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Brandon Traylor



Brandon Traylor

USSSA Playing History Player Page

Interview conducted on 11/17/2015

Who are you playing with in 2016?
Classic Glass

What positions do you play and what is your best position?
I honestly play every position including pitcher
And I really don't know what my best position is just throw me out there haha

Who is the best softball player you have ever seen play?
Too many, everyone plays the game different but Bryson Baker overall is the best I've seen and Dale(bubba) Brungardt swings the hardest for sure 

Why do you like the game of softball?
I like softball because it reminds me of my baseball days and give me some the do and I'll be bored out of my mind it's just a very fun good Hobby to pick up

Who is the best up and coming player in softball and why?
I'm going to give you 3 guys outfield infield and pitcher
First guy he plays outfield anywhere in the outfield but Bubba Harville the tracks the ball and he might not have the power right now but he sure will go out there and bang base hits all over the place he'll base hit you to death basically.
Infielder I would say CHAIS FULLER he has a very good glove a very strong arm and can hit Forsure 
Pitcher my fellow team light skin member COREY GILBERT he's playing for Newbreed this year and he's going to kill it

What is your nickname in softball and how did you get it?
Traylor, B , TEAMLIGHTSKIN, flyin Hawaiian oh and for some reason Mr Classic Glass  I don't even know how I got these nicknames except traylor and B of course 

What is your height and weight?
I am 6'0 and 225 pounds 

Where do you call home?
From HAWAII live in OAKLAND California the BAY AREA 

What's your favorite way to spend an off weekend?
Just being home being lazy with my family and going to a friends house probably play video games or just chillin

What do you do for a living?
I install HVAC and SOLAR 

Did you play sports in High School / College / Pro?
I played football basketball and baseball in high school and played college ball got drafted out of college but never pursued baseball after college 

How did you get your start in softball and how did you get to the upper level?
I first started playing league while I was playing college ball and asked if I wanted to play a midnight madness tournament in Sacramento I never knew softball had tournaments honestly and after that I started playing tournaments though. And how I got up to the upper level well I played for classic glass when they were a C team and then stopped playing for them for about a year then when they became a conference team I got the call again now I play Conference 

What was the most surprising difference between Conference play and non-Conference play when you made the jump?
The most surprising difference was the pitching Forsure and all of these guys hit way harder Forsure 

Is there a player that you would compare your game to?
No I don't think so I like to have a lot of fun when I play and I always smile 

What would you say is your career highlight to this point? Maybe one play or game that sticks out to you in particular?
Not really nothing big but last year my first at bat at the major World Series I hit a 3 run homerun first time ever playing in the major on the biggest stage in softball and I hit it out the stadium I was nervous a little too but I ended up hitting really good that whole tourney that was way fun

In your career was there a single person (player/manager/coach) who had the most significant impact on your approach to the game? Why?
Yes there was his name is PHIL POMALES.. When I first started playing I always walked up when I hit and big Phil taught me to keep still and tomahawk that was a big difference in my game after that and I'm very thankful. He's also always told me one day your gonna make it big in this game. 

What advice can you give a young player trying to break into the upper level?
The only advice I would say is don't rush to get up to the conference or upper ball
It's always going to be here so just wait for your time. Another thing is when you do get up here there's no going back so think real hard and be sure that you want to play upper because local ball is out of the picture

What type of batting grip do you use and what ounce bat?
I do my regular baseball grip traditional I still have my baseball swing so can't really do the overlap and I swing a 27 end load anything 

What do you do in the offseason to prepare for the next softball season?
I'll play as much charity or open tourneys that I can to stay in game form. I also hit when I can 

What is your favorite sports team and your favorite sport other than softball?
OAKLAND RAIDERS always have been a fan and I love baseball football and basketball specially playoffs where the best play the best and play the hardest 

Do you have any superstitions and if so, what are they?
Never talk about yourself before or during a game or tourney wait until after the whole thing it's always bad luck or bad karma when you do that and for some reason I like to get dressed right before game time in my full uniform 

What would be your "at bat" music selection?
In college it was SANTERIA by sublime
And last year it was Sammy Johnson GIVE ME ALL 
Now I would choose watch and learn J boog

What is the best improvement upper level softball could make?
To me your using the best "Bats" best balls and you get to hit a lot of homeruns what else can you ask for 

What is your favorite non-World tournament and why?
Palm Springs toys for tots
Carson city midnight madness 
And the Washington super draft 
All three are big party's with a lot of fun softball

What is the best softball field/complex you have played at and why?
Probably GOLDEN EAGLE in Reno I love playing on turf and the ball flys out there 

Where is the best place to eat on the road after a game?
Firehouse subs we don't have one out here and Cracker Barrel 

What is the funniest thing you have ever seen on a softball field?
A couple years ago I was playing in a wood at league in Oakland and this guy got hit with a pitch and tried to take first base I was dyinggg funniest this I've seen Forsure 




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  1. Hip Hip Jorge says:

    I played with B when he first started playing slow pitch in Hayward great person to play with or against.I knew he had the talent for upper softball congrats B hang loose brotha

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