Tuesday July 16th, 2019

Updated 2/18/2019 – 2019 Thunder/Chosen/Riot/Miken/Worth team!

9 responses to “Updated 2/18/2019 – 2019 Thunder/Chosen/Riot/Miken/Worth team!”

  1. M. LOPEZ says:

    This team is playing A worlds?? DW has this roster been approved?

  2. M. LOPEZ says:

    Ok. Not trying to stir up anything, that team is solid as can be.

  3. NE player says:

    One name everyone should get used to seeing, JOE YANKEE. The kid is only 24/25 years old with a Ken Griffey like swing and the defensive play to go along with it. Let this kid swing away every weekend and watch him hit .700+ while leading the team in HRs and RBIs.

  4. Thunder/chosen says:

    We are under the 3.5 number. So no issues here. 😁

  5. Stuckly says:

    I just hope you remember my name this year DW.

  6. Denver says:

    What happened with Artie Barcelo?

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