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A look back at Border Battle #9 —> Canada sweeps 2017 USA Softball Border Battle 9!


Boxscores and links to livestream archived video are at the bottom of this article for each day.


Team Canada shocked the softball world Saturday with a 12-8 win over the USA Women's team an then a 31-28 win over the USA men's team.

Congratulations to Canada on games well played.

Team Canada men's and women's teams gather for a picture after their two epic wins!


Final 2017 Men's Standings:
USA Futures 3-0
Team USA 2-1
Canada 3-2
ASP 1-1
All Star Plumbing 0-3
OC 0-2

Final 2017 Women's Standings:
Team Canada 4-0
Team USA 2-1
The Crew 1-2
On Point 0-4

2017 Team USA men's, futures, and women's

ASP takes a team picture with Team Canada

ASP takes a team picture with Team USA


Link to the Livestream


Link to the Live Stats


Link to the chat room



Team Canada 3-2



Team USA 2-1



USA Futures 3-0



ASP 1-1



All Star Plumbing 0-3



OC 0-2



Team Canada 4-0



Team USA 2-1


On Point 0-4



The Crew 1-2



The 9th annual Team USA vs Team Canada Border Battle takes place June 30th through July 2nd with Team USA, Team Canada, and the USA Future Stars squaring off in a series of exhibition matches before and after the big game between the two countries which takes place at 8 PM Central time on Saturday, July 1st.  Some other big games to watch for are the first annual Women's Border Battle at 6:30 PM on Saturday, and what some consider the best game of the event the Team USA vs USA Future Stars game at 8 PM on Friday, June 30th.  Another good matchup is Team Canada vs USA Future Stars on Saturday, July 1st at 5 PM Central.

The Border Battle event is a USA Softball (formerly known as ASA) event that is played at the Hall of Fame Complex in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  Team USA is led by veterans like Brian Wegman and Bryson Baker and joined by some of the top hitters in the game like Greg Connell, Kyle Pearson, Jason Branch, Kevin Kennington, Bubba Mack, BJ Fulk, Brandon Dillon, and Dale Brungardt.  Look for some great defense from infielders Luis Reyna and Steve Whaley, the pitching of Travis Clark and Andrew Vitcak, and watch the younger stars like Neil Haglund, Jeremy Yates, and Nic Santana roam the outfield.  The USA Future Stars will feature outfielders Andrew Collins, Mike Umschied, and the range of Brian Logan in center field.  They will be powered by the big men Ryan Harvey and Shannon Smith playing in his home state.  Faron Miller will return to do the pitching and the infield will be anchored by the young and talented Cory Briggs, Orlando Castillo, Jeff Flood, Brett Rettenmeier, Isaac Gonzalez, John Williams, and Erik Kanaby.  The future stars are young and there are a lot of new faces but hopefully the pure talent lives up to the moment.

I added the rosters at the bottom of this article.  It looks like ASP, All Star Plumbing, and OC will most likely give Team USA, USA Futures, and Canada all they can handle in the exhibition games.  ASP has many of the players that have done very well at ASA Nationals in recent years.  All Star Plumbing has many of the Monsta players and team that won 'B' Nationals.  OC has big Andy Schiltz and Precisions Travis Houseman.  The USA Women's team is primarily comprised of Derby Girls who have won many of the recent Major and National tournaments.

As I look at the livestream schedule there looks like the Canadian women's and men's teams play exhibitions today (Thursday) at noon central time.


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2017 Border Battle 9 Schedule


Team USA star Kyle Pearson and Team Canada star Steele Lewis


Border Battle 9 Men's Teams:
All Star Plumbing
The Crew
Team Canada
Team USA
USA Future Stars

Border Battle 9 Women's Teams:
On Point



Schedule (All times are CENTRAL)



Past Border Battle Reports!

