay Area with the bases loaded in the bottom of the 7th, then to get to the final 4 they knocked off Primetime (GA-A) when they jumped out to a 15-1 lead.  In the rest of the top half of the bracket it was Dan Smith holding their own beating Sports Reach (KY-A), Riot (FL-AA), and Westpoint to make the finals.  Also in the top of the bracket Riot beat Xtreme (MN-AA) and Primetime upset Pure Sports (SC-M) on a Tory Means walk off gap shot double.  In the bottom half of the bracket Worksteer (NC-A) had a nice win over Vivid/PTG (AR-A) 16-13 and Anarchy (NJ-AA) won the first battle of AA teams over Smash It Precision (IL-AA) 19-12.  This was after Anarchy had beaten Maroadis (PA-A) on a walk off homer by Orlando Castillo.  And the #1 seed Resmondo (FL-M) and the #4 seed Smashit/Thunder (NY-M) each won all of their games to meet in the semifinals where Resmondo out powered SIS/Thunder 29-15.

In the winner's final of Dual #1 Resmondo overcame yet another slow start to comeback and take the lead on Dan Smith but in the bottom of the 7th Andy Purcell and Andrew Collins set the table for a walk off backside line drive homer by Ryan Harvey to win the game 24-23!

In the loser's bracket SIS/Precision won 3 in a row before Thunder dropped down and beat them and Anarchy knocked off Sports Reach, Bay Area, and Westpoint to make it to an early morning matchup with Thunder where they lost 20-16.  Then in the loser's bracket finals Resmondo fought back against Thunder and won on a Bubba Mack walk off homer to advance to the finals against Dan Smith.  In the finals Resmondo forced the "if" necessary game with a 30-19 win but after taking a commanding lead in the finals ended up giving it away as Dan Smith tied the game in the 7th and won it 26-23 in the 8th inning!


A middle war between Dan Smith and Resmondo got a little heated after Resmondo pitcher Travis Clark took one off the body and then the helmet.


Andy Purcell legged out an infield single and slid head first to set up the game winning homer by Harvey

Team Breakdown:
30 Teams Overall
28 Nationwide Conference USSSA Teams
5 Major Teams
6 'AA' Teams
15 'A' Teams
4 'B/C' Teams

Bad Draw takes on Resmondo in the semifinals.  Bill Pinkham safe at the plate!

Bad Draw beat Smash It Thunder 35-25 in the winner's bracket finals and then had a lead and the championship tied at 15-15 before getting "double dipped"

Dual #2 started before the last 3 games of Dual #1 were finished.  In Dual #2 the top 2 Major teams were upset.  Westpoint again had a phenomenal tournament as they beat Riot 10-4, SIS/Precision 25-6, and shocked Dan Smith 27-25 before losing to SIS/Thunder 20-16 in the semi finals.  One other upset in the top of the bracket was Vivid beating Klutch/Hubs 28-9.  In the bottom of the bracket the new BadDraw/TDB Major team made a run knocking off Express Athletics (OR-B), Worksteer (NC-A), Pure Sports (SC-M) 33-20, and then upset Resmondo 33-30.  Bad Draw capped off their run Saturday with an impressive 35-25 win over Thunder to be the undefeated team going into Sunday.  In the loser's bracket it was Baugh Ford winning 4 straight before Worksteer sent them home 15-9.  And SIS/Precision won 3 straight including a win over Anarchy to become the highest finishing 'AA' team for the weekend.  But early Sunday morning it was Pure Sports scoring the most runs of the week beating Resmondo 41-26 to make it to the loser's bracket finals on Sunday morning. 

On Sunday the wind blew in at about 10 mph and the tired swings were evident as the scores plummeted with SIS/Thunder knocking off Pure Sports 20-15 in what was a real defensive battle early in the game and then they came from behind to beat Bad Draw in the 1st game of the championship 16-15.  In the final game SIS/Thunder who was Visitor had a consistent 3 to 5 run lead and extended an 8-6 lead in the top of the 7th to 11-6 on a Kyle Pearson homer and held on to win the second dual 11-6!

It was a long 4 days of softball as the games ended after 3 AM each night.  There were an incredible amount of great plays, home run robs, and line drive stabs.  The new umpires did their best and teams had to adjust to their strike zones.  I would say overall the number of homers hit per game was down and scores were down as the wind blew differently than normal and the hurricane in the gulf spit rain most of the 4 days.





