Friday September 21st, 2018

Update 2/13/2018 —> West Coast Monsta vs Smash It Sports will play in a best of 5 Series!


Update 2/13/2018: The sponsors have each made their second deposit and have agreed to the rules of the best of 5 series called the "War by the Shore" and will be held at Space Coast Stadium March 16-17, 2018.

Here are the basic rules:

War by the Shore written agreement

1) Monsta (Carl Pegnatori) and Smash It Sports (Rick Schiffhauer) agree to play a best of 5 slowpitch softball series in Viera, Florida March 16-18, 2018 at the Space Coast Stadium field.  One game will be played on Friday evening March 16th.  Two games will be played in the early part of the day on Saturday, March 17th with the evening used for the final 2 games if needed.  The morning of Sunday, March 18th will be reserved for emergency weather situations.

2) Both teams put down a $10,000 deposit back in December.
   Each team will put down a $20,000 deposit on Monday, February 12th.
   Each team will bring a cashiers check for $20,000 which will be turned in at home plate of the first game if all of the conditions of this agreement are met.
   If a team forfeits or pulls out after February 12th or doesn't show for the games then $15,000 will go to their opponent to pay for expenses incurred.  (forfeit fee)

3) The games will use USSSA rules and the games will be USSSA sanctioned for insurance purposes.

4) Worth Hot Dots 52/300 balls will be used and provided by Carl.

5) Carl picked the umpires and Rick agreed to them.  Carl pays the umpires trip expenses.  A USSSA umpire will be on the plate at all times.  Under no circumstance will any other umpire be allowed to umpire.

6) Any USSSA or USA Softball/ASA stamped/approved bat is legal.

7) ASA bats will be tested on an ASA tester.  USSSA bats will be tested on a USSSA tester.  
   22 bats will be allowed in each teams bucket.  If a bat breaks it can be replaced after passing testing.
   All bats will be tested before each game.  Bats that fail are removed from the series.
   At the end of the series all bats are cut open and the opposing team can select any bats they want to be shipped to ASA Washington for testing at their own expense.  Any bats that are deemed altered by ASA Washington during the test would forfeit that teams wins.

8) Home Runs are unlimited.

9) Run Rule will be 30 after 3, 20 after 4, 15 after 5 innings.

10) Umpire crew will decide if a game is postponed due to weather or lightning.  Any ejections will be for remainder of the game.

11) Coin flip to choose home or away before 1st and 5th game.  Home team will alternate for games 2, 3, and 4.

12) Rosters:

Monsta roster is Chente Granados, Steven Lopez, Ryan Dacko, Filip Washington, John Eshleman, David Johnson, Brett Rettenmeier, John Williams, Tim Martinez, Chris Greinert, Mario Granados, Daniel Lopez, Steve Whaley, Ryan Mcclanahan, Travis Houseman, Daniel McClement, Jared Hunt, Jerrad Messersmith, Dale Brungardt, Lossen White.

Smash It Sports roster is Jason Branch, Luis Reyna, Brandon Dillon, Cory Briggs, Brian McBryde, Andy Purcell, Ryan Harvey, Josh Riley, Adam Ussery, Andrew Vitcak, Kyle Pearson, Nic Santana, Don Dedonatis, Lee Payne, Jason Kendrick.



What started as an internet challenge between Monsta owner Carl Pegnatori who's West Coast Monsta team won the 2017 USA Softball Super National Champions and Rick Schiffauer the primary sponsor of the Smash It Sports team that won the 2017 USSSA Major World Series Champions, has turned into a best of 5 game series to be played in Viera, Florida to determine a final champion.  The two teams have agreed to play with USSSA playing Rules, with a 52/300 ball, unlimited home runs, and the teams will be able to use any USA Softball or USSSA stamped bat as long as it passes compression testing.  A livestream solution is also being discussed.  

Each team is using their 2018 roster however and each team has added and removed a couple of players.  Most notably WC Monsta has added middle infielder Brett Rettenmeier and outfielder Travis Houseman and they will be led by 3rd baseman Dale Brungardt, outfielder Filip Washington, and slugger Chris Greinert.  Smash It Sports has added infielders Adam Ussery, Brian McBryde, Josh Riley, and former USSSA Major MVP Kyle Pearson and have parted ways with outfielder Andrew Collins and infielder Dennis Rulli.  Smash It Sports of course is led by 12 time USSSA Major World Series and 2017 Conference USSSA MVP pitcher Andy Purcell.  Both teams pride themselves on defense, momentum offense, and timely power so it could be an interesting event.


Monsta's Filip Washington and Smash It Sports Andy Purcell and Don Dedonatis Jr.

WC Monsta the 2017 USA Softball Super National Champions


2017 USSSA Major World Series Champion Smash It/Scene/TDB/Miken/Worth/DirtySportsWear

Their team name for 2018 is Smash It Sports/Backman/Thunder/TDB/Miken/Worth

17 responses to “Update 2/13/2018 —> West Coast Monsta vs Smash It Sports will play in a best of 5 Series!”

  1. Jeff says:

    As far as I know, Dale Brungardt isn’t playing for WC Monsta. Though that may have changed since I talked to him last

  2. CookieDuster says:

    I have 5K on Smash it if anyone is looking for some action!..

  3. darnell says:

    Dale B is on the Dan Smith team for the 2018 year. also, how is it that smash it has to play the ASA champs with all their specs, ball and bat? Why isn’t monsta, playing with the usssa bats and balls? Monsta would get smashed using usssa bats, they might have the advantage now swinging hot monsta asa only bats. give smash it those bats and watch how a ball gets hit far! now they will swing dual stamp bats or other asa worth mike bats that cant compete with the monsta bats. whats are your opinions?

    • darnell says:

      I stand corrected, they are using usssa specs and rules….. should be a great series!

      • andrew says:

        There using 52/300 S.I.S can swing any bat. Monsta is hitting a softer ball as far as S.I.S is hitting a hard ball hmmm makes you think. Monsta is playing by all usssa rules so that also goes in favor of S.I.S. The game will be a great game to watch with 2 of the best teams in the world. i pick Monsta to win in game 5.

  4. Jason says:

    Smash it can use anarchy which will annihilate anything monsta has

    • Wish says:

      Anarchy makes a fine product, it does not however “annihilate” any Monsta bat. That’s a ridiculous statement. Worth/Miken also make a great ASA product. If all bats are stock and bat testing protocol is in effect, the outcome will come down to Indians, not arrows.

  5. cmorr70 says:

    It’s like the NFL Champions playing the CFL Champions for the world title. Kind of an anti-climactic trophy chase, but the money being on the line makes it interesting to follow.

  6. Fp says:

    All top notch players. I think it goes 5. That’s why you play the game. Any team can win any game. Purcell is the x factor

  7. Steve says:

    Where is this going to be live-streamed?

  8. Mike says:

    Anyone kno how we can watch it live if so please lmk. Thanks

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