Sunday January 19th, 2020

2019 Conference Roster Moves as of 8/12/2019


2019 Conference Roster Moves from 3/22/2019 to 8/12/2019 if you see any mistakes

Note: The Conference roster deadline is Friday, August 9th at midnight if you see any mistakes


Date Add/Release First Name Last Name Team Name
8/12/2019 Release Adam Tennyson Baugh Ford
8/12/2019 Release Bryan Dunson Baugh Ford
8/9/2019 Add Tom Crump Wood Law
8/9/2019 Release Nick Stark Wood Law
8/9/2019 Release Nate Brock Wood Law
8/9/2019 Release Richard Salazar Wood Law
8/9/2019 Release Alzavian Rush Primetime
8/9/2019 Add Anthony Wehr Bay Area Legends
8/9/2019 Add Eric Beattie Bay Area Legends
8/9/2019 Release Terry McGlothlin Jr Thunder
8/9/2019 Add Tyler Driskell Thunder
8/9/2019 Add Wes Campbell Nightmare
8/9/2019 Add Billy Waltrip Nightmare
8/9/2019 Tryout Dee Hornesburger Regulators
8/9/2019 Tryout AJ Knight Regulators
8/9/2019 Add Hunter Ramirez Seminoles
8/9/2019 Release Michael Brewster Seminoles
8/9/2019 Add William Malovrh SVC/Miken
8/9/2019 Add Scott Creekmore SVC/Miken
8/9/2019 Release Ronnie Lytle SVC/Miken
8/9/2019 Release Jarrod Stout SVC/Miken
8/9/2019 Add Todd Sledge Headlines
8/9/2019 Add Ryan Neff Headlines
8/9/2019 Add Tom Kelly Headlines
8/9/2019 Add Chris Rowe Source1
8/9/2019 Add Justin Crews Beckham
8/9/2019 Add Gregory Morillo Beckham
8/9/2019 Add Cody Lovell Source1
8/9/2019 Release Alfred Taitano Source1
8/9/2019 Release Leroy Dozal Source1
8/9/2019 Add Drew Speer Sports Reach
8/9/2019 Add Nick Price L&S Glass
8/9/2019 Release Hunter Ramirez L&S Glass
8/8/2019 Add Cody Lovell Source1
8/8/2019 Release Johnny Perchak Source1
8/8/2019 Add Jon Gastineau Myautojack
8/8/2019 Release Jon Gastineau Myautojack
8/8/2019 Add Josue Peley Tradesmen
8/8/2019 Release Shaun Nicholson Tradesmen
8/8/2019 Tryout Justin Taylor Regulators
8/8/2019 Release Andrew Hall Riot Sports
8/7/2019 Add Matt Zurawel Beckham
8/7/2019 Add Chris Sherman Tradesmen
8/7/2019 Add Shaun Nicholson Tradesmen
8/7/2019 Add Josh Grubbs Tradesmen
8/7/2019 Release Jake Visser Tradesmen
8/7/2019 Release Jeffrey Sterling Tradesmen
8/7/2019 Release Chris Geron Precision
8/5/2019 Release Dylan Davidson SNI
8/5/2019 Add Matthew York Regulators
8/5/2019 Release Jamie Ellingworth Regulators
8/5/2019 Release Zachary Close Regulators
8/5/2019 Release Marshall West Regulators
8/5/2019 Add Westy Guill Precision
8/5/2019 Add Dan Sanchez Dan Smith
8/5/2019 Release Dan Sanchez Newbreed
8/5/2019 Add Adam Tennyson Baugh Ford
8/5/2019 Release CJ Jacinto Sports Reach
8/5/2019 Release Josh Moore Seminoles
8/5/2019 Release Joey Simmons Tradesmen
8/5/2019 Release Casey Jones Tradesmen
8/5/2019 Release Tom Crump Vivid
8/5/2019 Tryout Bryan Dunson Baugh Ford
8/5/2019 Add Jose Hernandez Vivid
8/5/2019 Release Jeff Daup T&W
8/5/2019 Add Cam Byars Newbreed
8/5/2019 Add Artie Barcelo Infamous
8/5/2019 Release Greg Crowe Infamous
8/2/2019 Add Matthew Malloy SVC/Miken
8/2/2019 Add Chris Baker SVC/Miken
8/2/2019 Add Brandyn Dunham SVC/Miken
8/2/2019 Add Jake Lankheit SVC/Miken
8/2/2019 Add Ronnie Lytle SVC/Miken
8/2/2019 Release Chris Chandler SVC/Miken
8/2/2019 Release Tyler Sexton SVC/Miken
8/2/2019 Release Justin Mullis SVC/Miken
8/2/2019 Release Travis Connelly SVC/Miken
8/1/2019 Add Andrew Hall Riot Sports
8/1/2019 Add Michael Smith Riot Sports
