Wednesday April 1st, 2020

Added schedule —> 2016 OC Swats Doerflinger / Lomanco / Miken team!


OC Swats Doerflinger / Lomanco / Miken – California
Ed "The Kid" Vega
Dustin Roberts
Mike Brambilla
Isaac Gonzales
Paul Winner

Ryan Mcclanahan
Chris Stamper
Nick Mitschke
Pilar Amaya

Eli Aguilar
Charlie Hinojosa
Brandon Patzig
Mike Beldon
Daniel Mcclement

Manager – Henri Nuber
Coach – Ric Doerflinger
Coach – Tim Taylor

Darick Publishing
Doerflinger Software

2016 Schedule:
Apr 1-3 Las Vegas
Apr 14-17 Orlando (Duel)
Apr 30-May 1st Phoenix
May 28-29 Atlanta
Jun 9-12 Seattle (Duel)
Jun 25-26 Perris
Jul 2-3 Little Rock
Jul 8-10 Smokey
July 29-31 Denver
Aug 5-7 Last Chance (Tentative)
Sept 2-4 Orlando (Conference Championship)
Sept 16-18 Orlando (AA World Championship)



6 responses to “Added schedule —> 2016 OC Swats Doerflinger / Lomanco / Miken team!”

  1. ALLOUT/IzzySports says:

    Congrats Nick well deserved!

  2. Gibby says:

    Good luck next year fellas. Take that finish of this year and keep it moving.. Congrats to all the new pickups. Great sponsors coaches and teammates.. Good luck boys

  3. dm2015 says:

    wut happen to the granados brothers ?

  4. Nelly says:

    Congrats Nick!!! He is definitely money…

  5. Zee#9 says:

    Tim Taylor this is Zee can you send me you’re email

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