Friday October 19th, 2018

2018 schedule of events covered and upcoming previews! in 2018!

Look for the Nationwide Conference USSSA annual rankings countdown and the The War by the Shore preview by position to begin on Monday, March 5th!

Once the season begins, look for:
  Monday tournament reports!
  Tuesday bracket release for the next event!
  Wednesday the computer rankings!
  Thursday the preview of the next weekends event!
  Friday, Conference stat leaders!

Here is my tentative schedule as attempts to cover the very best slow pitch softball tournaments of 2018!

Softball Centers 2018 Tentative Schedule:
DW March 16-17 War by the Shore best of 5 between Monsta and SIS
Maybe DW March 24 GSL Mojo Moneyball in Columbus, OH
DW April 6-8 USSSA Las Vegas Major
DW April 13-15 USSSA Houston Major
DW April 19-22 USSSA HOF Dual Major
DW April 27-29 USSSA Charlotte Major
DW May 4-6 USSSA Chattanooga Major
DW May 11-13 USSSA Columbus, Indiana Major
DW May 18-20 USSSA Dallas Major
Maybe DW May 25-27 USSSA Atlanta Major
DW June 1-3 USSSA Chicago Major
No DW June 8-10 USSSA Maryland Major
No DW June 8-10 USSSA Tulsa Major
DW Saturday Only June 15-17 USSSA Indianapolis Major
DW June 21-24 USSSA Seattle Dual Major
Maybe DW June 29-July 1 USSSA Dudley Major
No DW July 6-8 USSSA Arkansas Major
DW July 13-15 USSSA Smoky Mountain Classic
DW July 20-22 USSSA Cincinnati Major
Maybe DW July 27-29 USSSA Louisiana Major
No DW July 27-29 USSSA Colorado Major
DW August 3-5 USSSA Columbus, OH Major
DW August 17-19 GSL A World
DW August 31 – Sept 2 Conference Championship
DW August 31 – Sept 2 USSSA A World
DW September 15-16 USSSA AA World
DW September 19-22 USSSA Major World
DW September 28-29 USA Softball Super National – Mississippi
DW September 30 – October 1 USA Softball National – Mississippi

Check out the 2017 Tournament Reports here!

4 responses to “2018 schedule of events covered and upcoming previews!”

  1. Sr. says:

    DW,is war by shore May or March?

  2. Buddy Amick says:

    Are you going to do the same for the women’s conference

    • DW says:

      I don’t know the women’s teams so probably not much. I would need someone who knows the teams to donate their time and do the writing.

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