Thursday September 21st, 2023

2018 Pauer Sports/JBL/Tailgaters/B&E/Worth team!


2018 Pauer Sports/JBL/Tailgaters/B&E/Worth

Tim Sheeler
Bill Lewis
John Radich
Tim Bowser
Mike Mallory
Chris Miller
Jon Dombrowski
Ryan Roppel
Mike Fiorilli
Mike Dzanaj
Frankie Andriola
Phil Matte
Anthony Dominic
Doug Ruble
Mark Schaeffer
Ryan Fant
Aaron Sandoval

Manager: Bill Lewis
Coach: Tim Sheeler

Sponsors: John Radich- Pauer Sports
Bill Lewis- JBL
Mike Paterak- Tailgaters
Jay Elkin- B&E
Jason Kendrick – Worth

2018 Tentative Schedule:
March 23 GSL Moneyball Columbus, OH
April 19-22 Conference Dual Viera, FL
May 4-6 Conference Chattanooga, TN
June 8-10 Conference Glen Burnie, MD
June 23-24 GSL KOH Cincinnati, OH
July 13-15 Conference Smokies Maryville, TN
July 20-22 Conference Cincinnati, OH
August 3-5 Conference Columbus, OH
August 17-19 GSL A World Cincinnati, OH
August 31-2 USSSA A World Viera, FL
September 19-22 USSSA Major Viera, FL




4 responses to “2018 Pauer Sports/JBL/Tailgaters/B&E/Worth team!”

  1. ??? says:

    No Simpson?

  2. OH says:

    Hoffer & Cunningham, where did they go?

    • BLewis says:

      Cunny and Simpson both got married and are spending more time with family and work. Hoffer is playing with Old Bag. All 3 of those guys will be missed!

  3. Baker says:

    Fant and Ruble good infield tandem!! Do work fellas!! Good luck this year with the new team

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