Tuesday June 22nd, 2021

2016 Above All/Evo9x/Miken team!


Above All/Evo9x/Miken

Tony Elrod
Tom Paturzo
Dave Miller
Grant Grimmett 
Willie Allen
Jesse Campanelli 
Chris Wilson
Mike Cirillo 
Jason Hoynowski
Ryon Rabon
Clint Murray
Zach Ross
Eric Curry
Billy Aker
Sean Ulmer

Brian Doc Kildea: Manager
Jerry Vitale: 1st base coach
Joe Benanti: Sponsor
Evo9x: Sponsor
Miken: Sponsor

2016 Tentative Schedule:


Fla Duals

Columbus Major

Peach State


Cincy Major

Maryland Major

Last Chance

A Worlds

Major WS (if qualified)


4 responses to “2016 Above All/Evo9x/Miken team!”

  1. Sideshow says:

    Cirillo’s a great pick up

  2. Got'eeeeem says:

    You mean Crumps kid???

  3. Steve says:

    That will be a nasty defense!

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