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2019 USSSA Cincinnati Major tournament report!



My trusty video camera for the last 5 years quit working late Friday night after I had taken a bunch of good content and I wasn't able to replace it until Saturday afternoon.  So I lost all my content of the local teams and the teams that got knocked out early and the quality on the new camera isn't as good with a blurry zoom and pictures.  Sorry about that but I will try to get a better one before the Columbus Major.  Unfortunately I lost a picture of Herb and Pat Price and also a video clip of Scott Hubbards ESPN like highlite diver.

As a result this will be an abbreviated tournament report.

Championship Sunday, TDB defending Bay Area Legends


2019 Nationwide Conference USSSA


20th Annual Cincinnati Major


Cincinnati, OH


July 19-21


TDB's Everett Williams about to tee off on a Bay Area Legends pitch in the winner's final Saturday night!


SoftballCenter Cincy picture album link


2019 Cincy bracket and results link


2019 Cincy Major stats link once available


2019 Cincy archived games link


Resmondo's Brian Wegman hitting in front of the home crowd at his own park!

The 20th annual Cincinnati Major was played in severe heat and humidity using the Dudley Classic M ball on the 4 mostly 300 foot fields.  The heat kept the scores down as most teams did not use their home run limits.  The games started at 5 PM on Friday night with 27 teams overall from 14 different states and 18 of them were from the Nationwide Conference USSSA league.  In the first round conference teams won all 11 games.  TPJS/Seminoles (OK-A) won a game over Indiana 'B' team Belly's 8-5.  Now that is a low score.  Headlines (OH-A) just beat GMS (MI-B) 27-26 on a walk off hit, T&W (OH-A) beat Westpoint (IN-B) 20-18 on a walk off homer, and Primetime (GA-A) beat Old Bag (OH-B) 25-22.  The other 7 games were won by the run rule.

In the "round of 16" the top 5 seeds who got byes joined in the fun. Smash It/Precision (IL-AA) beat Seminoles 25-14.  Headlines upset Xtreme (MN-AA) 18-16 in extra innings making two good defensive plays to win the game.  MPT Rentals (NJ-A) pulled off a minor upset over Riot Sports (FL-AA) 25-17.  And #1 seeded TDB (NC-Major) beat Sports Reach (KY-A) by 20 runs.  In the lower half of the bracket #2 Resmondo (FL-Major) 20 run ruled Premier (OH-A), Newbreed (WA-AA) outlasted Primetime 23-19, Bay Area (CA-AA) run ruled T&W 30-14, and Rebel Sports (MI-AA) beat Nightmare (MO-AA) 31-29 in a battle of the middle of the pack 'AA' teams.

At noon on Saturday the "final 8" was played on the main two fields.  Smash It/Precision beat Headlines 15-9 as Brad Lunda went 3-4 with 5 RBI, TDB run ruled MPT Rentals 36-15 after going up 22-2 before MPT could get any offense going, Bay Area cruised past Rebel Sports 33-14, and Resmondo run ruled Newbreed 29-10.

The "final 4" of the winner's bracket and winner's final games were played out back to back to back starting at 5:30 PM on the main field #1.  Bay Areas middleman Ryan Mcclanahan was playing lock down defense against Resmondo and was helped by a nice play by pitcher Bill Pinkham to keep Resmondo close.  Resmondo 3rd baseman Bubba Mack was also stabbing some hard shots to keep Resmondo in the game.  In the bottom of the 6th Bay Area scored 3 extra runs after a Resmondo infield error to take a 20-17 lead.  In the top of the 7th though Resmondos Greg Connell tied the game with a 2 run homer and Steele Lewis gave them a 3 run lead on a homer after Brian Wegman and Kyle Pearson had clutch hits.  In the bottom of the 7th though Bay Area tied the game with base hits and loaded the bases with 1 out only to have a pop out in the infield after Resmondo had brought in a 7th infielder.  So with 2 outs and the bases loaded Freddie Bynum drew a walk off walk to win the game!  In the other semifinal TDB led Precision 13-8 going into the bottom of the 4th when they scored 9 runs and they finished off Precision in the bottom of the 8th when they scored 18 more!  Purcell and Harvey each had 5 hits for TDB.  In the winner's bracket finals TDB got some great defense from Defensive MVP shortstop AJ Montano and stretched their lead out until they run ruled Bay Area 29-14.

