Tuesday June 22nd, 2021

SmashItSports/Compound Athletics/H. Auto/ASP/Easton wins Las Vegas Major!

2015 "Sin City" Classic

Men's Major Conference NIT

March, 27-29

SmashItSports/Compound Athletics/H.Auto/Laservision/ASP/Easton (formerly Laservision) won the seasons opener in Las Vegas this past weekend.  They were undefeated and after surviving the early rounds against lower level teams, went on to beat Backman/Shoppe/Louisville Slugger 49-43 in the semi-finals, and Combat/Baugh Ford/Softball.com 35-20 in the winner's final and again 46-16 in the Championship.  Combat finishes an impressive second place after run ruling Resmondo-Specialty Tank/Worth on Saturday night by 20 runs.  Team Racks/Easton finished 3rd after sending home Backman with a 28 run first inning and they also had a late night 27-25 win over Classic Glass/Easton.  Classic Glass finished 4th after run ruling Resmondo .


Las Vegas Men's Major bracket link

Las Vegas final results


I will try to get out a more in depth report and some video clips on this tournament on Monday or Tuesday.

Maybe some archived games as well.

Here is a link to all of the Las Vegas pictures 700+ pictures. 


1st Place – SmashItSports/Compound Athletics/H. Auto/Laservision/ASP/Easton



2nd Place – Team Combat/Baugh Ford/Softball.com



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  1. Ralph Reuber says:

    Great softball. Saturday night was a blast.. Helmer and Wegmans squad looked outstanding. Very surprised by Greinerts Combat team loved watching my main man Flip perform. Back an also impressive. Another great job Dale.

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