Thursday June 24th, 2021

2016 Taylormade/Mizuno team!


Apparently I never published TM Sports Roster, sorry about that.  Here it is.


TM Sports Mizuno (VA) (AA)

OF Steele Lewis  #19
OF Joseph Bennett #99
OF Wally Maybrier #18
3B Clif Williamson  #10
SS Ian Sidebottom #2
MI John Sullivan  #3
2B Scotty Langford  #21
1B Jason Martel  #27
UT Chris Cooper #22
P   Dan Bean    #15
Utl Robert Blackburn  #17
Utl Rick Leith  
Utl Mike Ragan  
Utl Edward Bolden  
Coach Chris Calcutt  #4
Coach  Chyenne Brooks #28
Coach Shawn Hale  #30
Coach Tommy Whisnant  #00
Coach Billy Register  #44
Coach Dale Neve   #77

April USSSA Hall of Fame Classic
May USSSA Columbus
May USSSA Chattanooga
July USSSA Smoky
July USSSA Cincinnati
September Conference Championships
September USSSA 'AA' World
September USSSA Major World Series



2 responses to “2016 Taylormade/Mizuno team!”

  1. Get nutz says:

    May run into this buzz saw this weekend in VA Beach. fun. Good luck fellas

  2. player says:

    Always pulled for tm for a team that doesn’t have the major sponsors that some have they have guys with heart and that’s more respectable then buying every player you can good luck this season

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