Sunday May 19th, 2019

2019 Conference Roster Moves as of 5/16/2019


2019 Conference Roster Moves from 3/22/2019 to 5/16/2019 at noon if you see any mistakes


Date Add/Release First Name Last Name Team Name
5/15/2019 Add Louis Rivera Dan Smith
5/15/2019 Release Bradley  Mcdougald B&B
5/15/2019 Add Taylor Lobb Wood Law
5/15/2019 Tryout Peter Glodfelter Competitive Edge
5/15/2019 Add John Roberts MPT
5/15/2019 Release Joe Dowlen SVC/Miken
5/14/2019 Release Bubba Harville Source1
5/13/2019 Release William Hardie Baugh Ford
5/13/2019 Add Rolando Rodriguez L&S Glass
5/13/2019 Tryout Mitchell Angeloni L&S Glass
5/13/2019 Tryout Nicholas Guillen L&S Glass
5/13/2019 Add Gary Perez Smith Softball
5/13/2019 Add Jason Schiele Smith Softball
5/13/2019 Release Cody Collins MPT
5/13/2019 Add Steven Martins Cheap Suits
5/13/2019 Add Joseph Rodrigues Cheap Suits
5/13/2019 Release John Roberts SVC/Miken
5/13/2019 Add Kyle Harmon Infamous
5/10/2019 Add Cliff Conner Sports Reach
5/10/2019 Add Devin Reilly Pure Sports
5/10/2019 Tryout Jimmy Ward B&B
5/9/2019 Add Brad Macdougald B&B
5/8/2019 Add Mark Katz Bay Area Legends
5/8/2019 Tryout James Drake Vivid
5/8/2019 Add Justin Pennel Tradesmen
5/8/2019 Add Josh Grubbs Tradesmen
5/8/2019 Release Mitch Downing Tradesmen
5/8/2019 Add Brian Therkildsen Seminoles
5/8/2019 Add John Chaisson Seminoles
5/7/2019 Add Mitch Loomis Xtreme
5/7/2019 Release Nathaniel Hutchins Infamous
5/7/2019 Release Trevor Plautz Infamous
5/6/2019 Tryout William Hardie Baugh Ford
5/4/2019 Add Craig Shaw Pure Sports
5/4/2019 Add Dorrance Hill MPT
5/4/2019 Release Matt Lynn B&B
5/2/2019 Add Jordan Rosenbalm Precision
5/2/2019 Release Matt Rear Precision
4/30/2019 Release Robbie Lyday HDLNS/SVC
4/30/2019 Release Ian Sidebottom Riot Sports
4/30/2019 Add Greg Downing Tru
4/30/2019 Release Caleb Leatherwood Tru
4/30/2019 Add Seth Brown Xtreme
4/30/2019 Add Kendric Burney B&B
4/30/2019 Release Jordan Adcock B&B
4/30/2019 Release Denarra Jackson Beckham
4/26/2019 Add Barry Fentiman Classic Glass
4/26/2019 Add Trenton Simms Regulators
4/26/2019 Release Justin Houston Regulators
4/26/2019 Release Chris Waterman Regulators
4/26/2019 Release John Brock Regulators
4/26/2019 Add Bobby Pratt HDLNS/SVC
4/24/2019 Add Cory Newman Riot Sports
4/23/2019 Add Ben Falcone Cheap Suits
4/23/2019 Add Kyle Cowart Beckham
4/23/2019 Release Ben Falcone Classic Glass
4/23/2019 Add John Roberts HDLNS/SVC
4/23/2019 Add Jason Bridges Beckham
4/23/2019 Release Gary Perez Bay Area Legends
4/22/2019 Add Steven Malay Seminoles
4/22/2019 Add Chris Wood Competitive Edge
4/20/2019 Release Jon Weibel Competitive Edge
4/20/2019 Release Tyler Martin Competitive Edge
4/20/2019 Add Josh Moore Seminoles
4/19/2019 Add Rich Racobaldo Pure Sports
4/19/2019 Release Josh Moore Rebel Sports
4/19/2019 Release Rich Racobaldo B&B
4/19/2019 Release Michael Bush MPT
4/19/2019 Add Donald McDuffie Thunder
4/19/2019 Add Justin Lutheran Thunder
4/19/2019 Add Zack Ross Thunder
4/19/2019 Add Chris Greinert Thunder
4/19/2019 Add Zach Messer Thunder
4/19/2019 Add Johnathon Williams Thunder
4/19/2019 Add Filip Washington Thunder
4/19/2019 Release Gregg Downing Thunder
4/19/2019 Release Joe Yankee Thunder
4/19/2019 Release Brian Therkildsen Thunder
4/19/2019 Release Chris Wood Thunder
4/19/2019 Release Vince Block Thunder
4/19/2019 Release Zach Messer Pure Sports
4/19/2019 Release Filip Washington Pure Sports
4/19/2019 Release Johnathon Williams Pure Sports
4/19/2019 Release Chris Greinert Pure Sports
4/19/2019 Release Zach Ross Beckham
4/18/2019 Release Justin Lutheran MPT
4/18/2019 Release Jordan Rosenbalm T&W
4/18/2019 Release Francis Russo T&W
4/17/2019 Release Casey Jones Sports Reach
