Tuesday June 22nd, 2021

Big name players in early season roster moves


Dennis Rulli the multi time World Series Champion middle infielder and 2012 batting champion for Resmondo has moved to Team Combat.


Frank Yeilding third base for Combat has been released.  Frank is coming off of a big 2015 season where he led Combat in hitting .757, 54 HR, 138 RBI


In other news Long Haul Bomber Champion Chris Larsen has been added to Vivid.

7 responses to “Big name players in early season roster moves”

  1. wow says:

    WOW maybe a look into why Rulli didn’t play sunday?

  2. Wow2 says:

    Frank leaving to make room for Big John Williams is what I’m guessing.

  3. Well Then says:

    Well well well Combat getting rid of Frank to make room for Rulli is a pretty smart move. Rulli is a very versatile player!

  4. John Stud says:

    Shocked to see Rulli leave Resmondo. I know he was sitting during the Sunday games, but does anyone have an insider info?

    Very nice pickup for Combat. Hell of a player + he knows how and what it takes to win.

  5. Danish says:

    Dam! I loved seeing rulli wearing the Orange…. Any news why he left?

  6. It's obvious says:

    They picked up Reyna, he’s not gonna see much playing time in the field if any with DDD at short and Reyna up the middle and Connell at second. Totally saw that coming but surprised on how early it was that it happened.

  7. BB says:

    I’m just curious if Frank quit or actually was Let go by Combat.

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