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2019 GSL ‘A’ World tournament preview!


GSL 'A' World Tournament


Cincinnati, Ohio


August 17th

2019 GSL 'A' World bracket link!

Livestream on

The 2nd Annual GSL 'A' World tournament will be played this coming Saturday at the Mid America Ballyard in Cincinnati, Ohio.  The tournament has 9 teams total with 5 of them being 'A' teams and 4 of the teams are from the Conference USSSA.  The favorite will be Premier out of Ohio who won the GSL 'A' last year.  They will be challenged by Headlines from Ohio, T&W from Ohio, and the non-Conference 'A' teams Maroadi from Pennsylvania and Tailgaters from Ohio.  

This tournament will be played in one day (weather permitting) and start at 9 AM eastern time Saturday morning with the "if" necessary game scheduled for 7 PM Saturday night.  There is some rain in the forecast.  I will have the chat room up here at and the livestream will be up and running on for the 10:15 AM games as I will be driving in from Nashville early on Saturday morning!

GSL 'A' is basically using a teams USSSA roster.  Teams were limited to 3 'AA' rated players.  Remember 'A' teams already have 'AA' rated players on them.

GSL pitching is similar to USSSA with faking allowed.  The home run rule is 8 per team plus a DHH (Designated Home Run Hitter) who can hit as many as they can.

Fences are all around 300 feet




Past Winners

2018 GSL 'A' World Champions – Premier/Easton/HDLNS

2018 GSL 'A' World tournament report

2018 GSL 'A' World:
1st OH-A Premier/Easton/HDLNS
2nd MI-A TG Brand
3rd MD-A Fishhead/Top Shelf/E Short Sports
4th OH-A Pauer Sports/JBL/Tailgaters/B&E


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