8/1/2019 Add Pat Donahue Riot Sports
8/1/2019 Add Anthony Chavis Regulators
8/1/2019 Add Tony Goodson Primetime
8/1/2019 Add Alzavian Rush Primetime
8/1/2019 Add Mike Mallory Primetime
8/1/2019 Tryout Joey Simmons Tradesmen
8/1/2019 Tryout Casey Jones Tradesmen
8/1/2019 Tryout Jeffrey Parker Tradesmen
8/1/2019 Tryout Jake Visser Tradesmen
8/1/2019 Release Josh Grubbs Tradesmen
8/1/2019 Release Shaun Nicholson Tradesmen
8/1/2019 Release Chris Sherman Tradesmen
8/1/2019 Release Dave Goulet Tradesmen
8/1/2019 Release Zac Coldiron SVC/Miken
7/31/2019 Add Jimmy Ward Bay Area Legends
7/31/2019 Release Reggie Schulte Chanticlear
7/31/2019 Add Cody Roton T&W
7/31/2019 Add Rob Roop Baugh Ford
7/30/2019 Add Nick Mitschke Nightmare
7/30/2019 Release Nick Mitschke SNI
7/29/2019 Add Tim Howard Vivid
7/29/2019 Add Zach Keene Vivid
7/29/2019 Add Chris Wilson Vivid
7/29/2019 Add Kevin Bryant Vivid
7/29/2019 Add Brandon Jones Vivid
7/29/2019 Add Kolt Robertson Vivid
7/29/2019 Add Joshua Guy Vivid
7/29/2019 Add Tyler Thomas Vivid
7/29/2019 Add Tyler Ervine Vivid
7/29/2019 Add Jeremiah Clardy Vivid
7/29/2019 Add Jarred White Vivid
7/29/2019 Add Anthony Acosta Vivid
7/29/2019 Add Chris Walker Vivid
7/29/2019 Add Brian Bryles Vivid
7/29/2019 Release Stephen Cooper Vivid
7/29/2019 Add Billy Back Premier
7/29/2019 Add Craig Arndt Chanticlear
7/29/2019 Add Chris Bauer Chanticlear
7/28/2019 Release Spencer Foley Vivid
7/28/2019 Release Austin Peacock Vivid
7/28/2019 Release Joe Venturini Vivid
7/28/2019 Release Jason Trammell Vivid
7/28/2019 Release David Trammell Vivid
7/25/2019 Add Leroy Dozal Source1
7/25/2019 Tryout Jami Ellingworth Regulators
7/25/2019 Release Ryan Rickey SVC/Miken
7/25/2019 Add Ryan Honeycutt Wood Law
7/24/2019 Add Kevin Ballard T&W
7/24/2019 Add Steve Zemanek T&W
7/24/2019 Add Josh Wright T&W
7/24/2019 Release Carson Pack T&W
7/24/2019 Add Marshall West Regulators
7/24/2019 Add Zac Close Regulators
7/24/2019 Release Isaiah Volcic Regulators
7/24/2019 Release Ryan Honeycutt Vivid
7/24/2019 Add Rocky Myers Infamous
7/24/2019 Add Greg Crowe Infamous
7/24/2019 Release Nick Balentine Infamous
7/22/2019 Add Ronald Fryer Classic Glass
7/22/2019 Release Michael Smith SNI
7/22/2019 Add Nick Robertson Myautojack
7/22/2019 Release Michael Tarwater Source1
7/22/2019 Add Nick Santos Seminoles
7/22/2019 Release Michael Boone Seminoles
7/22/2019 Release Kendall Welborn B&B
7/22/2019 Release Justin Walker B&B
7/22/2019 Release Kevin Smith B&B
7/22/2019 Release Corey Ricketts B&B
7/22/2019 Release Tm Mickey B&B
7/22/2019 Release Evan Jarman B&B
7/22/2019 Release Cory Franklin B&B
7/22/2019 Release David Forbes B&B
7/22/2019 Release Michael Eastwood B&B
7/22/2019 Release Anthony Chavis B&B
7/22/2019 Release Matthew Bunn B&B
7/22/2019 Release Jeremy Garner B&B
7/22/2019 Release Eric Bunn B&B
7/22/2019 Add Daniel Lopez Regulators
7/22/2019 Add Jerry Gomez Regulators
7/22/2019 Release Shea Bogardus Regulators
7/22/2019 Release Daniel Camacho Regulators
7/22/2019 Add Terry McGlothlin Jr Thunder
7/22/2019 Release Josh Wright Riot Sports
7/21/2019 Release Kyle Patterson Vivid
7/19/2019 Add Carson Pack T&W
7/19/2019 Add Ryan Sanders T&W
7/19/2019 Tryout Ryan Rickey SVC/Miken
7/19/2019 Tryout Travis Connley SVC/Miken
7/19/2019 Tryout Chris Chandler SVC/Miken
7/19/2019 Tryout Justin Gregory SVC/Miken