Dual #1

Dan Smith takes on Westpoint

Bay Area and Bad Draw in a close one late Thursday night

Anarchy/MPT's Orlando Castillo hits a walk off homer to beat Maroadis/SNI 27-25


Primetimes Tory Means hits a walk off 2 run double in the LC gap to beat the Pure Sports Major team!


Resmondo's Bubba Mack hits a walk off homer to beat SIS/Thunder in the loser's final 26-25



Dual #2

Resmondo beats Worksteer/Briggs 27-11 late Saturday night  

Resmondo middle infielder Kevin Bazat probably would have been Defensive MVP had Resmondo won

Classic Glass shortstop Travis Tucker hits a 2 out walk off homer to beat Nuff Said 36-35!


Pure Sports Jason Branch preserves his teams lead with an assist from left field!

Branch throws like he hits, with his entire body


Pure Sports shortstop Jeff Flood leaps over Brian Zirkle in a late night game.

SVC takes on Play the Game

Dan Smith right fielder Andrew Collins robs a hit from Baugh Ford





The first 5 games of Dual #1 was played with the Pro-M ball instead of the stadium by accident as workers brought out buckets of the wrong balls. 

The Pro-M in my opinion made for good games even on the 335-365-385-365-335 baseball fields.

It would have kept the scores down and the games on time.

But the error was recognized and fixed and the rest of the 113 games were played with the stadium ZN.



Video Highlights brought to you by:

Hall of Fame Dual #1 video clips link


Hall of Fame Dual #2 video clips link


Condensed Game: HOF #1 Dan Smith vs Resmondo winner's final



Long Bombers of the Week


Dan Smith's Ryan Harvey was MVP of Dual #1 and was 36-45 .800 with 20 HR and 40 RBI and he hit his usual bombs and nasty line drive homers. 

Bad Draws Everett Williams was hitting the longest homers of any lefty and hit so many homers that teams were intentionally walking him half the time.

Pure Sports Mike Brambilla hit one against Primetime that made me think he hit a baseball or an 11 inch softball.



Hall of Fame Classic Major Final Standings and Awards

Dual #1 Results and Awards

Resmondo's Brian Wegman was Offensive MVP

Dan Smith center fielder had an incredible tournament and was named Defensive MVP


Dual #2 Results and Awards

Defensive MVP was SIS/Thunders LC Watson



Team by team notes brought to you by:


1st – Smash It/Thunder/Backman/Albicocco  NY-Major

Average Finish:  2.0  Record:  11-3  Avg Runs:  23.5  Avg Allowed:  17.4  Avg Diff:  6.1
1st Dual:  3rd  5-2
2nd Dual:  1st  6-1

Key Wins: BadDraw(M), Precision(AA), Anarchy(AA), BayArea(AA), Pure(M), BadDraw(M), BadDraw(M)
Bad Losses: None

Smashit/Thunder won Dual #2 coming out of the loser's bracket and "double dipping" Bad Draw coming from behind in the first championship game.  The top of their order seemed to be humming with Riley, Pearson, and Briggs until Briggs knee slowed him.  They got some great defense from Migues in the middle and pitching from Watson and Plaisance even beating Precision 33-3.  It was great to see a first year Major team come together and win a Dual event which hasn't really been done in recent history with the Duals usually going to established teams.


Riley was tournament MVP of Dual #2 and Stovall

Williams, Granados, Migues

Briggs and Olsen


Fyffe and Granados


Wilson and Pearson


Pitchers Plaisance and Watson



2nd – Resmondo/Smash It/Sonny's/JJ's/RDD/  FL-Major

Average Finish:  3.0  Record:  8-4  Avg Runs:  26.4  Avg Allowed:  21.3  Avg Diff:  5.1
1st Dual:  2nd  5-2
2nd Dual:  4th  3-2

Key Wins: Anarchy(AA), Thunder(M), Thunder(M), Dan Smith(M), Anarchy(AA), 
Bad Losses: None

Resmondo had command of Dual #1 until a comeback by Dan Smith in the winner's final led to a walk off loss.  Then Resmondo beat Dan Smith in the first game of the championship before losing another lead and the "if" game in extra innings.  In the second dual they lost to Bad Draw in a close high scoring game and then Pure Sports in the wee hours of Sunday morning.  Some hitters struggled on Resmondo and they played without center fielder Steele Lewis who was stuck in Canada due to the virus and Steven Lloyd who hasn't signed the online roster and appears to have retired.  They did pick up Nic Santana who played well.  Resmondo just did not get off to good starts and didn't finish either.

