Friday May 29th, 2020

2017 TG/HDLNS/BHR/Easton


2017 TG/HDLNS/BHR/Easton

Ryan Disbennet OF
Cory Newman OF
Evan Gallmeier OF/INF
Ben Cosgrove OF
Adam Kaminski INF
Brandon Bellamy INF
Rocky Staton INF
Ryan Noe INF
Jackie Corn INF/OF
Jon Jamison C/AH
Cory Boothe C/OF
Faron Miller P
Roger Drake P

2017 Schedule:
Mojo Moneyball – Columbus, OH
Dual – Kissimmee
Chop Choo – Chattanooga, TN
Hoosier Classic – Columbus, IN
Windy City – Chicago, IL
Smoky – Marysville, TN
Cincinnati, OH
B.A.T.S. – Columbus, OH
Conference Champ
Men's AA
Men's Major

TG/HDLNS – Ben Cosgrove 
BHR – Rowdy Mott
Easton – Brett Helmer
Moes SW Grill – Nick Cicchinelli (Pure Romance)

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