Friday September 22nd, 2023

2014 Vivid team!


2014 Vivid – Conference 'B' out of Texas

Jonathan Kilburn
Conway Waddy III
Nathan Uranga
Austin Peacock
Rodney Fail 
Scott Perkins
Taylor Albrecht
Paul (PJ) Garcia
Antwon Gates
Jeff Whitman
Ross Borkowski
Brett Melton
Mike Wrenn
Anquanius Frazier
Mike Ortiz
Ryan Kuntz

April 11-13 Space City
April 24-27 HOF
May 16-18 Euless
June 6-8 Dallas Affiliate
July 4-6 Bush Pepsi
July 26-27 Cajun Classic
July 11-13 Smokey
August 8-10 Last Chance

ASA Super Series
May 9th – Dallas
May 31 – Kansas City
August 15th – B Nationals OKC
August 22 – ASA Super Nationals Fort Worth
September 26 – ASA A Nationals  OKC

4 responses to “2014 Vivid team!”

  1. Mike Hernandez says:

    Wow the Trammell boys are with Vivid, didn’t think they would not be on ASP. Good luck Vivid, keep reppin Texas, more Texas teams in Conference is good.

  2. Eric says:

    Looks like more than the Trmmell’s they got Vern too seems like Vivid might represent Tx well

  3. Cali J says:

    ELI is playing with Swats.

  4. wondering says:

    What happen to the trammel boys and Vern?

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