In the long hot losers bracket Premier and Nightmare each won 2 games before Headlines and MPT dropped down and beat them.  Premier getting an incredible defensive double play from Rocky Staton and a walk off homer by Cory Boothe to beat Primetime in extra innings.  Headlines beat Premier with their gloves in the bottom of the 7th.  And MPT Rentals beat Headlines 30-14 before losing the top half of the loser's bracket to Resmondo 36-29 late Saturday night.  In the bottom half of the loser's bracket Xtreme who had lost their first game of the tournament knocked off Sportsco, West Point, Newbreed, crushed Rebel Sports, and then beat Precision 39-26 to make it to Sunday.

On Sunday morning Resmondo jumped out to a 15-3 lead on an understandably tired Xtreme team and went on to win 39-19.  Then in the loser's bracket finals Bay Area jumped out to a 12-0 lead in the top of the 1st against Resmondo but Resmondo led 21-12 after 3 innings and a nice diving play by middleman Kevin Bazat.  But Bay Area got a second wind in the top of the 6th when they scored 10 runs after a dropped flyball and got homers from Dave Johnson, Tyler Wilson, and Freddie Bynum to grab a 5 run lead.  Bazat again making another great play up the middle to stop the bleeding.  In the top of the 7th Bay Area pushed their lead to 8 and Resmondo couldn't recover as they lacked home runs and Bay Area ended the game by turning a double play.  The championship was a bit anti-climactic as a fresh TDB team seemed to control the game and eventually pulled away to a 28-20 win.  It was TDB's 6th tournament win of the year and they clinched the regular season conference championship!

The tournament was well played with some spectacular defensive plays unlike the Smoky last week where there were too many bad throws.  The umpiring was some of the best of the year and those guys did incredible work in some terrible heat and humidity.  Some of the more entertaining comments from the tournament that I made notes of.  Brian Zirkle who is usually asked to keep the ball in the yard saying, "my bad as he was hitting a bomb".  Zirkle had the home run stroke going.  One anonymous player saying, "Precision would have a thousand rings if there were no if game".  lol.  Dave Kessler saying "gimmidat" to Zirkle after fielding his hot shot at 1st base.  We had M80's going off in the parking lot.  The nasty buzz you heard on the livestream was those old lights.  We had players hurling in the dugout from heat exhaustion.  There was an incident late Saturday where I believe 4 members of Precision were ejected.  Toby reminding Bay Area hitters that if they "hit strikes everything takes care of itself" – so true.  There were many of complaints about the shiny helmets some pitchers were wearing.  One player from Old Bag was hit in the head by the back swing by an on deck hitter and broke his nose and had stitches in his forehead.  It was a very scary situation.  Since my kids were old enough to play we would start practice and games by me asking them "what is the #1 rule of baseball?"  They would have to answer "don't get hit by the bat, and don't hit anyone with the bat".  Either one of which can ruin a game, a season, and a life…

I would like to thank Dave Maury for his hard work and hospitality and also USSSA for their support getting to these tournaments.  The livestream used the park wifi which was very good and we were able to stream all 4 fields for about 98% of the tournament even in the extreme heat with very few issues.  USSSALive now has a Roku and Apple TV app.

The Conference moves to Portland, Oregon this coming weekend and then Columbus, Ohio and finishes in North Carolina.

I am told the bigger fields in Columbus, Ohio will use the new Dudley Pro-M 44-375 ball with black print and stitches to be able to see it better.  That should be interesting.  In tests I was told it flys further than the classic M but its impact on the body is less.

