Monday June 17th, 2019

2015 PIF All Star teams announced!


The Nationwide Conference USSSA has added The 40th Annual PIF Classic to the 2015 schedule.  The tournament will take place July 3-6 and two all star teams made up of 2014 USSSA All Conference performers will play in the event.  The two teams "Blue" and "Red" were randomly selected by position out of 30 players.

Note: 1st place Conference points for the event will go to the highest finishing Conference team in the event since the two All Star teams are not considered Conference teams for this event.

Team Blue
Billy Messina
Larry Quartuccio
Travis Clark
Luis Reyna
BJ Fulk
Scott Kirby
Greg Connell
Mike Umschied
Dennis Rulli
Cory Large
Ryan Parfitt
Brandon Dillon
Brian Wegman
Lee Payne
Brad Reckart
Chente Granados
Jeff Flood

Team Red
John Rector
Don Cooper
Andy Purcell
Don Dedonatis Jr.
Brett Helmer
Bubba Mack
Bryson Baker
Jimmy Salas
Kevin Kennington
Ryan Harvey
Jeremy Yates
Nic Santana
Neil Haglund
Chris Greinert
Kyle Moyer
Chris Larsen
Lee Powers

5 responses to “2015 PIF All Star teams announced!”

  1. Daryl says:

    I would go with team Red in this one.

  2. Mike says:

    Where the heck is chaun demars on this list? Isnt he like the pif mvp the last 4 years?

  3. Chan says:

    Will this be televised??

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