Saturday October 1st, 2022

Updated Steven Lloyd’s player page with videos and pictures



With the cancellations of recent tournaments I needed some articles for SoftballCenter so I updated Steven Lloyds page.  Steven Lloyd retired before the 2020 season (hopefully he comes back and plays) so I grabbed all of his video clips that I could find from 2011 to 2019 and updated his player page.  Steven is considered to be the best athlete to ever play 2nd base at the major level and arguably the best defensive 2nd baseman.  He was also an incredible base hitter and yet still put up good power numbers at the Major World Series each year.

Steven Lloyd



USSSA Playing History

Lloyd does a 58 and 1/4 inch vertical box jump



One response to “Updated Steven Lloyd’s player page with videos and pictures”

  1. Jeff P says:

    Quite possibly the second best defensive player in conference history behind Junior. Would’ve love to have seen a middle defense of Andy, Jr, Lloyd and Reyna, good lord

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