7/19/2019 Tryout Jarrod Stout SVC/Miken
7/18/2019 Release Chris Stamper Sports Reach
7/18/2019 Release Jason White Vivid
7/18/2019 Release Nick Santos Vivid
7/18/2019 Add Corey Gilbert Tradesmen
7/18/2019 Release Dustin Mcloughlin Tradesmen
7/18/2019 Add John Radich Bay Area Legends
7/18/2019 Release John Radich TW
7/18/2019 Release Dylan Shupe MPT
7/17/2019 Release Josh Greer SVC/Miken
7/17/2019 Release Matt Herrick Vivid
7/17/2019 Release Ty Herrick Vivid
7/17/2019 Release Rafael Hidalgo Dan Smith
7/17/2019 Release Patrick Donahue Beckham
7/17/2019 Tryout Marshall Woods Classic Glass
7/17/2019 Add Zane Trammell Seminoles
7/17/2019 Release Billy Waltrip Seminoles
7/17/2019 Add Nick Utley SNI
7/17/2019 Release Cory Fields Source1
7/17/2019 Add Steve Wilson Sports Reach
7/17/2019 Release Dylan Davidson SNI
7/17/2019 Release Steve Wilson SNI
7/16/2019 Release Tony Frederick Nightmare
7/16/2019 Add Josh Wright Riot Sports
7/16/2019 Release Chad Yandell Riot Sports
7/16/2019 Release Jason Kendrick Riot Sports
7/16/2019 Release Nick Maffett Headlines
7/16/2019 Add Michael Brewster Seminoles
7/16/2019 Release Nick Utley Seminoles
7/16/2019 Add John Brown Wood Law
7/16/2019 Release Derek Von Heeder Wood Law
7/16/2019 Release Zane Trammell Vivid
7/16/2019 Release Steve Zemanek Vivid
7/15/2019 Release Greg Crowe Regulators
7/15/2019 Release Brendan Craft SVC/Miken
7/11/2019 Add Daontre Porter Tru
7/11/2019 Release Mikah Garcia Tru
7/11/2019 Add Brian Titus TDB
7/10/2019 Add Nick Utley Seminoles
7/10/2019 Release Adam Barberi Competitive Edge
7/10/2019 Add Jose Ventura Infamous
7/10/2019 Add Terrence Curry Infamous
7/10/2019 Add Morgan Ventura Infamous
7/10/2019 Release Pat Cole Infamous
7/10/2019 Release Oliver Henninger Infamous
7/10/2019 Release Jeff Rowe Infamous
7/10/2019 Release Chad Roberts Competitive Edge
7/10/2019 Release Marc Bergstock Competitive Edge
7/10/2019 Release Ryan McCrory Competitive Edge
7/10/2019 Tryout Derek Knight Competitive Edge
7/10/2019 Tryout Justin Mullis SVC/Miken
7/9/2019 Add Spencer Foley Vivid
7/9/2019 Release Brandon Brakefield Sports Reach
7/9/2019 Release James Scott Sports Reach
7/9/2019 Add Chris Greinert MPT
7/9/2019 Release Nick Utley MPT
7/9/2019 Release Mike Mallory MPT
7/9/2019 Tryout Roger Barnett Primetime
7/9/2019 Tryout Brandon Johnson SVC/Miken
7/9/2019 Tryout Zachary Nelson SVC/Miken
7/9/2019 Add Zac Coldiron SVC/Miken
7/9/2019 Release Ryan Sanders SVC/Miken
7/9/2019 Release Shaun Scheidler SVC/Miken
7/9/2019 Release Josh Payton SVC/Miken
7/9/2019 Release Sammy Cardona Vivid
7/9/2019 Add Darius English Tradesmen
7/9/2019 Release Dustin Booth Tradesmen
7/9/2019 Add Nick Mitschke SNI
7/9/2019 Tryout Justin Hancock Precision
7/8/2019 Add Bruce Dady SNI
7/8/2019 Add Cameron Newhouse SNI
7/8/2019 Add Marcus Smith Competitive Edge
7/8/2019 Release Kenny Turlington Vivid
7/8/2019 Add Nick Ludwig Tradesmen
7/8/2019 Release Ronald Fryer Tradesmen
7/8/2019 Add Dan Bean Dan Smith
7/8/2019 Tryout Tony Frederick Nightmare
7/8/2019 Release Dan Bean Nightmare
7/8/2019 Release Chris Terry Nightmare
7/8/2019 Release Alzavian Rush Tradesmen
7/8/2019 Add Dave Goulet Tradesmen
7/8/2019 Add David McDowell Tradesmen
7/8/2019 Tryout Chris Sherman Tradesmen
7/8/2019 Add Adam Suhowolak Baugh Ford
7/8/2019 Add Faron Miller Xtreme
7/8/2019 Release Matt Vasquez Beckham