TDB ready for the winner's final

Bay Area's Dave Johnson homers off of TDB in the Winners bracket finals

Team Breakdown:
27 Teams Overall
18 Nationwide Conference USSSA Teams
2 Major Teams
7 'AA' Teams
8 'A' Teams
7 'B' Teams
3 'C' Teams



The festivities in Cincinnati kicked off Thursday with the Wounded Warriors playing an exhibition game


Freddie Bynum gets Bay Area a bases loaded walk to win the game against Resmondo

Bay Area LF Tyler Marshburn makes a running catch into the fence


Sunday morning Pat Ellwanger hits a homer against his old team Xtreme in Resmondo's 39-19 win

Crowd on Friday was pretty good


Wegman hit one off of Pinkhams glove and it ricocheted to Mcclanahan for the out

Premier middle infielder Rocky Staton may have had the best diving play of the year on a hotshot grounder with no outs against Primetime and a runner on first in extra innings to turn a doubleplay on a ball that should have been a double.


Precisions Brad Lunda hits against Andy Purcell and TDB



Old Scout pollers were wrong



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Link to the Cincinnati video clips

I am working on a video of the best plays from the livestream also



Long Bombers of the Week

Long bomber of the week goes to lefty Buddy Wolf who was hitting the squirrel killers into the trees on the main field.  For righties lets go with Chad Mullins who at times can carry the Bay Area Legends lineup.



 Cincy Major Final Standings and Awards


MVP was TDB's Kyle Pearson


TDB SS AJ Montano was Defensive MVP making a great play against Bay Area in the video clips


Bay Area's Chad Mullins was Offensive MVP hitting a pile of clutch homers before a muscle pull took him out of the championship game Sunday.



Team by team notes brought to you by:



1st Place – TDB/Racks/Athlon

Conf Major from NC  5-0 Record

TDB wrapped up the conference championship with a dominating performance in Cincinnati.  They do it with almost no bench and no entourage of coaches and sponsors.  You have to be impressed with the success they have had and again this weekend using 5 starters that played on 'AA' teams a year ago that combined won zero tournaments.  If you have ever put together a team and then had to make the lineup and go out and play then you know how difficult that can be.  Then put on top of that you are the leadoff hitter.  And add to that you are the pitcher.  That is what AP is doing and winning…

Trending Up!

TDB lineup:
P Purcell
3B Baker
C Harvey
EH Riley
RF Branch
MI Reyna
LF Williams
SS Montano
1B Martel
2B Pearson
CF Zirkle

Josh Riley homers vs Bay Area

TDB backup pitcher Tom Bloom, SS Montano

TDB waiting to play the final game

Martel mashes a homer

Reyna playing middle infield.  There was some controversy about infielders playing in front of the bases.  Is that allowed?  





2nd Place – BayArea/Rapid Fire/Bad Draw/Easton

Conf 'AA' from CA  4-2 Record


Bay Area played without infielder Chente Granados who is injured.  The offense, defense, and pitching were as good as it gets in the 'AA' division most of the weekend and it was a true team effort gutting out those two wins over Resmondo.

Trending Up

Bay Area lineup:
RF Tyler Wilson
3B Brady Stewart
C Chad Mullins
LF Tyler Marshburn
1B Steve Edwards
LF John Radich
2B Dave Johnson
SS Aaron Miller
CF Freddie Bynum
MI Ryan Mcclanahan
P Bill Pinkham

Last years Conference Defensive MVP Mcclanahan was in the running again for Defensive MVP


Stewart at 3rd and Aaron Miller at SS and Mcclanahan.


Marshburn and Radich are among the league leaders in onbase percentage



3rd Place – Resmondo/SIS/Thunder/RDD/H.Auto/Sprizzi/Easton

Conf Major from FL  4-2 Record


Resmondo continues to struggle on the 300 foot fields losing to Bay Area twice and going 7 innings with MPT Rentals.  There hopes of winning the Conference Championship are gone and their chance of getting the #1 seed for the Major may be mathmatically impossible.  The defense let them down in both losses opening the door for Bay Area who took full advantage.

Trending Even

Kyle Pearson took this down and in ball to RF for a base hit


Bubba Mack hits the nastiest low liners in the game.  SS Cory Briggs throws on the run.


Have to have the Steele Lewis pic for our Canadian fans!  Good luck at the Border Battle!



