Friday December 1st, 2023

2012 Red's Astros/TPS/Sports Den

Roster for Red’s Astros/TPS/Sports Den for 2012.   2011 team in ()


Travis Dale   SS/OF                 (Red’s Astros/TPS)

Doug Martin  OF                     (Red’s Astros/TPS)

Steve Kingsolver  1B/C          (Red’s Astros/TPS)

Fred Lawson   2B/MI             (Red’s Astros/TPS)

Tony Henry  1B/3B/OF           (Red’s Astros/TPS)

John Steele    C/1B/2B          (Red’s Astros/TPS)

Wally Maybrier  OF               (Tyler Trucking/Tomcats)

Rob Roop  1B/P/3B               (Tyler Trucking/Tomcats)

Chris Lane  OF                        (Wildman)

Jake Stambezze  3B/SS          (Wildman)

Troy Krider  MI/SS/OF          (Wildman)

Levi Wright  P/IF                    (DMC/Resmondo)

Randy Lawson  P/Utility       (Red’s Astros/TPS)

Jody Wendell   IF/Utility      

Dennis Buis  IF                        (Red’s Astros/TPS)


Herb Price                              Coach/Sponsor

Red Moore                             Coach/Sponsor

Rob Likens                              Coach/Sponsor

Jerry Scudder                         Administrative/Coach

Sonny Yamcharern                Stats/Coach

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