7/8/2019 Release Jason Bridges Beckham
7/7/2019 Add Mike Echeverria Nightmare
7/7/2019 Add Davis Bilardello Pure Sports
7/6/2019 Release Davis Bilardello Dan Smith
7/6/2019 Release Mike Echeverria Dan Smith
7/4/2019 Release John Ramirez Source1
7/4/2019 Release Chad Munger TDB
7/3/2019 Release Brandon Craft SVC/Miken
7/3/2019 Add Tyler Sexton SVC/Miken
7/3/2019 Add Lyf Nimmo Resmondo
7/3/2019 Release Lyf Nimmo Xtreme
7/3/2019 Release Nick Mitschke Pure Sports
7/3/2019 Tryout Brit Brooks Wood Law
7/3/2019 Release Dalton Cross Wood Law
7/3/2019 Add Kramer Burns Newbreed
7/3/2019 Add Joel Sanchez Sports Reach
7/3/2019 Release Shaun Ballard Sports Reach
7/3/2019 Add John Schmizzi Rebel Sports
7/3/2019 Release Chris Yeo Rebel Sports
7/1/2019 Add William Fisher Beckham
7/1/2019 Add Colby Hughes Pure Sports
6/26/2019 Add Caezar Camarillo Source1
6/26/2019 Add Tim Cocco Sports Reach
6/26/2019 Release Josh Fryman Sports Reach
6/26/2019 Add Derek Coverstone Headlines
6/26/2019 Release Justin Lutheran Thunder
6/25/2019 Add PJ Garcia Cheap Suits
6/25/2019 Add Ryan Honeycutt Vivid
6/25/2019 Release Artie Barcelo SNI
6/25/2019 Release Mike Rasso Source1
6/24/2019 Tryout Scott Montoya Regulators
6/24/2019 Release Justin Snider Vivid
6/24/2019 Add Donald Plaisance Dan Smith
6/24/2019 Add Losson White Riot Sports
6/24/2019 Release Donald Plaisance Riot Sports
6/24/2019 Release Losson White Dan Smith
6/24/2019 Release Billy Bosley Tru
6/24/2019 Add Chad Munger TDB
6/23/2019 Add Jeff Bloomer TDB
6/23/2019 Release Jeff Bloomer SNI
6/21/2019 Tryout Dalton Cross Wood Law
6/20/2019 Add Tristan Metcalf Regulators
6/20/2019 Add Matt Stang Regulators
6/20/2019 Release Kevin Basinger Regulators
6/20/2019 Release Anthony Eschete Regulators
6/20/2019 Tryout Chad Yandell Riot Sports
6/19/2019 Add Cole Campbell Xtreme
6/19/2019 Release Bruce Dady Riot Sports
6/19/2019 Add Kyle Patterson Vivid
6/19/2019 Tryout Evan Ramirez L&S Glass
6/18/2019 Add William Maloney Thunder
6/18/2019 Add Ryan Riddle Wood Law
6/18/2019 Release Cole Campbell Wood Law
6/18/2019 Release William Maloney B&B
6/18/2019 Add C.J. Shepherd Source1
6/18/2019 Add Mike Rasso Source1
6/18/2019 Release Isaac Gonzalez Source1
6/18/2019 Release Gilbert Castro Source1
6/18/2019 Add David Romero Nightmare
6/18/2019 Release Joel Sanchez B&B
6/18/2019 Release Derek Knight B&B
6/18/2019 Release Josh Rigney B&B
6/18/2019 Release Justin Aldora Rebel Sports
6/17/2019 Release Dustin Powe SVC/Miken
6/17/2019 Release Lee Spezia SVC/Miken
6/17/2019 Release Chris Greinert Thunder
6/17/2019 Release David Romero SVC/Miken
6/16/2019 Add Spencer Selby Seminoles
6/16/2019 Release Tristan Metcalf Seminoles
6/14/2019 Add James Sparrow Premier
6/14/2019 Add John Golich Premier
6/14/2019 Add Kevin Forwith Premier
6/13/2019 Release Dave Doolan SNI
6/13/2019 Add Mitchell Johnson Classic Glass
6/13/2019 Add Kyle Center Tru
6/12/2019 Release Louis Rivera Dan Smith
6/11/2019 Add Shaun Nicholson Tradesmen
6/11/2019 Tryout Jesse Welter Chanticlear
6/11/2019 Release   Runstadler Infamous
6/11/2019 Release Shawn McAndrews Infamous
6/10/2019 Release Branden Blake MPT
6/10/2019 Release Dorrance Hill MPT
6/10/2019 Add Nick Utley MPT
6/10/2019 Add JD Genter MPT
6/10/2019 Release Harley Page Seminoles
6/10/2019 Add James Runkle Infamous
6/10/2019 Add Zach King Chanticlear