4th Place – Xtreme/Miken/ASP/Athlon

Conf 'AA' from   5-1 Record


Xtreme lost their first game to Headlines after getting a bye.  In the losers bracket they won 5 straight in the heat Saturday including nice 'AA' wins over Newbreed, Rebel Sports, and Precision to make it to Sunday.  Another strong team performance top to bottom.

Trending up


Toby Letak and Cole Campbell


Skyles and Anninos




Tied 5th Place – MPT Rentals/EVO9X

Conf 'A' from NJ  4-2 Record

MPT played a lot of long hard fought games.  They upset Riot Sports, Nightmare, and beat Headlines and even went 7 innings with Resmondo late Saturday night.  They were the highest finishing 'A' team.

Trending up



Dombrowski continues to pull off big wins



Tied 5th Place – Smashit/Precision/3rd Street/Bulldawg

Conf 'AA' from IL  2-2 Record

Smashit/Precision took care of business against Seminoles and Headlines but lost to TDB by 22 in the semifinals then imploded against Xtreme after 4 of their players and managers were ejected arguing with the umpires late Saturday night.

Trending Even


Keske and Vitcak



Other top finishing Conference teams



Tied 7th Place – RebelSports/TN/Troupe/M24/GBrand

Conf 'AA' from MI  3-2 Record


Rebel had a nice win over Nightmare but struggled against Bay Area and Xtreme.  They seemed to have all of their players and have put themselves in a tough spot point wise to make the Major.

Trending Even

Rebels Joe Dorton hammers a home run against Sports Reach


Rebel infielders Lizcano and Bellamy




Tied 7th Place – Headlines/Titan/CSB/Easton

Conf 'A' from OH  3-2 Record

Headlines continues to play well and find ways to win on offense, defense, and pitching.  The team pulled off a huge upset of Xtreme on Friday and followed that up with a win over Premier and they also lost to Precision 15-9.  They are still on the outside looking in on the Major but have an outside shot if they can pull off an upset or two in Columbus.

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Some more pictures for you:

Chivas Clark hits a big grand slam.  Primetime finished tied for 13th and finished 2-2 after losing to Premier in extra innings.  They beat 2 locals but lost to Newbreed by 4.


Nightmare tied for 9th losing to Rebel and MPT Rentals but beating T&W


Riot tied for 9th beating Headlines but losing to MPT by 8 and Sports Reach 19-5?

Scott Hubbard pictured above did have one of the better 5-6 hole divers at shortstop and throw outs at 1st.  I will be making some video clips from the livestream of plays that were outstanding later this week.



Tim Cocco and Sports Reach tied for 9th beating Conference teams SNI, SVC, and Riot by a total score of 61-11 and they only lost to Major team TDB and AA team Rebel Sports.

Pitcher Brandon Jonas shut down 3 teams.

T&W beat Westpoint 20-18 and local team Belly's but lost to two Conference 'AA' teams


Premier beat SVC, SNI, then Primetime in extra innings when Cory Boothe hit the walk off homer pictured above but lost to Resmondo and a close one to Headlines to finish tied for 9th.

Premier wore their Ryan Noe tribute jerseys on Friday

Newbreed tied for 9th after beating Headlines and Primetime but then losing to Resmondo and Xtreme.  Above, Brandon Traylor gets a strikeout on a behind the back pitch.


SNI went 0-2 and were hurting after pitcher Shawn Jones got hit in the elbow

Easton had a ball speed booth set up.  Too bad when they left Friday night they unplugged my livestream power thus fans at home missed the end of the Xtreme vs Precision game…


Lots of teams complaining about the shiny pitcher helmets worn by Travis Clark and Bill Pinkham

I stumbled upon some tampering?

Red Moore with former player Bill Pinkham

Thats Marshburn in there somewhere

Park director Dave Maury drivin the roller

Super fan keeping cool with his umbrella and the help Houston shirt

West Point from Indiana who won 'C' Worlds last year was the best non conference team and former conference players Travis Dale, Lonzo Fields, and Brock Morrison play on the team.

The football helmet seemed popular with a few of the local teams

Slugger had a booth

Conference umpires


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