Wednesday May 22nd, 2019

Winter 2018-2019 Oldscout Poll Results


Winter 2018-2019 Oldscout Poll Results

These are the results of the polls taken over the winter on TheOldScout Message Board.

Looks like according to the poll results the Smoky was the favorite regular season tournament, the Watch List should not be renamed, we need an Elite list, players prefer the handshake line but not the team meetings on the field.  Rosters on were not turned off during worlds the past two years.  I verified this with the World tournament directors and verified this with IT.  PEDS don't help hit homers on baseball fields, apparently… 

The majority felt an 8 team college football playoff is needed, the NFL should keep the kicks for points and give each team the ball in overtime.
















A vast majority say allowing sandbagging makes more money for associations.  I (DW) don't see how as you would think less teams would want to play in a tournament with sandbaggers.














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