2016 Border Battle Report

2015 Border Battle Report

2014 Border Battle Report

2012 Border Battle Report

2011 Border Battle Report



Border Battle 9 Rosters

Team USA
 3 Brandon Dillon
 4 Bryson Baker
 5 Steve Whaley
 7 Greg Connell
 8 Travis Clark
 9 Neil Haglund
 11 Kevin Kennington
 12 Brian Wegman
 18 Andy Vitcak
 22 Luis Reyna
 23 Kyle Pearson
 25 Bubba Mack
 30 Jeremy Yates
 36 Jason Branch
 44 Dale Brungardt
 87 BJ Fulk

Team Canada
  Dustin McLoughlin
  Colin Andrews
  Ted Baker
  Bret Foisy
  Olivier Forest
  Kyle Knechtel
  Mark Kucharski
  Steele Lewis
  Jeff Andrews
  Ron Nadalin
  Chris Parr
  Justin Pennell
  Hunter Platten
  Kyle Reinders
  Jeff Zanolli
  Josh Zanolli

USA Future Stars
 2 Isaac Gonzales
 3 Andrew Collins
 5 Brian Logan
 6 Cory Briggs
 7 John Williams
 13 Orlando Castillo
 16 Faron Miller
 21 Mike Umscheid
 23 Jeff Flood
 24 Brett Rettenmeier
 25 Shannon Smith
 34 Nic Santana
 35 Ryan Harvey
 92 Erik Kanaby

 1 Adam Ussery
 2 Lyf Nimmo
 3 Brad Lunda
 3 Jason White
 4 Chris Potts
 5 Conner Murray
 6 Danny Evans
 7 Brian McBryde
 12 Zach Messer
 15 Brian Bohanon
 22 Argen Dodds
 35 Tim Bowser
 55 Mike Brown

All Star Plumbing
 3 Vincent Granados
 3 Daniel Kirkwood
 5 Aaron Kaiser
 7 Chris Graham
 10 Chase Roten
 15 Jerrad Messersmith
 16 Steven Lopez
 18 Jordan Spaulding
 21 Ryan Dacko
 23 Ryan Brosnan
 24 Davey Haggard
 26 Ryan McClanahan
 54 Aaron Bryant

 2 Gabe Bower
 5 Tyler Ramus
 7 Adam Aceto
 13 Cody Raisch
 14 Keaton Schuck
 19 Spencer Black
 21 Andy Shiltz
 22 Kyle Ford
 23 Lowen Reams
 25 Andrew Malone
 33 Eddie Sobzcak
 40 Josh Dobson
 55 Darren Nelson
 99 Travis Houseman
  Tanner Unkel

Team USA Womens
 1 Julie Wisniewski
 2 Kristen Shifflett
 3 Melissa Perez
 4 Leigh Campbell
 5 Amanda Durand
 6 Laura Harms
 9 Dara Toman
 10 Kami Marrott
 13 Mandy Hollman
 14 Brooke Connell
 15 Megan Miller
 19 Christan Dowling
 22 Tiffany Qunell
 23 Tammy Higginbotham
 24 Stefanie Watt
 31 Tara Salcedo

Team Canada Womens
  Jacqueline O'Quinn
  Lesley Aitkenhead
  Jackie Bates
  Tina Gudbrandsen
  Tonya Gudbrandsen
  Ashley Jackson
  Kristen Kitagawa
  Michelle Lorenz
  Kait Anseeuw
  Amanda Sanderson
  Patricia Simon
  Paige Smith
  Kearstin Solberg
  Ashley Steckle
  Tanis Trottier
  Charity Verboom

On Point Womens
 2 Malloree Grove
 3 Heidi Raymond
 5 Danielle Kisner
 6 Cara Coughenour
 6 Amanda Hentges
 7 Alexis Schuck
 7 Marisa Bashman
 8 Kristine Dooley
 9 Megan Butler
 10 Megan Tompkins
 15 Mollie Hartman
 17 Kacie Eagle
 29 Jenna Baker



Game by Game Updates


Sunday, July 2nd


The rest of Sunday was cancelled due to rain.



Saturday, July 1st




Friday, June 30th




Thursday, June 29th

Video of Thursdays 2 games


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