6/10/2019 Release Nate Rogers Chanticlear
6/10/2019 Add Ethan Stuckly Seminoles
6/10/2019 Add Brian Renner Tru
6/10/2019 Release Cory Jones Tru
6/10/2019 Release Ricardo Castillo Tru
6/10/2019 Add Colin Baartman SIS/Thunder
6/10/2019 Release Ethan Stuckly SIS/Thunder
6/9/2019 Add Daniel Cayton Dan Smith
6/9/2019 Add Jon Nelson Dan Smith
6/9/2019 Tryout Cory Fields Source1
6/9/2019 Tryout John Ramirez Source1
6/9/2019 Release George Fierro Source1
6/7/2019 Release Daniel Cayton TDB
6/7/2019 Release Jon Nelson TDB
6/7/2019 Release JD Genter Classic Glass
6/7/2019 Release Michael Cirillo Beckham
6/7/2019 Add Steven Malay TDB
6/7/2019 Release Steven Malay Seminoles
6/6/2019 Release Mike Vavra Regulators
6/6/2019 Release Jimmy Runkle Regulators
6/6/2019 Add Rucelle Consigny Pure Sports
6/6/2019 Add William Wright Pure Sports
6/6/2019 Add Chris Potts Riot Sports
6/6/2019 Release Chris Potts SIS/Thunder
6/6/2019 Release Nick Utley Riot Sports
6/6/2019 Release Evan Gallmeier Riot Sports
6/6/2019 Tryout James Scott Sports Reach
6/6/2019 Tryout Patrick Cole Infamous
6/6/2019 Add Grady Corcoran Infamous
6/4/2019 Add Dustin Roberts Newbreed
6/4/2019 Add Ryan Ramirez Newbreed
6/4/2019 Release Chris Benigno Newbreed
6/4/2019 Add Donald Hollingsworth Pure Sports
6/4/2019 Release Donald Hollingsworth Newbreed
6/4/2019 Release Ryan Ramirez Pure Sports
6/4/2019 Add Jason White Vivid
6/4/2019 Release James Drake Vivid
6/4/2019 Release Jake Sisco Smith Softball
6/4/2019 Release Jason Schiele Smith Softball
6/4/2019 Release Reid Ramirez Smith Softball
6/4/2019 Release Gary Perez Smith Softball
6/4/2019 Release Michael Miller Jr Smith Softball
6/4/2019 Release Mark Vega Jr Smith Softball
6/4/2019 Release Daniel Smith Smith Softball
6/4/2019 Release Dameon Smith Smith Softball
6/4/2019 Release Brian Slaven Smith Softball
6/3/2019 Tryout Steven Pavliak Beckham
6/3/2019 Release Kyle Center Premier
5/31/2019 Release Jimmy Ward B&B
5/31/2019 Release Shane Coston B&B
5/31/2019 Add Brendon Craft SVC/Miken
5/31/2019 Add Chris Geron Precision
5/30/2019 Add Brian Lipman MPT
5/30/2019 Add Chris Benigno Newbreed
5/30/2019 Add Toby Williams Bay Area Legends
5/30/2019 Add Jason Gatlin Chanticlear
5/30/2019 Release Kirk Rocha Cheap Suits
5/29/2019 Tryout Dustin Poe SVC/Miken
5/29/2019 Release Kyle Whitlock T&W
5/29/2019 Add Jeffery Smith Competitive Edge
5/29/2019 Release Matt Bunn Baugh Ford
5/28/2019 Add Seth Burgmeier Pure Sports
5/28/2019 Release Josh Lewis B&B
5/28/2019 Add Demario Boyd Rebel Sports
5/27/2019 Release Adam Smylie Smith Softball
5/27/2019 Release Demario Boyd Smith Softball
5/27/2019 Release Clif Williamson Smith Softball
5/27/2019 Release Brian Lipman Smith Softball
5/23/2019 Release Jordan Thompson Smith Softball
5/23/2019 Add Justin Walker B&B
5/23/2019 Add John McAnally Competitive Edge
5/23/2019 Release Peter Glodfelter Competitive Edge
5/23/2019 Add Reece Martin Riot Sports
5/23/2019 Add Taylor Beach Riot Sports
5/23/2019 Add Kevin Johnson Riot Sports
5/22/2019 Add Desmond Chambers Primetime
5/21/2019 Tryout Nickolas Maffett Headlines
5/21/2019 Add Nick Balentine Infamous
5/21/2019 Release Kyle Harmon Infamous
5/21/2019 Add Brandon Jonas Sports Reach
5/21/2019 Add Steven Smith Headlines
5/21/2019 Add Austin Peacock Vivid
5/21/2019 Add Greg Crowe Regulators
5/21/2019 Tryout Kyle Whitlock T&W
