Tuesday April 9th, 2024

Added Schedule —> 2014 ASP Nation/Dynasty/Reset/Easton team!


2014 ASP Nation/Dynasty/Reset/Easton
Conference B
Josh Wiggs
Jason Magnum
Cam Byars
Greg Millsaps
Tommy Melton
Chad Folsom
Mike Cervantes
Lyf Nimmo
Stuart Snell
Ben Dunn
Nick Mitschke
Chris Potts
Matt Kainer
Ethan Stuckly
Donnie Munford
Jeremy Moody

Dwayne "Spanky" Phillips


Shea Adams






4/11/2014 8th Annual Space City Classic
4/24/2014 Hall of Fame Dual Event
5/16/2014 14th Auunual Texas Legends
5/23/2014 Down to Earth Greg Millsaps Memorial Tournament
6/13/2014 Bash on Chesapeake Dual Event
7/11/2014 48th Annual Smoky Mountain Classic
7/18/2014 15th Annual Cincinnati Major
7/25/2014 Cajun Classic
8/29/2014 USSSA Conference Championships
9/12/2014 USSSA B World Series
9/18/2014 USSSA Major World Series

















16 responses to “Added Schedule —> 2014 ASP Nation/Dynasty/Reset/Easton team!”

  1. J Holmes says:

    I thought Nick Griener was on this team as well?

  2. Wiggs says:

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with the coaches we have in place.

  3. BEAR says:


  4. Conference B Player says:

    I agree DW, haters will hate , probably someone that they didn’t ask back and doesn’t appreciate the opportunity they were given. This team won the B conference championship, top three in the B World and hight power rating of all B teams in the conference and just got stronger, I wouldn’t bet against them. Donnie is a class guy and it shows in the players as well, good luck to them this year. A team that does it the right way…

    • Player says:

      Not hating just my opinion. If I’m wrong then they need to prove it. They came in third at the b world and they won a seven team tournament which had none of the big teams in it. They went 0 and 4 in the a world and conference tourney and did not come close to winning any of the 4 games. All I am saying is prove my wrong.

  5. Conference B Player says:

    Got to hate not being asked back and being jealous. So what these guys didn’t do well in the Major, there are 30 other teams that wish they even made it to the Major where only 17 teams in the entire world get to play..Your what’s wrong with softball, why not be appreciative of the opportunity they gave you instead of talking behind the computer screen about one of the classiest coach’s in the conference back. These guys were one hit a away from playing in the Championship game at the B world and was consistently one of the top B teams in the country all year and now have added some great players from another team so in my mind they did what they should have done to make it to the next level and it sounds like Donnie did the right thing by not asking you back. Keep up the good work Donnie and let these haters hate. Love watching you guys play. Keep doing things the right way.

  6. Cam says:

    Our coaches do what they think is best!! We all believe in them or we wouldn’t have stayed!! They give players more chances then any other coaching staff in the country!! They did their jobs it was us the players who caused us to lose. We made errors and didn’t score runs not them!! Truth is if you know them or us we dnt care if u dnt like us!! Just dnt pretend you do!! Let us know who you are so when we do play you we can prove you wrong!!

  7. Nelly #84 says:

    Coach Moodittty let the hater/keyboard commando be disgruntled. You have a talented bunch even the ginger beer drinking Wiggs haha. Goodluck this year and much success bud!

  8. D. Munford says:

    Player, First you need to proof read or spell check. Second, WHO ARE YOU??? Third, was your team one of the seven? If not, why not?? You could have made it eight!! Did you or your team participate in the FINAL 18 FOR THE YEAR??? Did not think so, “HAVE A NICE DAY”!!

  9. Don Munford says:

    Thanks,David!!! Good luck in “LEAGUE” ball!!!!!

  10. Ga player says:

    Great team and forever in our hearts dynasty 22!
    Where’s rando

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