Thursday April 18th, 2019

2016 Combat Classique Pif tournament report!



Sherbrooke Honda won the championship game of the prestigious open men's division of the Classique Pif this past weekend.  They won 15-11 over Team Recrupharm/Sports Rousseau St-Hulbert.  The tournament was again filled with huge crowds and a carnival atmosphere with a big fireworks display.  The MVP was David Goulet and the home run champion was Simon Grondin (13).  Derby Girls/Combat won the women's division with the MVP going to Dara Toman and the home run championship going to Tara Salcedo.

2016 Classique Pif website link

1st Place – Sherbrooke Honda/Grand Bazar/Easton

Men's Open bracket


Sherbrooke Honda celebrates a homer

1st place – Derby Girls/Combat

Womens Invitational bracket


Tara Salcedo from Combat wins the HR Derby



2 responses to “2016 Combat Classique Pif tournament report!”

  1. Check King says:

    Odd they didn’t swing one Easton bat all green worths

  2. player says:

    eastons suck bro

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