5/21/2019 Release Kendric Burney B&B
5/21/2019 Release Robbie Balthrop Vivid
5/21/2019 Add Ryan Sanders SVC/Miken
5/21/2019 Add Dustin Midyette Beckham
5/17/2019 Release Ryan Sanders Headlines
5/17/2019 Add Cory Ricketts B&B
5/17/2019 Add Kendall Welborn B&B
5/17/2019 Add Kevin Smith B&B
5/17/2019 Add Michael Eastwood B&B
5/17/2019 Add Anthony Chavis B&B
5/17/2019 Release Kevin Johnson B&B
5/17/2019 Release Brandon Belton B&B
5/17/2019 Release Danny Lopez B&B
5/16/2019 Add Nathan  Rogers Chanticlear
5/16/2019 Add Daniel Camacho Regulators
5/16/2019 Tryout Dimitri Torres Smith Softball
5/16/2019 Release Josh Smith B&B
5/15/2019 Add Louis Rivera Dan Smith
5/15/2019 Release Bradley  Mcdougald B&B
5/15/2019 Add Taylor Lobb Wood Law
5/15/2019 Tryout Peter Glodfelter Competitive Edge
5/15/2019 Add John Roberts MPT
5/15/2019 Release Joe Dowlen SVC/Miken
5/14/2019 Release Bubba Harville Source1
5/13/2019 Release William Hardie Baugh Ford
5/13/2019 Add Rolando Rodriguez L&S Glass
5/13/2019 Tryout Mitchell Angeloni L&S Glass
5/13/2019 Tryout Nicholas Guillen L&S Glass
5/13/2019 Add Gary Perez Smith Softball
5/13/2019 Add Jason Schiele Smith Softball
5/13/2019 Release Cody Collins MPT
5/13/2019 Add Steven Martins Cheap Suits
5/13/2019 Add Joseph Rodrigues Cheap Suits
5/13/2019 Release John Roberts SVC/Miken
5/13/2019 Add Kyle Harmon Infamous
5/10/2019 Add Cliff Conner Sports Reach
5/10/2019 Add Devin Reilly Pure Sports
5/10/2019 Tryout Jimmy Ward B&B
5/9/2019 Add Brad Macdougald B&B
5/8/2019 Add Mark Katz Bay Area Legends
5/8/2019 Tryout James Drake Vivid
5/8/2019 Add Justin Pennel Tradesmen
5/8/2019 Add Josh Grubbs Tradesmen
5/8/2019 Release Mitch Downing Tradesmen
5/8/2019 Add Brian Therkildsen Seminoles
5/8/2019 Add John Chaisson Seminoles
5/7/2019 Add Mitch Loomis Xtreme
5/7/2019 Release Nathaniel Hutchins Infamous
5/7/2019 Release Trevor Plautz Infamous
5/6/2019 Tryout William Hardie Baugh Ford
5/4/2019 Add Craig Shaw Pure Sports
5/4/2019 Add Dorrance Hill MPT
5/4/2019 Release Matt Lynn B&B
5/2/2019 Add Jordan Rosenbalm Precision
5/2/2019 Release Matt Rear Precision
4/30/2019 Release Robbie Lyday HDLNS/SVC
4/30/2019 Release Ian Sidebottom Riot Sports
4/30/2019 Add Greg Downing Tru
4/30/2019 Release Caleb Leatherwood Tru
4/30/2019 Add Seth Brown Xtreme
4/30/2019 Add Kendric Burney B&B
4/30/2019 Release Jordan Adcock B&B
4/30/2019 Release Denarra Jackson Beckham
4/26/2019 Add Barry Fentiman Classic Glass
4/26/2019 Add Trenton Simms Regulators
4/26/2019 Release Justin Houston Regulators
4/26/2019 Release Chris Waterman Regulators
4/26/2019 Release John Brock Regulators
4/26/2019 Add Bobby Pratt HDLNS/SVC
4/24/2019 Add Cory Newman Riot Sports
4/23/2019 Add Ben Falcone Cheap Suits
4/23/2019 Add Kyle Cowart Beckham
4/23/2019 Release Ben Falcone Classic Glass
4/23/2019 Add John Roberts HDLNS/SVC
4/23/2019 Add Jason Bridges Beckham
4/23/2019 Release Gary Perez Bay Area Legends
4/22/2019 Add Steven Malay Seminoles
4/22/2019 Add Chris Wood Competitive Edge
4/20/2019 Release Jon Weibel Competitive Edge
4/20/2019 Release Tyler Martin Competitive Edge
4/20/2019 Add Josh Moore Seminoles
4/19/2019 Add Rich Racobaldo Pure Sports
4/19/2019 Release Josh Moore Rebel Sports
4/19/2019 Release Rich Racobaldo B&B
4/19/2019 Release Michael Bush MPT
4/19/2019 Add Donald McDuffie Thunder
