Thursday September 20th, 2018

2018 TG Brand team!


2018 TG Brand
Justin Green
Adam Kaminski
Austin Pichiotino
Brady Hightchew
James Sparrow
Jesse Solomon
John Franklin
Jonathon Golich
Josh Kirsten
Josh Onstott
Justin Evans
Justin Geiner
Nathan King
Ryan Morrow
Todd Fairbanks
Tony Payne
Tyler Kincaid

2018 Tentative Schedule:
– GSL MoJo MoneyBall: March 24/25
– Conference Dual: April 19-22
– Conference Chattanooga: May 4-6
– Conference Columbus, IN: May 11-13
-Conference Chicago: June 1-3
– GSL King of The Hill: June 22/23
– Conference Smokey: July 13-15
– Conference Cincinnati: July 20-22
– Conference Columbus, OH: August 3-5
– GSL A Worlds: August 18/19
– USSSA A Worlds: August 31- Sept. 2nd
– USSSA Major World Series: Sept. 19-22

3 responses to “2018 TG Brand team!”

  1. Jared Mucciardi says:

    Looks very solid…chemistry wont be an issue. Looking forward to see the battles between Premier ands TG.

  2. Rinaldo says:

    Teams looks rock solid. Kaminsky is a great addition. Probably the best outfield in A. Nathan king is a 5 tool player, kid smashes the ball. Can’t wait to c them in action

  3. Hatch27 says:

    Solid mix of youth an vets and always love seeing my cooper boys playing together at that level. Good luck fellas 2018.

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