Cayton is set for a big year and Yates was hitting well but had a calf injury that slowed him some.

Jason Magnum and John Nelson are Resmondo's new right handed power hitters


Yates had this one in his glove until he didn't.  Santana collects another hit.


Tied for 3rd – Dan Smith/Menosse/Steven Smith/FAI  CA-Major

Average Finish:  5.0  Record:  6-3  Avg Runs:  26.1  Avg Allowed:  21.8  Avg Diff:  4.3
1st Dual:  1st  5-1
2nd Dual:  9th  1-2

Key Wins: Riot(AA), Resmondo(M), Resmondo(M)
Bad Losses: BaughFord(A), WestPoint(A)

Dan Smith came from behind twice to beat Resmondo to win Dual #1, once on a walk off homer by Ryan Harvey and once in extra innings when they held on defensively.  Harvey was MVP of Dual #1 and put up monster number.  Purcell did most of the pitching and shut down Resmondo late in their games.  Ben Dunn showed the most range of any center fielder in the game.  Reyna was locking down the middle.  Collins had a big second tournament although the team was upset by two 'A' teams?  And Marshburn who was 20-20 in Phoenix continued his hot hitting.

Purcell and Collins

Bennett gets a triple


Tied for 3rd – WestPoint  IN-A

Average Finish:  5.0  Record:  6-4  Avg Runs:  18.0  Avg Allowed:  16.2  Avg Diff:  1.8
1st Dual:  5th  3-2
2nd Dual:  5th  3-2

Key Wins: Klutch(AA), BayArea(AA), Riot(AA), Precision(AA), DanSmith(M)
Bad Losses: None

Westpoint was the perfect mix of veterans added to new Conference players and somehow just seemed to thrive off of hitting the stadium ball to the tune of averaging 18 runs a game as they pulled off upset after upset.  They are now the highest finishing 'A' team and will score so many Conference points that they would have to really stumble not to make the USSSA Major World Series.  A weekend to remember for this team.

Dale and Dillon are the veterans they picked up along with Rob Roop and Justin Aldora over the years.

Patterson pitching, Travis Dale 2B, Canaan Baum in RF


5th – BadDraw/TDB/RapidFire/T2/BAF/Pauer  NC-Major

Average Finish:  5.5  Record:  7-3  Avg Runs:  25.4  Avg Allowed:  17.3  Avg Diff:  8.1
1st Dual:  9th  2-2
2nd Dual:  2nd  5-1

Key Wins: PureSports(M), Resmondo(M), SIS/Thunder(M)
Bad Losses: Bay Area(AA)

The new Major team Bad Draw is off to a solid start winning 5 games in the 2nd dual, averaging 25 runs a game and beating 2 other Major teams.  They were in command of that first championship game and let one slip away there against Thunder.

Zirkle's fit bit was over 60 miles for the week.  Buddy Wolf supplied some much needed power.

Wolf was Offensive MVP of dual #2

Pinkham was a workhorse on the mound and hit well.  Pearson and Martel on the right side.


6th – Smash It/Precision/3rd St.  IL-AA

Average Finish:  6.0  Record:  9-4  Avg Runs:  19.8  Avg Allowed:  15.8  Avg Diff:  3.9
1st Dual:  5th  5-2
2nd Dual:  7th  4-2

Key Wins: Riot(AA), Anarchy(AA)
Bad Losses: Westpoint(A)

Precision won 9 games and will come away as the top earning 'AA' team in the points standings.  This is a veteran laden team who should be at the top of the AA standings all year long.

Travis Houseman


7th – Anarchy/MPT Rentals  NJ-AA

Average Finish:  6.5  Record:  7-4  Avg Runs:  17.5  Avg Allowed:  16.6  Avg Diff:  0.8
1st Dual:  4th  5-2
2nd Dual:  9th  2-2

Key Wins: Precision(AA), Bay Area(AA), Xtreme(AA)
Bad Losses: None

The new Anarchy AA team won 7 games and scored huge points as they beat just about every other AA team there is.  They are a well rounded team who should give anyone they play a run for their money each weekend.  Check out the Mike Williams catch in the video clips.  An ESPN quality catch.