4/19/2019 Add Justin Lutheran Thunder
4/19/2019 Add Zack Ross Thunder
4/19/2019 Add Chris Greinert Thunder
4/19/2019 Add Zach Messer Thunder
4/19/2019 Add Johnathon Williams Thunder
4/19/2019 Add Filip Washington Thunder
4/19/2019 Release Gregg Downing Thunder
4/19/2019 Release Joe Yankee Thunder
4/19/2019 Release Brian Therkildsen Thunder
4/19/2019 Release Chris Wood Thunder
4/19/2019 Release Vince Block Thunder
4/19/2019 Release Zach Messer Pure Sports
4/19/2019 Release Filip Washington Pure Sports
4/19/2019 Release Johnathon Williams Pure Sports
4/19/2019 Release Chris Greinert Pure Sports
4/19/2019 Release Zach Ross Beckham
4/18/2019 Release Justin Lutheran MPT
4/18/2019 Release Jordan Rosenbalm T&W
4/18/2019 Release Francis Russo T&W
4/17/2019 Release Casey Jones Sports Reach
4/17/2019 Release Matt York MPT
4/17/2019 Release Josh Haglund MPT
4/17/2019 Add Ryan Roppel MPT
4/17/2019 Release Ryan Roppel Vivid
4/17/2019 Release Adam Tennyson Baugh Ford
4/17/2019 Add Jaedon Fullerton Infamous
4/17/2019 Add Shawn McAndrews Infamous
4/16/2019 Release Justin Tripp Beckham
4/16/2019 Release Casey Bishop HDLNS/SVC
4/16/2019 Release Raymond Atkinson Riot Sports
4/16/2019 Release Levi Wright Riot Sports
4/16/2019 Release Tyler Whitehead HDLNS/SVC
4/16/2019 Release Robert Roop Myautojack
4/16/2019 Release Alejandro Castellon Myautojack
4/16/2019 Release Andrew Miller Seminoles
4/10/2019 Add Steven Wilson SNI
4/10/2019 Add Joey Simmons HDLNS/SVC
4/10/2019 Add Levi Wright Riot Sports
4/10/2019 Add Jason Kendrick Riot Sports
4/10/2019 Add CJ Jacinto Sports Reach
4/10/2019 Release CJ Jacinto B&B
4/10/2019 Release Tony Brown HDLNS/SVC
4/9/2019 Add Jordan Adcock B&B
4/9/2019 Add Tim Mickey B&B
4/9/2019 Add Joshua Smith B&B
4/9/2019 Tryout Chris Waterman Regulators
4/9/2019 Tryout Johnathon Brock Regulators
4/9/2019 Tryout Justin Houston Regulators
4/9/2019 Release Greg Rowe Regulators
4/9/2019 Add Denarra Jackson Beckham
4/9/2019 Add Brian Logan SIS/Pure
4/8/2019 Add Kirk Rocha Cheap Suits
4/8/2019 Add Michael Bush MPT
4/8/2019 Add Tony Payne Primetime
4/8/2019 Release Tony Payne T&W
4/8/2019 Release Nick Burrus HDLNS/SVC
4/8/2019 Add Casey Jones Sports Reach
4/8/2019 Add Bryan Bradler Sports Reach
4/8/2019 Tryout Tyler Martin Competitive Edge
4/8/2019 Add Alzavian Rush Tradesmen
4/8/2019 Release Jason Arraiol Competitive Edge
4/8/2019 Add Matt York MPT
4/8/2019 Add Robert Stinton Beckham
4/8/2019 Add Tyler Whitehead HDLNS/SVC
4/8/2019 Add Stephen Cooper Vivid
4/3/2019 Add Jeff Renno Bay Area Legends
4/3/2019 Add Chris Little Primetime
4/3/2019 Tryout Andrew Renaud Classic Glass
4/3/2019 Add Jeff Rowe Infamous
4/3/2019 Add Robby Fow SIS/Pure
4/3/2019 Add Chris Greinert SIS/Pure
4/3/2019 Add Kyndrich Doggett MPT
4/3/2019 Add Robert Roop Myautojack
4/3/2019 Release Robby Fow Sports Reach
4/2/2019 Release Rich Racobaldo Bay Area Legends
4/2/2019 Add Kevin Johnson B&B
4/2/2019 Add Cory Franklin B&B
4/2/2019 Add CJ Jacinto B&B
4/2/2019 Add Alejandro Castellon Myautojack
3/27/2019 Add Paul Baggett Competitive Edge
3/27/2019 Add Craig Rodriguez Competitive Edge
3/27/2019 Release Brent Johnson Myautojack
3/26/2019 Add David Forbes B&B
3/26/2019 Add Evan Jarman B&B
3/26/2019 Release Frankie Longello B&B
3/26/2019 Add Jeff Daup T&W
3/22/2019 Tryout Cameron Ross Regulators
3/28/2018 Add Daniel Lopez B&B

