Thursday June 24th, 2021

2015 USSSA Major World Series Game #25 Albicocco vs Smash It Sports!


2015 USSSA Major World Series


Game #25 Recap


Smash Its Billy Messina on to pitch

The late semi final game which started after midnight eastern time Friday night started with Albicocco scoring 11 runs in the top of the 1st inning.  Only 4 runs were earned as Smash It Sports had a tough time gloving it until 3rd baseman Dale Brungardts nice diving stop and throw got them out of the inning.  In the bottom of the 2nd Smash Its Scott Kirby pulled them to within 2 runs with a 3 run homer.  In the top of the 3rd inning Albicocco's Brad Reckart hit a 2 out triple to push Albicoccos lead to 17-11.  Then Smash It backup pitcher and veteran Billy Messina hit a grand slam homer for Smash It Sports in the bottom of the 3rd inning and they got 11 runs to take their first lead 22-18.  In the 4th Albicoccos Josh Riley hit a 3 run homer to tie the game at 22-22 but Smash It Sports had a 9 run inning on a couple of homers and won the game 38-31.  Smash Its Bryson Baker was 6-6 with 4 Homers and 8 RBI.

2015 USSSA Major World Series Bracket Link

Albicocco field manager Lou Mongelli answers some "softball" questions

2015 Major World Series pictures link

Smash It Sports finishes off Albicocco at 2:00 AM

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