Wednesday October 17th, 2018

2018 Premier/Easton/Headlines


Premier/Easton/Headlines (OH-A)
Chuck Lack
Corey Boothe
Pat Foster 
Joe Horsley
Rocky Staton
Brock Morrison
Brad Bruns
Ryan Disbennet
Ryan Uckotter
Clay Norton
Josh Ashcraft
Brian Lakes
Kyle Centers
Dan Feichtner

Premier Sponsor-Kevin Forwith
Easton Sponsor- Brett Helmer
Headlines Sponsor- Ben Cosgrove

2018 Schedule:
USSSA HOF Dual Melbourne, Florida
Hoosier Classic Columbus, Indiana
Peach State Atlanta, GA
Seattle Dual Kent, WA
Smoky Mountain Classic Maryville, TN
Cincy Major Cincinnati, OH
Columbus Bats Columbus, Ohio
GSL A World Cincinnati, OH
USSSA A World Melbourne, Florida
USSSA AA World Melbourne, Florida
USSSA MWS Melbourne, Florida


4 responses to “2018 Premier/Easton/Headlines”

  1. Adrian Outta cali says:

    How is this not a AA roster??? Please explain how are they playing A?? Half of them boys finished top 4 in the majo

  2. larry wood says:

    any ideal where tyler driscoll is playing with thanks anybody

    • DW says:

      Driskell is a great and well sought after player but I believe I heard he got a new job where he has to work a lot of weekends so I don’t think he is playing this year.

      Very unfortunate because he is one of the great extra base hitters in the game and a third basemen as well.

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