Jeff Keske at MI and David Johnson at 2B


Dombrowski may have the lowest release in the game.  Manager/Sponsor Marc Carucci.


Tied for 8th – Pure Sports/ Infamous/ EB  SC-Major

Average Finish:  8.0  Record:  8-4  Avg Runs:  25.1  Avg Allowed:  16.3  Avg Diff:  8.8
1st Dual:  13th  2-2
2nd Dual:  3rd  6-2

Key Wins: Precision(AA), Resmondo(M)
Bad Losses: Bay Area(AA), Primetime(A)

Pure recovered after that loss to Primetime and won 6 games in the 2nd dual including a big win over Resmondo to finish 3rd!  Vitcak did most of the pitching when I was watching.  It looked like Melton got some playing time and made all tournament so hopefully the offseason issues are resolved there.  This team reminds me of MPT only they have a lot more power.

RF Donnie Hammonds robs a homer


Brungardt at 3B and Jeff Flood at SS


Bryson Baker using his new Pure Baker bat


Tied for 8th – Bay Area Legends/Easton  CA-AA

Average Finish:  8.0  Record:  6-4  Avg Runs:  20.7  Avg Allowed:  18.5  Avg Diff:  2.2
1st Dual:  7th  4-2
2nd Dual:  9th  2-2

Key Wins: Pure Sports(M), BadDraw(M)
Bad Losses: Westpoint(A), Worksteer(A)

I missed a lot of the Bay Area games again…sigh.  They did win 6 games but lost to a pair of 'A' teams but overall a solid weekend.

Rettenmeier played with Bay Area

Mike Nino


Gonzalez and MI Montano


Traylor at 3B and Raines at SS


10th – WorkSteer/Briggs  NC-A

Average Finish:  9.0  Record:  7-4  Avg Runs:  16.8  Avg Allowed:  18.6  Avg Diff:  -1.8
1st Dual:  13th  2-2
2nd Dual:  5th  5-2

Key Wins: Bay Area(AA)
Losses: None

Worksteer was an impressive 7-4.  That Renner pitching is a gamer.  They have some other former Conference players in Maloney, Price, Ty Cobb, and Brian Dezern.


Pat Price and pitcher Renner were mashing


Tied for 11th – BaughFord/HDLNS/CSB/Easton  AL-A

Average Finish:  12.0  Record:  5-4  Avg Runs:  19.4  Avg Allowed:  16.7  Avg Diff:  2.8
1st Dual:  17th  1-2
2nd Dual:  7th  4-2

Key Wins: Xtreme(AA), Dan Smith(M)
Bad Losses: None

Baugh Ford had that huge win when they were very tired over Dan Smith to secure some big points in the 2nd dual.  The veterans Baugh, Lipman, Zorich, Pack, Ulmer, and Sullivan are joined by the HDLNS players who are newer like Dillman, Spenn, and Brake.  A good mix similar to Westpoint.  They also have Troy Krider joining them soon after a 3 year layoff.

Pitcher Tommie Baugh goes between the legs


Tied for 11th – Primetime Easton/F.A.I/Riot/Klutch  GA-A

Average Finish:  12.0  Record:  3-4  Avg Runs:  16.6  Avg Allowed:  21.9  Avg Diff:  -5.3
1st Dual:  7th  3-2
2nd Dual:  17th  0-2

Key Wins: Pure Sports(M) 
Bad Losses: None

Primetime finished off that huge upset of Pure Sports but fell short in the semifinals against Westpoint in the first dual when their defense disappeared.  And they followed that up with an 0-2 in the 2nd dual which hurt their chances at making the Major this year.  But onward and upward for a team that had a few new faces and still has a lot of talent.