4/17/2019 Release Matt York MPT
4/17/2019 Release Josh Haglund MPT
4/17/2019 Add Ryan Roppel MPT
4/17/2019 Release Ryan Roppel Vivid
4/17/2019 Release Adam Tennyson Baugh Ford
4/17/2019 Add Jaedon Fullerton Infamous
4/17/2019 Add Shawn McAndrews Infamous
4/16/2019 Release Justin Tripp Beckham
4/16/2019 Release Casey Bishop HDLNS/SVC
4/16/2019 Release Raymond Atkinson Riot Sports
4/16/2019 Release Levi Wiright Riot Sports
4/16/2019 Release Tyler Whitehead HDLNS/SVC
4/16/2019 Release Robert Roop Myautojack
4/16/2019 Release Alejandro Castellon Myautojack
4/16/2019 Release Andrew Miller Seminoles
4/10/2019 Add Steven Wilson SNI
4/10/2019 Add Joey Simmons HDLNS/SVC
4/10/2019 Add Levi Wright Riot Sports
4/10/2019 Add Jason Kendrick Riot Sports
4/10/2019 Add CJ Jacinto Sports Reach
4/10/2019 Release CJ Jacinto B&B
4/10/2019 Release Tony Brown HDLNS/SVC
4/9/2019 Add Jordan Adcock B&B
4/9/2019 Add Tim Mickey B&B
4/9/2019 Add Joshua Smith B&B
4/9/2019 Tryout Chris Waterman Regulators
4/9/2019 Tryout Johnathon Brock Regulators
4/9/2019 Tryout Justin Houston Regulators
4/9/2019 Release Greg Rowe Regulators
4/9/2019 Add Denarra Jackson Beckham
4/9/2019 Add Brian Logan SIS/Pure
4/8/2019 Add Kirk Rocha Cheap Suits
4/8/2019 Add Michael Bush MPT
4/8/2019 Add Tony Payne Primetime
4/8/2019 Release Tony Payne T&W
4/8/2019 Release Nick Burrus HDLNS/SVC
4/8/2019 Add Casey Jones Sports Reach
4/8/2019 Add Bryan Bradler Sports Reach
4/8/2019 Tryout Tyler Martin Competitive Edge
4/8/2019 Add Alzavian Rush Tradesmen
4/8/2019 Release Jason Arraiol Competitive Edge
4/8/2019 Add Matt York MPT
4/8/2019 Add Robert Stinton Beckham
4/8/2019 Add Tyler Whitehead HDLNS/SVC
4/8/2019 Add Stephen Cooper Vivid
4/3/2019 Add Jeff Renno Bay Area Legends
4/3/2019 Add Chris Little Primetime
4/3/2019 Tryout Andrew Renaud Classic Glass
4/3/2019 Add Jeff Rowe Infamous
4/3/2019 Add Robby Fow SIS/Pure
4/3/2019 Add Chris Greinert SIS/Pure
4/3/2019 Add Kyndrich Doggett MPT
4/3/2019 Add Robert Roop Myautojack
4/3/2019 Release Robby Fow Sports Reach
4/2/2019 Release Rich Racobaldo Bay Area Legends
4/2/2019 Add Kevin Johnson B&B
4/2/2019 Add Cory Franklin B&B
4/2/2019 Add CJ Jacinto B&B
4/2/2019 Add Alejandro Castellon Myautojack
3/28/2018 Add Daniel Lopez B&B
3/27/2019 Add Paul Baggett Competitive Edge
3/27/2019 Add Craig Rodriguez Competitive Edge
3/27/2019 Release Brent Johnson Myautojack
3/26/2019 Add David Forbes B&B
3/26/2019 Add Evan Jarman B&B
3/26/2019 Release Frankie Longello B&B
3/26/2019 Add Jeff Daup T&W
3/22/2019 Tryout Cameron Ross Regulators

17 responses to “2019 Conference Roster Moves as of 5/16/2019”

  1. Mike Huff says:

    Did B&B fold ?

  2. Bud says:

    Not sure why Hartling was released. Great talent. Would be a good pick up for a lot teams.

  3. Rodrigo says:

    Wow Branch and Payne released. Flip is a great pick up for smash it.

  4. Chad says:

    So are the teams not showing up for anyone else?

    • DW says:

      sorry about that. if you don’t see a column, it is because I forgot to copy it when I grabbed it out of the spreadsheet. It should be there now. thanks

  5. Very Curious says:

    Why can’t Chris Greinert, who has or had signature bats and is a smasher, stay on a Conference team?

    • DW says:

      Chris told me he started new work and plays for Monsta in USA Softball so he is only going to play Conference if the right opportunity presents itself.

  6. Douglas Maxwell says:

    What happen to Steve
    Whaley and Dan Smith ??????

  7. KS says:

    Anyone have any info as to what happened with Pure and SIS? and why they took there money and players to Thunder?

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