Thursday May 6th, 2021

2019 USSSA Portland Major tournament preview!





"Rose City Classic"


Nationwide Conference USSSA!


Portland, Oregon


July 26-28


Tournament Preview



Delta Park Field Dimensions 300 feet

2019 Portland Bracket Link

The "Rose City Classic" will be held in Portland, Oregon at Delta Park.  There are 6 Nationwide Conference USSSA teams and 24 teams over all.  The points will be based on 7 teams since L&S Glass dropped out late.  Big points are up for grabs for teams like Classic Glass, MyAutoJack, and Tradesmen who if they win can still slip into the Major World Series!  The weather looks pretty good and the tournament starts at 6 PM Pacific time on Friday.

Team Breakdown:
22 Teams Overall
6 Nationwide Conference USSSA Teams
 5 'A' Teams
 7 'B' Teams
10 'C/E' Teams

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Weekend Weather




Past Winners


2016 Winner – Team Combat/Baugh Ford/


2015 Winner – Team Combat/Baugh Ford/


Above – 2014 Winner Classic Glass/Easton – Portland Champs

Below – 2014 Runner Up Team Combat/ – 2nd place

2013 Winner – Sonny's – WY

Past tournament results

2016 Results
1 WA-M Team Combat/Baugh
2 WA-AA Newbreed/GTS/Beus Excavation/Dirtys
3 WA-B Goodfellas/Doerflinger
4 OR-B All American Athletics

2015 Results
1 WA-M Team Combat/Baugh Ford/
2 WA-B Newbreed/All American Athletics/Demarini
3 AZ-B AZM/Easton
4 WA-C Doerflinger/Goodfellas/Premier

2014 Results
1 CA-B Classic Glass/Easton
2 WA-M Team Combat/
3 AZ-B AZM/3n2/Easton/Classick Sports
4 WA-B West Coast/Newbreed/Worth

2013 Results
1 WY-A Sonny's
2 CA-C Classic Glass/Easton
3 CA-B Famous/Premier/Easton
4 WA-C Trojans/Easton


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