Primetime getting ready for their stadium game

Rod Armour against Worksteer


Tied for 13th – CCP/Worshams/Dan Smith/Turnkey  NC-A

Average Finish:  13.0  Record:  4-4  Avg Runs:  17.4  Avg Allowed:  18.6  Avg Diff:  -1.3
1st Dual:  9th  3-2
2nd Dual:  17th  1-2

Key Wins: Beat 4 'A' teams
Bad Losses: None

CCP won 4 games against fellow 'A' teams and for a new team is off to a good start.  They have Jeff Bloomer, Shawn Jones, Greg Walters, Steve Wilson, Jeff Bloomer, Cory Franklin, Pete Seiden, Ed Locklear, Seth Ricketson, Joel Sanchez, Chad Folsom, and Tyler Wiles who all have varying degrees of Conference experience.  An interesting team.  The Dan Smith uniforms will definitely confuse a few people this year.

Jeff Bloomer


Tied for 13th – SVC/Nager Law/Atrium/Grizzy/Easton  OH-A

Average Finish:  13.0  Record:  4-4  Avg Runs:  14.9  Avg Allowed:  14.4  Avg Diff:  0.5
1st Dual:  17th  1-2
2nd Dual:  9th  3-2

Key Wins: Beat 3 'A' teams
Bad Losses: None

SVC has Robert Blackburn, Kyler Kirkland, Pat Foster, Artie Barcelo, Jason Legault, and Tom Luna among others on the roster.  They held their own after winning USSSA 'B' Worlds last year.

Brandon Streets plays a very tall center field


Tied for 13th – Riot/TG/Treedem/Pure  FL-AA

Average Finish:  13.0  Record:  3-4  Avg Runs:  18.0  Avg Allowed:  17.4  Avg Diff:  0.6
1st Dual:  9th  2-2
2nd Dual:  17th  1-2

Key Wins: Xtreme(AA)
Bad Losses: Vivid(A), Westpoint(A)

They managed 3 wins and are a good team with a mix of players from past TG and Riot teams.

Hooks and Laski are a big part of the offense

Kincaid and Lizcano a big part of the defense


Tied for 13th – Sports Reach/Crunchtime/H&H/Grizzy  KY-A

Average Finish:  13.0  Record:  2-4  Avg Runs:  15.1  Avg Allowed:  17.0  Avg Diff:  -1.9
1st Dual:  9th  2-2
2nd Dual:  17th  0-2

Key Wins: Klutch(AA)
Bad Losses: None

Sports Reach has veterans Tim Cocco, Gilfillan, Hatley, Cornett, Derrick Roland, and Brandon Jonas (P) on the roster to go with some young talent like Robbie Fow in the outfield and Bradley Jones who played with Baugh Ford last year.

Robbie Fow in right field robs a homer


Tied for 17th – Competitive Edge/M&T BLDRS/Adiktiv  FL-A

Average Finish:  15.0  Record:  3-4  Avg Runs:  17.6  Avg Allowed:  19.7  Avg Diff:  -2.1
1st Dual:  17th  1-2
2nd Dual:  13th  2-2

Key Wins: Beat and A, B, and C team
Bad Losses: None

Competitive Edge seems to have fun and is a good group of players who's best days are ahead of them.


Tied for 17th – Premier/T&W/Easton/BAF  OH-A

Average Finish:  15.0  Record:  3-4  Avg Runs:  18.9  Avg Allowed:  21.7  Avg Diff:  -2.9
1st Dual:  17th  1-2
2nd Dual:  13th  2-2

Key Wins: Beat 3 'A' teams
Bad Losses: None

A slow start for an upset minded group of players from last years 'A' Champion Premier team and last years T&W 'A' team.


Tied for 17th – Chick-Fil-A / HB Sports / Shepherds  VA-B

Average Finish:  15.0  Record:  3-4  Avg Runs:  18.3  Avg Allowed:  22.6  Avg Diff:  -4.3
1st Dual:  13th  2-2
2nd Dual:  17th  1-2

Key Wins: Klutch(AA), Vivid(A), Premier(A)
Bad Losses: Lost to 4 AA and higher teams



Tied for 20th – Xtreme/Miken/Worth/Athlon/ASP  MN-AA

Average Finish:  17.0  Record:  2-4  Avg Runs:  19.8  Avg Allowed:  17.8  Avg Diff:  2.0
1st Dual:  17th  1-2
2nd Dual:  17th  1-2

Key Wins: None
Bad Losses: Baugh(A)


Updike and Thorbrogger did the pitching


Xtreme had the best uniforms.  Erik Kanaby ran center field as they continue to try and get Matt Schrage to return.


