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Added the rest of the Border Battle Week —> 2015 ASA USA Border Battle! (pics, boxscores, links)

Updated the weeks games!


2015 Border Battle Standings

Team USA 7-1
USA Futures  7-1
Wallace Landscaping 2-1
22 Below 1-5
Team Canada 0-3
Canada Selects 0-3
Topeka All Stars1 0-1
Topeka All Stars2 0-1
NE Ohio All Stars 0-2

Link to the ASA/USA Border Battle game videos!

Link to Border Battle Gamechanger boxscores and stats

2015 ASA USA Border Battle Week Pictures!


Monday, August 17, 2015 – Midland, Michigan
2:00 PM Wallace Landscaping 28  to  22 Below        9
3:30 PM Wallace Landscaping 10  to  Canada Selects  8
5:00 PM 22 Below             4  to  USA Futures    11
6:30 PM Team Canada         10  to  USA Future     22
8:00 PM Canada Selects       6  to  Team USA       20

Tuesday, August 18, 2015 – Midland, Michigan
1:30 PM 22 Below     13   Team Canada               5
3:00 PM USA Futures  14   Wallace Landscaping      13
4:30 PM Team USA     13   22 Below                 12
6:00 PM USA Futures  21   Canada Selects            5
7:30 PM Team USA     22   Team Canada               7

Long Haul Bombers Results:
Denny Crine, Team Miken        – 13
Kevin Filby, Team Miken        – 12
Bubba Brungardt, Team DeMarini – 12
Brian Wegman, Team Easton      – 11
*Bryson Baker, Team Easton     – 9
Chris Larsen, Team DeMarini    – 8
Chris Greinert, Team Combat    – 7
*Hit for Scott Kirby

Wednesday, August 19, 2015 – Midland, Michigan
2:00 PM Team Canada  vs. Wallace Landscaping (Rained out)
3:30 PM 22 Below     vs. Canada Selects      (Rained out)
5:00 PM Team USA     vs. Wallace Landscaping (Rained out)
6:30 PM Team Canada  vs. Canada Selects      (Rained out)
8:00 PM Team USA     vs. USA Futures         (Rained out)

Thursday, August 20, 2015 – Parma, Ohio
6:00 PM USA Futures  30  NE Ohio All Stars   4
7:30 PM Team USA     26  NE Ohio All Stars  25
9:00 PM Team USA     29  USA Futures         7

Friday, August 21, 2015 – Topeka, Indiana
6:00 PM USA Futures  34  Topeka All Stars1  14
7:30 PM Team USA     34  Topeka All Stars2  19
9:00 PM USA Futures  28  Team USA            8

Saturday, August 22, 2015 – Holland, Michigan
5:30 PM USA Futures  21  22 Below           12
7:00 PM Team USA     25  22 Below            8

Team USA total stats:



ASA Futures total stats:


Saturday Games!





Friday Games!

Topeka, Indiana crowds were big!







Thursday Games!

Team USA vs Future Stars from Nike Park in Parma, Ohio

Mighty Mike Macenko tells Bobby Nifong another legendary story!
My view from the livestream
Some fan had a softballcenter shirt on…
NE Ohio All Stars gave Team USA all they could handle!
Worlow was a beast
USA Future Stars made quick work of NE Ohio All Stars this year…revenge!
Team USA's Brandon Dillon hits a clutch walk off homer to beat the NE Ohio All Stars by a run


Wednesday Games!


Rained out



Tuesday Games!


Tuesday Video Clips



Tuesday Game #6

Team Canada defends against 22 Below



22 Below's pitching, defense, and big 3rd inning pulled off the upset of Team Canada

22 Below from Michigan



Tuesday Game #7

USA Futures pitcher Andy Vitcak, SS Orlando Castillo, and LF Ryan Parfitt


USA Future Stars

Wallace Landscaping

A young fan asks for Lyf Nimmos autograph after he hit his 4th homer of the week



Tuesday Game #8

22 Below tries to upset Team USA after their big win over Team Canada



View from the home run porch

3B Dale Brungardt, SS Luis Reyna, and MI Kevin Bazat of Team USA

Jeremy Bloor hits the go ahead homer in the top of the 7th for 22 Below vs Team USA

Team USA's Chris Larsen ties the game at 11-11 in the bottom of the 7th

After a two out Bryson Baker single, Brian Wegman hits a walk off homer to win the game 13-12!



Tuesday Game #9




Tuesday Game #10

USA vs Canada for the 7th Annual Border Battle!

The national anthem sung by Darren Dustermars was the best I've ever heard at a softball game


The crowd grew to 2,000!


Border Battle from the press box

USA's Bryson Baker walk off run rules Canada with a double off the wall

Team USA and Canada team pic

Team Canada

ASA's Craig Cress thanks the fans for their support

Don Cooper announcing on the livestream

Steve Shortland the USA manager receives the Border Battle trophy from the Wallace Landscaping sponsors!





Denny Crine wins the Long Haul Bombers event!

Denny Crine, Team Miken – 13
Kevin Filby, Team Miken – 12 
Bubba Brungardt, Team DeMarini – 12 
Brian Wegman, Team Easton – 11 
*Bryson Baker, Team Easton – 9 
Chris Larsen, Team DeMarini – 8 
Chris Greinert, Team Combat – 7 
*Hit for Scott Kirby

Kevin Filby hits the scoreboard

Evils, those suckers fly!

Giant Long Haul Bomber pics on the scoreboard




Monday Games!

Monday Video Clips


Wallace Landscaping an all star team out of Michigan


Monday Game #1


Lyf Nimmo and Brian Lipman combined for 4 homers and 12 RBI in the Wallace Landscaping win in game #1

22 Below is a good 'C' team out of Michigan




Jeff Graus pitching, Jeff McGavin at SS, Brad Reckart MI, and Mike Ortiz LF for Wallace Landscaping


Monday Game #2

Canada Selects team is the Futures team for Canada

Filip Washington led the way in a low scoring game with 2 HR for Wallace Landscaping and played an incredible center field

Wallace Lnadscaping finishes off Canada Selects



Monday Game #3


Mike Umschied and Ryan Harvey helped power the USA Futures past 22 Below

Ryan Parfitt makes a catch on the wall



Mike Umschied doubles down the left field line for USA Future Stars


Monday Game #4


Orlando Castillo and Ryan Harvey hit big homers for USA Future Stars.  

Harvey was the only player to go out of center field.



Kevin Bazat for Team USA gets an RBI hit


Monday Game #5





Some of the Monday highlites.  

Luis Reyna sold out on a hard grounder off his chest and made a play to start the game against Canada Selects.
Orlando Castillo had an incredible diver and a couple throws from the knees.
Canada Selects left fielder Sten Tillberg tracked down and made a couple leaping catches in LF.
Canada right fielder Justin Pennell had the best diver of the day in RC after a long run against Team USA.
Ryan Harvey hit the deepest ball to left field and the only one to go out of center field.
There were no homers I believe hit to right field.
Brandon Dillon made a great LC catch vs Select
Brian Lipman had the longest homer to LC early in the day.

Field dimensions are 332-375-400-373-325


Long Haul Bombers tonight (Tuesday)

Team USA team bus

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