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2018 USA Softball ‘B’ National tournament preview!





USA Softball 'B' National Championship


August 25-26, 2018


Welch, Minnesota


Prairie Island Athletic Complex


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2018 USA Softball 'B' Bracket


2018 USA Softball 'B' Information Link


The annual USA Softball 'B' Nationals kick off Saturday, August 25th at 8:00 AM CENTRAL TIME at the Prairie Island Athletic Complex in Welch, Minnesota.  There are 19 teams in attendance (one less than in 2017) with rosters listed at the bottom of this article.  In the top of the bracket All American Restoration and Chanticlear Pizza look strong while in the bottom half of the bracket you have last years winner L&S Glass as well as Above All Landscaping who is the strongest team on paper.  And then you have a host of USA Softball teams that will try and upset the big names like Club 2000 with Schrage and Pennebaker, Heartland, two T's 13 teams, OC, Eurotech, Comatose, and many others.  Even Evolution/Primetime is in this one and they added Freddie Bynum and Everett Williams to their roster.  But as we witnessed in 2017 and many upper level events recently, it is chemistry and not throw together rosters that have been winning.

The chat room will also be open but I will not be in attendance.



Prairie Island Athletic Complex
6030 Sturgeon Lake Rd
Welch, MN 55089 US

All fields look like they are 300 foot



Oldscout pollers went with Above All Landscaping to win



Weather is looking good



ASA 'B' Rosters

Club 2000/Dong City
Joey Bulens
Justin Butler
Pat Dorman
Chad Edwards
Scottie Ethell
Brent Flickinger
Greg Grams
Alex Kreimeyer
Ryan Pennebaker
James Perez
Joey Peterson
Matt Schrage
Carlo Walton

Alex Abraham
Austin Andrews
Michael Axon
Kyle Bochte
Jim Dreikosen
Mitchell Dunse
Robert Guzman
Tanner Hendricks
Branden Johnson
Zak Mueller
Anthony Raffel
Jacob Stadler
Matt Stefanski
Cody Sulzer
Craig Wais
Damon Wegner
Zack Wegner
Andrew Wulbecker

L & S Glass
Tyler Espland
Brian Fong
Jeremy Green
George Hamm
Chris Hoshaw
Kristofer Kelleher
Richard LeDeit
Ryan LeDeit
Corey Miller
Brian Oxley
Ryan Ramirez
Joey Smith
Joshua Tallent
Joshua Vasquez

Taylor Albrecht
Roderick Armour
judson austin
LaMarquis Blake
Freddie Bynum, Jr
Lee Daniels
Jablonski Frazier
Kenneth Hare
Aaron Jackson
Detorren Means
Brandon Patzig
Everett Williams
michael williams

Heartland Investors
Scott Brahos
Richard Buck
Ty Buck
Joe Cornell
Chris Dahl
Brandon Dilbeck
Cody Erhardt
Mike Feldman
Mike Graham
Blaine Horsager
Scott Huffman
Sam Ingemansen
Brad Jaeger
Joe Janson
Jared Krasselt
Shane Piatz
Dana Roller
Jason Salz
Brandon Wilkens

All American Restoration/Monsta
Artie Barcelo
Daniel Cayton
Jason Dehmer
Jose Flores
Evan Gallmeier
Jake Lindenfelser
Mason Loegering
Micah Loegering
Adam Miller
Alexander Montano
Ryan Parker
Nick Peterson
Jeff Renno
Shannon Roepke
Erin Schumacher
Jeff Thompson
Jeremy Whaley
Losson White

Craig Arndt
Travis Auld
Justin Barber
Shawn Casey
Kyle Charboneau
Kyle Decker
Jake Gallery
Nate Gessell
Cory Hines
Jordan Nuss
Eric OConnell
Ryan OConnell
Nathan Rogers
Ben Smith
John Stibal
Mike Thorbrogger
Jeremy Whaley

Ben Barrone
Phil Bartz
Joe Breisler
Trey Candahl
Nate Clements
Jerod Dayton
Will Fisher
Zach Heaser
Chad Kenyon
Drew Knutson
Ryan Meyer
Tony Mueller
Jeff Parker

Eurotech/First Source Financial/Norm's Tire
Colin Baartman
Chris Bauer
Michael Beardsley
Kyle Bixler
Patrick Ellwanger
Bradley Flikeid
Warren Gall
Ryan Hassler
Brent Koning
Corey Laplante
James Nelson
Travis Noor
Scott Novak
Judd Oconnor
Chris Olson
Allan Ouellette
Jimmy Perez
Shawn Thielbar
Brian Tveita

