Tuesday June 22nd, 2021

Seminoles and Infamous are winner’s at the 2021 USSSA Lonestar Shootout!





2021 USSSA Lonestar Shootout bracket and results links

2021 USSSA Lonestar men's picture album link (still have to add a couple hundred pictures)

2021 Lonestar video clips link (when ready)

2021 Lonestar Winner's Final Condensed game (when ready)

2021 Lonestar archived livestream games link


Seminoles/TPS/NACSF.INC from Oklahoma used a high powered offense to roll undefeated through the men's Lonestar Shootout Conference event in Mansfield, Texas this past weekend.  They knocked off Envy/Lifetime/Diamonds the top home state team 19-9 in the winner's bracket finals Saturday night and beat Nightmare/Benefit the Badge/Miken 13-11 in the rain Sunday for the championship!

A full report, video clips, one condensed game, rankings, and stats coming this week on Softballcenter.com!



1st Place – Seminoles/TPS/NACSF.INC (OK-A)


3rd Place – Envy/Lifetime Diamonds/Legendary (TX-A)


4th Place – Bay Area Legends/Easton (CA-A)




2021 Women's Lonestar Shootout


Infamous/Bay Area/Salt Riot/Spiderz an 'A' team out of Colorado went undefeated through the 12 team Women's Lonestar Major.  They knocked off SFK/Slugger Custom Uniforms/Koval (CA-A) 17-6 in the winner's final Saturday night and NTL/GSSports/Worth 12-7 on Sunday in the pouring rain.

2021 USSSA Women's Lonestar Shootout bracket and results link

2021 Women's Lonestar picture album link (when ready)



1st Place Women's Major – Infamous/Bay Area/SaltRiot/Spiderz (CO-A)


2nd Place – NTL/GSSports/Worth (CA-A)


3rd Place – SFK/Slugger Custom Uniforms/Koval (CA-A)


4th Place – Smash It Sports / Traders Reloaded (AR-A)


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