20 responses to “2019 Conference Roster Moves as of 8/12/2019”

  1. Mike Huff says:

    Did B&B fold ?

  2. Bud says:

    Not sure why Hartling was released. Great talent. Would be a good pick up for a lot teams.

  3. Rodrigo says:

    Wow Branch and Payne released. Flip is a great pick up for smash it.

  4. Chad says:

    So are the teams not showing up for anyone else?

    • DW says:

      sorry about that. if you don’t see a column, it is because I forgot to copy it when I grabbed it out of the spreadsheet. It should be there now. thanks

  5. Very Curious says:

    Why can’t Chris Greinert, who has or had signature bats and is a smasher, stay on a Conference team?

    • DW says:

      Chris told me he started new work and plays for Monsta in USA Softball so he is only going to play Conference if the right opportunity presents itself.

  6. Douglas Maxwell says:

    What happen to Steve
    Whaley and Dan Smith ??????

  7. KS says:

    Anyone have any info as to what happened with Pure and SIS? and why they took there money and players to Thunder?

  8. JR says:

    Why did TDB get rid of there short stop and big man seem like a crazy move

  9. Cruise says:

    Anybody know why Greinert an Thunder parted ways?

  10. Che says:

    DS making a move! Picking up Buckshot who can pitch strikes. Just might get them over that hump now🤔🤔

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