OA Apparel
Dan Brant
Tom Brant
Josh Daiker
Jonathan David
Chad Degroat
Chuck Erlandson
Justin Ge
Brent Glende
Jacob Hines
Jeremy Jirele
Casey Johnson
Cody Olson
Justin Olson
Travis Olson
Cole Orlowski
Joey Reemts
Ross Reemts
Ed Riffe
Chris Rustad
Brandon Ullom

OC/Midwest Monsta
Adam Aceto
Spencer Black
Gabe Bower
Kyle Ford
Grant Grimmett
Adam Gross
Andrew Malone
Darren Nelson
Graham Nelson
Lowen Reams
Eric Reynolds
Eddie Sobczak
Tanner Unkel

Peper Farms Trucking/RPS Painting
Ryan Aaserud
David Bobbitt
Jacob Browning
Chad Dahl
Zach Danelson
Zane Froehlich
Casey Gray
Scott Halupczok
Tyler Juhl
Chauncey Lanning
Casey Lund
Tab Peper
Bryan Renfrow
Michael Schaaf
Richard Tople
Eric Van Roekel
Jeremy Vanroekel
Ryan Vavruska
Nathan Zacher

Tony Ahlers
Chris Barden
Josh Brady
John Buchholz
Brian Demaio
Andrew Deters
Derrick Dorholt
Travis Holcomb
Zach King
Nate Meyers
Sean Parnell
Dustin Pedersen
Buck Robinette
Donny Robinette
Brody Schintz
Tom Schintz
Hunter Shephard
Justin Strunk
Jeff Sundsmo
Patrick Swanson

Swiing Kiingz/Iconic/Spiderz/OA
Shannon Arnold
Brian Barnett
Mike Burris
Sean Grosinic
Keith Henrichs
Drew Himes
Brian Neal
John OConnor
Amillio Pena
Kris Pickett
Anthony Repplinger
Austin Schisler
Nick Schwertman
Seth Schwindenhammer
Brandon Streets
Travis Thomson
Nick Utley
Noah Wethington
Mike Wieland
Jason Wilkins

T/s 13/Monsta
Bob Bassett
Aaron Beil
Clinton Brewer
Austin Chambers
Steve Cox
John Ecabert
Keith Foote
Aaron Kaiser
Ryan Lawless
Mitch Loomis
Andy Masten
Derek Nordquist
Ronald Petersen
Terry Petersen
Jesse Reeves
Nick Shaw
Adam Smith

Ts 13/Monsta/Ductech
Mike Bjerkness
Chaun Demars
Travis Dixon
Jake Freeman
Tim Hamer
Patrick Hammarsten
Cassius Hart
Ken Leach
Jason Madsen
Tyler Mashburn
Brett McDonald
Cory Neugebauer
Brady Reising
Mickey Rowland
Steve Schultz

TC8 Blasters
Drew Burwinkel
Douglas Burwinkle
Quinn Cannoy
Alex Hovey
Jared Jones
Pat Jones
Tanner Kockler
Kyle Maldonado
Chad McCarty
Courtney McCubbin
Tyler Reams
Tyler Redman
Gage Rhoades
Keaton Schuck
Dave Simmons

La Famiglia/Eastern/Elite Sports/DRMG
Eric Challburg
Ryan Dacko
Justin Lutheran
Marvin Parsons
Michael Pennington
Blake Miller
John Robinson
Pedro Sanchez
David Durso Jr
Brendan Mullen
Cody Collins
Josh Fyffe
Justin Snider
Tim Bouch
Zachary Ross
Clayton Farrar
Don McDuffee
Mychael Evans

Above All Landscaping/Evo9X
Justin Mucciarelli
Zach Messer
Daniel Bean
Jason Hoynowski
Jessie Campanelli
Donald Hollingsworth
Travis Houseman
Matthew Rear
Patrick Riporti
Ryan Snyder
Douglas Wenz
Dominic Esposito
Heath Barnes
Ryan Fant



3 responses to “2018 USA Softball ‘B’ National tournament preview!”

  1. Curious says:

    Question DW. I don’t follow asa much, but I see a lot of AA and A conference guys? Does asa just allow anyone and any team? Or do they have to play a certain amount of tournaments like utrip? I see a ton of guys who play on Monsta major asa team, they allow players to play in multiple Asa nationals?

    • DW says:

      ASA has an elite list that can’t play B and have their own +/- and player rating system.  Often a player that has never played ASA will be E or D rated even if they play USSSA AA.

      And it doesn’t look like they had to qualify but I’m not sure.

  2. Mn Softball fan says:

    Swiing Kiingz from IL getting no love, my sleeper pick.

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