Sunday August 25th, 2019

2015 ASA Corky’s tournament report!



2015 ASA Super Qualifier


36th Annual Corky's!


Owatonna, MN


May 1-3


1st Place – T's 13/Demarini


Link to 2015 Corky's bracket


Link to the ASA Super Series Info


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T's 13/Demarini was upset in their opening game 20-10 by Demarini Swag Meg Corp and then dropped the loser's bracket and sent home 7 of the 18 other teams in the open division of the 36th Annual Corky's ASA Super Qualifier.  They beat All American Restoration Combat twice in the championship to earn a berth in the ASA Super National Championships in September!

Open Division Final Standings:
1. T's 13/Demarini (Super Series) (NE) *
2. All American (MN) *
3. Demarini/SWAG (MN)
4. BBS/Mr. D's/Rip City (Super Series) (MN) **
T5: HMC/Easton (MN)
T5: WC Monsta (Super Series) (CA) *
T7: Heartland Investors (Super Series) (ND) *
T7: Detox/PIPAC (IA)
** National Berth for A Nationals in Oklahoma City, OK
* National Berth for B Nationals in Oklahoma City, OK

C Final Standings:
1. Elite (IA) *
2. PIPAC (IA) *
3. Great River Harbor (WI)
4. Brenneman Pork, Inc. (IA)
T5: Stagecoach (MN)
T5: Valley Sports/Stagecoach (MN)
T7: Comatose (WI)
T7: Showbombs (MN)
* Received paid national berths to Oklahoma City, OK

2nd Place – All American Restoration Combat


1st Place C Division – Elite from Iowa


Big Crowds at the HR Derby Friday

Corky's Early Bird 2015 Homerun Champions!!! 1st place: Daniel Mcclement (left) and Timothy R. Martinez – 2nd place!!!



10 responses to “2015 ASA Corky’s tournament report!”

  1. Ray says:

    Top 3 in the HR Derby?

    • skud says:

      1st Daniel Mcclement
      2nd Timothy Martinez
      3rd Ryan Dacko
      all from WC Monsta all swung the Monsta DNA

      • Ray says:

        Thanks skud. I found the full list on the Corky’s FB page. The WC Monsta team apparently embarrassed the rest of the field. Something like 4 or 5 of the top 7? It’s apparently their first time playing together. Should be fun watching their full time C team at McQuades.

  2. Fan in the stands says:

    No mention of the 5th place team from SoCal that everyone came to watch? What an outrage!

  3. RiderSoCal says:

    DW you got any footage

  4. Denzik51 says: Lots of derby footage over here!

    • Corky's Fan says:

      Too bad the Demarini teams were preparing for Sunday and weren’t able to swing against the Monsta guys in the derby.

  5. Lol my youngsters puckered up in the 6th and 7th innings against Swag and Ts. Hopefully they learned from it and will handle it better in OKC.

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