Thursday July 29th, 2021

College Football Bowl Challenge presented by is giving away a $100 gift certificate to the winner of the SoftballCenter College Bowl Challenge!

The deadline for entering is Saturday at 2 PM for the first game!


There are 81 entries so far!

1) Pick every College Football Bowl Game winner.

2) Then rank them from most confident (35 points) to least confident (1 Point).  If you pick the game correctly then you earn the number of points you placed on that game.

To enter click here!

Enter Group ID is 11946

Enter Password as: softball2012

Use your real name or first name and last initial if you can so we know who is winning.

If you do not have a yahoo account it may ask you to set up an account with your email address.  Also if you have any questions email me at [email protected]

The leader board here at will be updated after each Bowl game but remember you must enter before the first game on December 17th!


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