Tied for 20th – Classic Glass/Easton  CA-A

Average Finish:  17.0  Record:  2-4  Avg Runs:  17.8  Avg Allowed:  24.6  Avg Diff:  -6.8
1st Dual:  17th  1-2
2nd Dual:  17th  1-2

Key Wins: None
Bad Losses: None

The Nuff Said game was a fun one…

Tim Martinez and Billy Waltrip


Tied for 20th – Cheap Suits/Republic Realty/EA  CA-A

Average Finish:  17.0  Record:  1-4  Avg Runs:  16.6  Avg Allowed:  23.6  Avg Diff:  -7.0
1st Dual:  17th  0-2
2nd Dual:  17th  1-2

Key Wins: None
Bad Losses: None

They beat Primetime but that was it after that good run in Phoenix.


Tied for 20th – Vivid/FBI/PTG/Worth  AR-A

Average Finish:  19.0  Record:  2-4  Avg Runs:  17.0  Avg Allowed:  16.8  Avg Diff:  0.2
1st Dual:  25th  0-2
2nd Dual:  13th  2-2

Bryant in CF had the best catch of the tournament a full speed diver against Worksteer or was it Comp Edge?


Tied for 24th – Maroadi/SNI/Easton  FL-A

Average Finish:  19.0  Record:  2-4  Avg Runs:  20.7  Avg Allowed:  20.5  Avg Diff:  0.2
1st Dual:  25th  0-2
2nd Dual:  13th  2-2

Maroadis has a fun team capable of much more.  They almost beat Bay Area

Pitcher Tim Bouch crushes a homer.



Tied for 24th – Klutch/Hubs Pub/Worth  MO-AA

Average Finish:  19.0  Record:  2-4  Avg Runs:  15.2  Avg Allowed:  22.5  Avg Diff:  -7.3
1st Dual:  13th  2-2
2nd Dual:  25th  0-2

Not the start Klutch/Hubs wanted.


26th – LEVELS  CO-A

Average Finish:  21.0  Record:  1-4  Avg Runs:  10.0  Avg Allowed:  24.0  Avg Diff:  -14.0
1st Dual:  17th  1-2
2nd Dual:  25th  0-2


Tied for 27th – Express Athletics  OR-B

Average Finish:  25.0  Record:  0-4  Avg Runs:  14.8  Avg Allowed:  21.3  Avg Diff:  -6.5
1st Dual:  25th  0-2
2nd Dual:  25th  0-2


Tied for 27th – Gorillas/Hart Handyman/M.E.E. LLC  MO-A

Average Finish:  25.0  Record:  0-4  Avg Runs:  11.3  Avg Allowed:  22.0  Avg Diff:  -10.8
1st Dual:  25th  0-2
2nd Dual:  25th  0-2


Tied for 27th – FiftyFifty/Hammerhead/Miken  GA-C

Average Finish:  25.0  Record:  0-4  Avg Runs:  11.0  Avg Allowed:  28.5  Avg Diff:  -17.5
1st Dual:  25th  0-2
2nd Dual:  25th  0-2

Local 'C' team



Tied for 27th – NuffSAID  FL-C

Average Finish:  25.0  Record:  0-4  Avg Runs:  13.8  Avg Allowed:  26.8  Avg Diff:  -13.0
1st Dual:  25th  0-2
2nd Dual:  25th  0-2

Played well against Classic Glass


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Some more pictures for you:

Tireless working directors Jim Pilla, Tony Harper, and Strojan Kennison

Mooch goes between the legs

Hangin after 3 long days of ball

I think this was a Worksteer outfielder robbing a homer

The Winner's final game between Bad Draw and Thunder had 200k views and reached 257k on facebook brought in Skype announcers Rhino and Steele Lewis

Louisville Slugger hitters Matte, Bennett, Racobaldo, Purcell, and Sanchez

Ryan Harvey with WWE star Adam Scherr

Conference Umpires

The umpires worked hard but did miss this call where theyhad the throw beating the Pure Sports slider

I am pretty sure Thunder manager Tim Barnes lays asleep at night thinking up new ways to stall the game.  🙂

I see a lightning delay coming


The park is beautiful at night and sunset

Todd Ankney and Justin Mucciarelli

The Cristobal hurricane in the gulf spit rain on us all weekend






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