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Brian Farrar


Brian Farrar

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Why do you like the game of softball?
At the upper level love the competition and playing against the best in the game. It makes you better as a player. Back home, its fun being with alot of guys you grew up with and continuing the bond you have had with them your entire life.

Who is the best softball player you have ever seen play?
I might be bias on this answer, but all around Brad Farrar is at the top of my list.  I also would say Andy is the best pitcher i've seen, hitters Helmer and Steve Dickinson.  But there are to many outstanding players to name.
What is your nickname in softball?  
Frogg.  It has been with me since grade school
Where do you call home?
Clyde, Ohio
What do you do for a living?
Right now I work for Penske Logistics
Did you play sports in High School / College / Pro?
Football-Basketball-Baseball-Track in high school, Football in college, but ran a year of track as a freshman in college and also played a year of basketball, senior year as a backup when our starting point gaurd broke his hand.
How did you get your start in softball and how did you get to the upper level?
My uncle Brad had me around the game since i can remember and i was hooked.  He is the one that taught me the game and actually got me my first chance at upper ball when he was playing with Bud Light out of Toledo near the end of his career.  He asked me to go be a reserve in the Smoky's when I was 20.  Played well and stayed with them till i had to report for camp for football my junior year in college.  Dropped to D the follwing year with Smith Automotive, then up to C and then I got the chance to go to A with Marodis Transfer out of PA in early 2000 with Birdy, Johnny Simpson, Steve Dickinson and Matt King and have played up ever since.
What position do you play?
Centerfield, although I moved to right this year with Zirkle in Center for R&M.
What batting grip do you use?
What do you do in the offseason to prepare for the next softball season?
We have a hitting league and indoor cage back home that i hit in, plus weight training and actually just started back up playing racquetball.
What is your favorite sports team?
I'm an all Ohio guy…Buckeyes, Browns, Indians, Cavs.   Times are rough right now lol…
What is your favorite sport other than softball?
Football, hands down.
Do you have any superstitions and if so, what are they?
Of course a couple… Wear the same socks for every game, also draw a #7 in the batters box before every plate appearance for my friend Josh Gregg that I used to play with that was in a near fatal car accident and can't play at this level anymore, so i take him with me every at bat I have.  Then after the game i kick dirt on home plate and draw my daughters initials on the plate and point to the sky and thank god for the greatest gift of my life…
What is your most memorable softball moment?
Having the chance to stand side by side with my Uncle, Brad Farrar in the outfield and playing with him that year with Bud Light.

Many State Titles, National Titles and Worlds but from seeing him play my whole childhood, I just wanted the chance to play with him and that year will always be with me.
Is slowpitch softball a sport or a game?
Both.  If your competing for a trophy/ring, you travel, you have sponsors that take care of everything and guys for teams from all over the country to compete against each other, that to me is a sport.  But some guys forget just like the nfl, nba whatever, it is a game too.  Everyone has families or something to go home to and we should be blessed to be able to have the opportunity to do what we do.
What is the best improvement upper level softball could make?
Bat testing for sure, bigger fields.
What is your favorite non-World tournament?
Love the cinci major and the last chance cause they are close to home for me, but the Smoky's is a blast too
What is the funniest thing you have ever seen on a softball field?  
Funniest….i got two. First with Marodis, Dixie got thrown out of the game (i know go figure) but in his rant he literally tried to throw a plastic garbage can onto the field from the dugout.  Problem was as he went to throw it he had it sideways and it got stuck in the dugout gate.  He punched it, tried to kick it but couldnt move it.  I laughed my butt off from center and I thought Joe Baney was gonna blow a gasket…. Second for sure is Tommy Thompson tossing Purcell a lolipop while he was pitching to him. All i have to say is PRICELESS big man…. BOOOWOOOP!!!





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