Saturday February 24th, 2024

Softball Player from Chick-fil-a team needs your help! Cannon Fields fundraiser.

3 responses to “Softball Player from Chick-fil-a team needs your help! Cannon Fields fundraiser.”

  1. Jordan Jones says:

    I find this very unnecessary since the parents are suing the home owners insurance of the property owner where this accident occurred. They will be getting all the medical expenses paid for by the home owners insurance but also asked for a fundraiser to help with the medical bills. How wrong is this!!

  2. Jeff Harlow says:

    I know this family personally and was at the event when it happened visiting friends. Mom failed to watch Cannon and he fell in hot ashes. Now they are blaming the home owner and is suing his home owners insurance for all the cost incurred. Knowing that and they are still asking for money on here is a scam on their parts to get more money. Shame on them!!!! Believe me when I saw they are not telling the truth on how much the insurance is paying. They have turned a horrible accident in to a money train for their benefit!!! Shame Shame on them. It will come back to them both one day! They should be made to give this money back. And Chick-fil-A is matching the funds. This is horrible and I hope they get reported!!!

  3. DW says:

    His teammates created this fundraiser not the family.

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